What Now That The Gaslighting is Over?

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Clarice Feldman
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American Thinker
Article date: 
30 June 2024
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National News
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... How much was the American public the victim of gaslighting designed to dispel the notion that... Biden was mentally and physically unfit to hold the office of president? Let me count the ways...

The truth is if Biden doesn’t willingly withdraw, the Democrats are in big trouble, and even if he does -- at this late stage -- they still are. The problems are legal, political, and financial:

The Heritage Oversight project has set their sights on three contentious swing states where they believe taking Biden off the Democratic ticket would not allow anyone else to replace him: Georgia, Nevada and Wisconsin.

Wisconsin does not allow withdrawal from the ballot for any reason besides death.

In Nevada, no changes can be made to the ballot after 5 p.m. on the fourth Friday in June of an election year or 'a nominee dies or is adjudicated insane or mentally incompetent.'

If Biden were to withdraw less than 60 days before the election Georgia his name will remain on the ballot but no votes will be counted.

In Texas, the two party's nominees have until the 74th day before the election to withdraw from the ballot. Some states, like South Carolina, do not allow candidates to withdraw for political reasons.

If he does not withdraw, Nate Silver is right -- he "will have to survive what will be both relentless media coverage and unsparing Republican attacks against his age on every slow news day between now and November." (The media, after all, has been exposed and must try to cover its nakedness.)...

Under the 12th Amendment Newsom and Harris can be on the same ticket only if the California voters pick one of them -- of course, as a practical matter the vice president -- from another state, which means a Republican and that seems unlikely.

As to finances, Biden has hosed in a lot of campaign cash, but he can’t turn that over to any other candidate, only to a super PAC, so any new contender would have to ramp up fundraising fast and would be fishing for it in a rather dry river...


Not Your Grandpa's Democrat Party Anymore

Remarkable Monologue from David Sacks:

The Democratic party is a collection of interests who want to remain in power. The Democratic Party is the party of government. Its goal is to allocate money and power from the government to the collection of interests who back the Democratic Party. In other words, it's basically a collection of interests who want to loot the Republic.

Well obviously, no one's going to vote for that. So they have to make it about something else. They choose a figurehead, they talk about how this is about saving democracy. They basically invent, hoax after hoax, lie after lie to basically maintain their power.

And I think what's happened is, the mask has come off, the whole shell game has been revealed. It's obvious that Biden was always a puppet for these interests who were hiding behind him. And now, it’s all being exposed.


The Dems Need to Replace Biden, But They Can't, Revolver, 30 June 2024.

From Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse, 30 June 2024:

... Biden was installed for a single 'throw every leftist wish list item at the wall' term in office. Biden equaled, one single term where every far-left agenda item would be triggered; with hundreds of millions poured into the donors' vault...

But don't forget to think.. and watch out for what comes next...

When you think about who will replace Joe Biden, remember the baseline.

The problem democrats have is not that Biden has lost his marbles or is losing the election, the problem is that Biden is losing by a scale that is too big for them to cover.

Democrats don't need a candidate who can beat Donald Trump; they need a candidate who can give plausibility to ballot counting results that say Trump lost.

The issue for Biden is that he makes the fraud too easy to see. Democrats don't need a candidate who can win votes, the Democrats need a candidate who makes fraudulent results seem plausible.

Biden's Dementia: What Did They Know and When Did They Know It? by Brian C. Joondeph, American Thinker, 8 July 2024:

... The administrative state and ruling class lied about it all – Hunter Biden's laptop, Trump-Russia collusion, COVID, Biden family corruption, and Biden's worsening dementia. They perpetrated a hoax on America and the world.

All to subvert an election and keep themselves in power, preventing any attempt by Donald Trump to "drain the swamp."...

There needs to be a reckoning, with punishment for those running a shadow government in contradiction to the U.S. Constitution.

Biden Can’t Drop Out and Transfer $100 Million Before He’s Officially the Nominee, Breitbart, 12 July 2024.


Not Your Grandpa's Democrat Party Anymore

Who Turned Off the Gaslight? by James Howard Kunstler, 5 July 2024.

Combatting the 'Long Count'


I'm doing the job of three men!

I'm doing the job of three men!

I'm doing the work of a senile old man.

I'm doing the work of a senile old man




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