Competing Cultures Breaking Down America’s Culture

The governor’s race in Virginia this week proved that you can’t keep bashing America’s basic goodness by pushing the sheer stupidity of Critical Race Theory. You can’t force America’s children into hating each other via the color of their skin. You can’t make the whole Caucasian race guilty for all the conditions of some Black Americans. You cannot teach young people to detest their country if you hope to maintain basic American cohesion as a society.

You might add that bedrock Americans who make this society successful find “multiculturalism” distasteful and abhorrent in that it’s displacing American values with Middle Eastern 6th century ethos where women are counted with less value than a camel. Children possess no rights along with animals. It’s a fact that you can’t mix “Somalian, Congo, Sudanese or Bangladesh’s” values into American society. Such sociological experiments end up in conflict. Such experiments end up with confused people lost in a culture not of their own.

You would feel the same way if you were suddenly transported to India, China or Africa.

We also learned from the Virginia gubernatorial race that you don’t mess with mothers when it comes to their kids. Parents DO have a say in what their children are being taught. They want reading, writing, history, math, biology, zoology, mechanics, economics, computer science, vocational tech, music, art, and all the courses that further a child’s future in this high-tech society.

Voters in Virginia said “NO!” to Critical Race Theory. It’s almost as if the undercurrent of the “Silent Majority” has become sickened with the “Woke” people who want to take our successful Republic and devolve it into a socialistic-multicultural nightmare.

On Monday, Brookings Institute released its annual American Values Survey, “Which indicates dwindling support for granting eventual citizenship for illegals residing here and a significant percentage of largely Protestant black and Hispanic democrats fear America is losing its cultural identity and that the American way of life needs protection from foreign influence.”

We certainly do not need or want Islamic Sharia Law imposing its 6th century barbarism into our 21st century society.

Proud to Be an American?

When Americans were asked if there has ever been a time when they were NOT proud to be American, 41% say yes and 58% say no. The proportion who say they have experienced a time when they were not proud to be American has steadily increased, from 31% in 2013 and 35% in 2015 to 41% today.

At some point, we need all Americans to support and be proud of our heritage, our opportunities and most of all, our country. If we’re not all on the same page with our similar language, values and cultural compatibilities---we face fracturing and fragmenting into tribal enclaves. That won’t make for a positive future for any Americans.

Also, this week, Colin Kaepernick, the bench warming quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers drew tremendous anger on Netflix because he said that the NFL was a “slave factory.” Here’s a bi-racial guy, raised by a white family who gave him the very best education and athletic opportunities, who signed a contract for $114 million to play NFL football. He failed at quarterback, disrespected our Old Glory, stomped on all the graves of all the men and women who served and died for this country, and now, he’s a Muslim who hates America. I would be curious of his girlfriend wants to see him with three other wives.

How much more of this kind of cultural conflict can we accept, tolerate or endure? Could we survive another 10 million Colin Kaepernick’s? How about another 100 Black Lives Matter or Antifa organizations?

What about the next 100 million immigrants that expect to land on our shores in the next three decades? Why aren’t any of our elected officials terrified by that outcome? Or, are they just plain stupid? Or, don’t care?

What about the Glasgow, Scotland “Climate Change” conference this week? Did you see Joe Biden fall asleep while sitting in his seat for the important speeches? Did you note that he rode in a car caravan of 85 automobiles leading and following “His highness”? Did anyone take into account that over 100 world leaders arrived in private jets that created enormous amounts of carbon dioxide, particulate, and other waste from jet fuels?

Has anyone ever heard of tele-conferencing “Zoom” or other forms of “Conference Connections” that don’t create such useless waste of gasoline and concurrent fuel consumption and materials wasted?

Did you notice that none of the promises to cut carbon emissions have been met in the last 10 years from all the countries? In fact, only America boasted lesser emissions in the past 10 years than all of the rest of those countries. The one reality that no one admitted at the conference: we humans added 830,000,000 (million) more of ourselves to this planet in the past 10 years. That’s 83 million, net gain, every year for 10 years. All of them burning something to eat, being transported or manufacturing to create goods.

I must admit, I scratch my head at the utter incompetence brought about by dementia and/or a form of Alzheimer’s Disease of Joe Biden. He’s incapable of leading America. His handlers continue to cover for his dementia. We’re all becoming victims of it, especially those 13 military personnel that died in that ridiculous pullout from Afghanistan. Sheer leadership incompetence!

In reality, Glenn Youngkin, the new governor of Virginia stands as a better choice for President of the United States than Joe Biden. Youngkin’s resume and accomplishments are 100 times more valuable to America than Joe Biden's. Wouldn’t you agree?


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