The Treachery Of The Press - Video

4 July 2024
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Dishonesty and deceit of the leftist mainstream media have been used to facilitate political power - at a significant cost to our country.

William Otis explains in his 2 July 2024 article: The press does its own Watergate:

The exposure of Joe Biden's manifest unfitness to execute the office he holds - and still less to hold it for another four and a-half years - was not last week's most ominous lesson. Instead, it was the treachery of the press. Press dishonesty works a particularly insidious sort of danger to the country, for reasons that, ironically, the infamous Watergate scandal make clear...

In Watergate, we depended on the press (admittedly with its own partisan motives) to bring to light the efforts of a sitting President to remain in power by immoral and, to the Republic, terribly corrosive means. Now, the press itself is a main actor, if not the main actor, in doing much the same thing as the malefactors it once exposed. In Watergate, the press was the principal tool in showing us that the President was morally unfit for office. In Senilitygate, the press has been the principal tool in concealing from us that the President is mentally and physically unfit for office...

Once upon a time, we had recognizable journalism in this country. That era is over with. What we have now, in by far most of the press, is advocacy thinly disguised as journalism...

The Left's problem, probably as much as Biden's fumbling, is that we wahoos are now onto it and not real happy about it - one of the main underlying reasons, I suspect, that Trump will win...


The yahoos have finally noticed how the leftist mainstream media has been lying to them about Joe Biden's undeniable unfitness for office. Will they make the necessary and obvious connection that the leftist mainstream media has been lying to them all along about "orange man bad" Trump? Or have they been so inculcated by the media with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) that they can't see the obvious corollary?

As NewNeo writes in the article Was last Thursday’s debate a game-changer?:

... An edifice of lies can be very strong even if it is in reality a house of cards. The key is perception, as well as the humility to understand that one has been duped.

I have only talked with one liberal friend post-debate, but I'm pretty sure that this person stands for most Democrats... This person is upset that Biden might remain the nominee and would love to see a change. But the Trump derangement and all the rest remain intact. To connect the dots from Biden’s performance to a realization that the MSM has probably lied to me about how awful Trump and the Republicans are, too is apparently way too far a bridge at this point.

That doesn't mean such a realization won't dawn on some who would otherwise vote Democrat. But how many? I doubt it will be a number so enormous as to overcome whatever plans the Democrats may have for vote-tampering. It seems pretty clear, however, that if an honest vote were to happen right now, Trump would win. But the vote isn't happening now, and there's no reason to assume it will be honest when it does (although it could be; the extent of fraud and fraud capabilities are unknown, but the opportunities are there)...


Watch the lying mainstream media: The Best Biden Ever - "Sharp as a Tack":

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