Climate Change: Don't Panic!

Book review:

Inconvenient Doubts: Climate Change Apocalypse: Really?
by Joanne Marcotte, 2023
239 pages. ISBN-10: 2982203928. ISBN-13: 978-2982203921.

"When you mix politics and science, you get politics."

My personal perspective on climate change has undergone a transformation from panic, as in "all is lost," to questioning the underlying premises behind the climate change agenda, to the understanding that things are much better than we are led to believe. Much of climate change is non-anthropogenic - that is, non-human caused, and therefore natural. Indeed, the climate began warming more than 150 years before the use of fossil fuels.

Many of our remedial efforts, such as the goal of Net Zero emissions, either are prohibitively expensive, both in economic and societal costs, or can't be implemented to the extent that they will have significant impact on future climate change.

Of course, the precautionary principle still applies - which is: be careful when faced with uncertainties and risk where cause-and-effect relationships are not fully understood. Don't break what you can't fix. And it is precisely because climate change science is not fully developed that climate concerns and proposed solutions have been magnified drastically out of proportion.

Joanne Marcotte's Inconvenient Doubts: Climate Change Apocalypse: Really? exposes the fact that the climate change agenda is to a large extent a narrative, facilitating political control and the transfer of huge sums of money to corporate entities that embrace the narrative. Marcotte points out that climate change has become first and foremost a lever for transforming society:

The mission: urgently and profoundly transform the current engines of prosperity.

The burgeoning new "green economy" isn't a capitalist economy where firms compete to produce the best products at the lowest prices. Rather it is a top-down centrally planned economy where international corporations shop for the biggest corporate handouts.

The centralized structure of control provided by this agenda-driven economy appeals to power-hungry Marxists and globalists alike.

What we need is a reality check. In her well-presented and well-researched book Marcotte tells it like it is: there is no need to panic over the climate change narrative. She notes that:

Net-Zero [CO2 emission] is diverting sums of money into energy transition policies that will have very little effect on the upward trend in CO2 concentration and temperature.

This readable book contains copious references and statistics. It reinforces the understanding that science is an iterative process of observation, discovery, and hypothesis-testing. Marcotte systematically dismantles dogmatic ideological policies, pointing out that:

Science is not a belief system, it is a process of seeking an understanding of the world... Doubt is healthy. Skepticism is healthy. Questioning, acknowledging uncertainties and bringing nuance to the state of climate research are not only essential elements of the scientific process...

As climate scientist Tamsin Edwards states:

Science is always sold as facts, and it's not, it's process. And that process is mainly arguing.

Marcotte discusses major climate components, such as the Amazon, focusing on natural versus human influences on climate. She points out how relative sea level height has varied cyclically over the last 400,000 years - in the absence of human-generated CO2, noting that according to some COlovers:

... climate began warming more than 150 years before the use of fossil fuels. As for the rate of warming, "it has not changed in the last 150 years, while emissions have increased at an exponential rate, they say."

Marcotte examines the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), noting that when the IPCC was created, no empirical evidence of CO2's role in global warming had yet been found. Indeed, over the last several years, renowned scientists have increasingly questioned the IPCC's work. Marcotte notes that:

Politicization of climate science became institutionalized the day the United Nations Framework Convention imposed a political agenda on it.

Is it really conceivable that CO2 could act as a control knob that takes precedence over all other natural influences? Marcotte writes:

weather events are a centerpiece of the UN official narrative of the past 30 years... yet the detection and attribution of all extreme events to CO2 warming is not what 'the science' says.

Marcotte presents three different scientific visions: CO2 alarmists, CO2 lovers, and CO2 realists. The alarmists want to transform society in order to eliminate fossil fuels. The international Net-Zero Coalition professes objectives of no new fossil fuel after 2021, 630 additional gigawatts of additional solar energy by 2030, 60% electric car sales by 2030, and 50% of heavy-duty vehicles to be electric by 2035. This clearly mirrors the political agenda of the Green New Deal.

The CO2 lovers contend that CO2 has reached a saturation point and that increases will have little additional impact on global warning.

The realists point out that energy demand will increase by 50% over the next thirty years in developed and developing nations combined. Thus, it's not realistically possible to stabilize CO2 production at current levels.

CO2 has increased from 280 ppm in 1750 to 310 ppm in 1960, to 417 ppm in 2022. However, CO2 remains in the atmosphere for an extended period of time. Steven E. Koonin, former Undersecretary for science and author of Unsettled, writes that:

Between 30% and 50% of the carbon dioxide emitted today will still be present in 100 years' time; between 15% and 30% in 1,000 years' time."

Koonin states that a dangerous level of 1,000 ppm would not be reached for another 250 years, thus allowing time to develop reliable, clean, safe, and affordable energy sources.

Marcotte writes:

I don't know about you, but when there is only one magical solution to all the earth's problems, it seems to me a bit simplistic...

To sum up, it looks like science is indeed still young and immature to assert beyond any doubt the role of human activity and of CO2...

In short, blindly and uncritically promoting the apocalyptic scenario does not qualify as science.

Marcotte concludes that unconstrained elimination of fossil fuels in the short term is neither possible nor beneficial for humanity as a whole.

Climate change exists, and it makes sense to reasonably mitigate anthropogenic factors. But there is no climate crisis. Net-Zero - the outright elimination of fossil fuels - is a delusion, and indeed an impossibility when considering that China now produces more emissions than all other countries combined.

If you are concerned about climate change and how the narrative of climate catastrophe is being used to foster political transformation and economic gain, read Marcotte's factual and engaging book.


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