Mark Levin's The Democrat Party Hates America

19 September 2023
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The Democrat party hates America

Mark Levin has released a new book: The Democrat Party Hates America. I've listened to Levin read excerpts from his excellent book, which I have read in its entirety. I'm an independent who grew up a naive Democrat, and came to realize how the Democrat party abandoned my values. Levin's book describes in great detail how this transpired.

Here is a review of the book: How and Why the Democrat Party Hates America. Read the review. Buy the book! - Fred Elbel


Here are excerpts from a review of the book: Mark Levin's The Democrat Party Hates America, by Thomas Lifson, American Thinker. 19 September 2023:

Once again, Mark Levin has done a great service to the Republic by writing a fully documented, highly pointed book on a topic of vital national interest... The Democrat Party Hates America is required reading for anyone who follows politics in America. That most assuredly includes those who identify as Democrats, though most will shun the book because it is too much of a challenge to their sense of self-worth and virtue. For the few who have the courage to read it, the book will be a revelation...

... the book will change the way the public understands one of our two major political parties, forever tainting the Democrats for the racism, hypocrisy, lack of principle, and sheer ruthless pursuit of power at any cost that have permeated their party throughout its history... The Democrat Party Hates America is a cornucopia of evidence that you can use to persuade them [vocal Democrats] out of their delusion that they are supporting a worthwhile political movement.

Chapter One, "The Democrat Party and Authoritarianism," introduces several themes..The Democrats seek, and via their dominance of the administrative state composed of career bureaucrats exercising powers that rightly belong to Congress and even the judiciary, to monopolize political power, and have succeeded to an alarming degree...

Chapter three, "Anti-White Racism & Anti-Semitism," for the first time made sense for me of the pivot of Democrats from being the party discriminating against Blacks to the party discriminating against white... it was the pursuit of power that brought about this change...

As you would expect from the author of American Marxism.. For all intents and purposes, the Democrats are now a Marxist party...

The Democrat Party Hates America - Mark Levin’s new book answers, “Why is this happening to our country?”, by Mark Tapson, Front Page Magazone, 27 November 2023.


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