How Much More Damage To America Can Joe Biden Do? Much More!

Since the day Joe Biden captured the White House, he has done everything in his power to destroy your American citizenship. He's done everything in his power to invite terrorists into America. He's succeeded in aiding and abetting drug cartels to kill an average of 100,000 Americans from ages 15 to 35, annually. He's invited human sex trafficking from $500,000,000 annually to $15 billion annually according to U.S. Senator Britt, according to an interview with Shannon Bream, Fox News, 3/10/24. Biden invited 85,000 unaccompanied children to be dropped off at our border - to be cared for by American taxpayers. He's invited gang-based shoplifters to steal $100 billion annually from our mercantile stores.

He's invited 11 million illegal aliens to kill, rape and burglarize our society at a level unprecedented in American history.

To top off the killings by illegals, which are now into the hundreds if not thousands over the years of unsecured borders, he mentioned University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley's death at his State of the Union. Only, he mispronounced her name. After rightfully saying that an "illegal" killed her, he later apologized for not calling him "undocumented." Instead of an illegal alien killer, Biden made him an "undocumented killer."

In other words, Biden invited the illegal alien killer Jose Ibarra into America, while New York Governor Kathy Hochul invited him into her "Sanctuary State", and "Sanctuary City" Mayor Eric Adams let him back onto the streets after two felony arrests - until he traveled to Georgia where he bludgeoned Laken Riley to death as she jogged on campus.

Then, Biden, tripping over his senile-dementia-addled brain, blamed her death on Donald J. Trump and the Republicans. When in fact, with a stroke of his "executive order pen", he could secure the borders instantly with current laws in place, i.e., Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, Title 42, 287 G, and U.S. Code 8, Section 1324. Which, by the way, were all in place during Trump's administration, but Biden dropped all those successful measures to encourage the invasion.

Biden would rather see our citizens killed and make excuses for their killers.

How much more damage can he do in the next nine months? Answer: A LOT MORE DAMAGE!

In fact, the long-term damage to our culture, our language, our schools, our law and order, our way of life, our financial systems, our welfare systems, our infrastructure, and our cohesiveness as a society - will be destroyed beyond our understanding.


Number one: Biden and/or his handlers imported over 11 million illegal aliens who are wreaking havoc on our cities, bankrupting our taxes, destroying our schools, and in the end, we'll be paying for this invasion for years.

Number two: Biden has imported terrorists who are planning any number of added 9/11's. Any number of us American citizens will die in those attacks.

Number three: Biden has created human trafficking and sex trafficking like no other president in our history. He possesses no regard for our citizens or our communities.

Number four: Biden has enhanced and supported enormous drug-pushing into our communities that has killed 300,000 our kids in the past three years.

Number five: Biden has allowed Mexico to transport those refugees for millions if not billions of dollars into Mexico's pockets, and consequently, out of our taxpayer pockets. The costs of this invasion will be with us for years if not decades.

Number six: Biden continues to "fundamentally change" the definition American citizenship from "honorable, loyal, patriotic, and committed to our Constitution" - to criminals, rapists, shoplifters, anchor babies, Musllim terrorists, 11 million refugee-homeless, and illiterates. He's doing it at such speed that we cannot possibly sustain our society as to law and order.

Number seven: Biden has caused the deaths, rapes and abuse of thousands of women and children trekking across Central America and Mexico - to arrive in America. You never hear about those stories. You won't hear any of it from the mainstream media which remains complicit with supporting this invasion.

Number eight: what happens when all these illegals start rioting, burning, looting, killing our police, killing us and terrorizing American citizens? You know it's coming!

Finally, let all of us understand that Joe Biden suffers from dementia and lacks any understanding of what he's doing to our country. Whomever in Biden's cabinet has engineered this invasion should be tried for treason against the United States. Biden should be impeached.

Biden will go down in history as the most inept, corrupt and totally incompetent president in United States history. Just like that University of Georgia coed Laken Riley, our country faces a deadly future. This invasion will not end well for any of us whether we're Independents, Democrats or Republicans.

What is the greatest irony of all? Answer: 36 percent of voting public thinks Biden is a fantastic president. Reality check: they must be as brain-dead as that walking cadaver Joe Biden.


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