'Biden created this illegal migrant invasion and only I can stop it' - Donald Trump

Article author: 
Donald Trump
Article publisher: 
Daily Mail
Article date: 
1 March 2024
Article category: 
National News
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[Originally published 29 February 2024.]

Today, I am visiting our wide-open Southern border to witness the annihilation of American sovereignty being carried out at Joe Biden's orders.

In a last-minute trip, Biden is chasing me to the border, no doubt desperate to shirk blame for the catastrophe he has caused.

But do not be deceived. The abolition of America's borders is Joe Biden's policy. The mass-migration of millions of illegal aliens into the United States is Joe Biden's plan. This is Joe Biden's invasion.

When I left office, we handed Biden the most secure border in U.S. history.

We ended catch and release. We built hundreds of miles of Border Wall. We implemented Remain in Mexico, Safe Third Country Agreements with Central American nations, an asylum ban, Title 42, and rapid removals.

When I was president, when illegal aliens trespassed across our border, they were captured, detained, and deported.

When Joe Biden came into office, he willfully and deliberately obliterated every strong border policy I put into place, and launched the largest border invasion in American history.

Biden stopped wall construction. He ordered an immediate suspension of removals. He ripped up Remain in Mexico. He terminated my asylum agreements. He ended Title 42. He tied the hands of our ICE and Border Patrol agents behind their backs. He made it known to the entire world that our border was wide open.

The very first bill Biden sent to Congress was a bill to turn illegal aliens into voting citizens.

Instead of shipping them back across the border, he began shipping them to cities all over the United States by plane, train, and bus to resettle them in your communities.

And then he began issuing work permits to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, allowing them to unfairly compete against the American worker.

As a direct result of these policies, a minimum of nine million migrants have infiltrated across our border in three years - and the true number is surely much higher than that.

A large number are fighting aged men, including from China, Venezuela, Somalia and many other countries.

In short, Joe Biden purposely surrendered our border to cartels, child smugglers, human traffickers, and some of the most dangerous criminals on the planet - the cost to public safety, national security and taxpayer money be damned.

Now, our communities are buckling under the influx and our country is being overrun with crime.

Last year, 43 percent of all ICE arrests were aliens with criminal convictions or pending charges for some 33,000 assaults, 3,000 robberies, almost 7,000 burglaries, 7,500 weapons offenses, 4,300 sex crimes, 1,600 kidnappings, and 1,700 homicides.

In Chicago and Miami, police have confirmed the violent Venezuelan 'Tren de Aragua' gang is now operating in their cities.

In New York City, NYPD officers were recently mobbed and viciously beaten by a pack of migrant criminals.

In Michigan, gangs of migrants are stalking suburban houses and plundering them for valuables.

And in Georgia just last week, 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley was savagely attacked and murdered on the campus of the University of Georgia.

An illegal alien migrant who was released into our country under Biden has been charged with her killing.

Biden is preposterously trying to blame me and Congressional Republicans for the national security and public safety disaster he has created.

He is claiming Republicans need to approve legislation for him to secure the border. But the truth is, Joe Biden does not need a bill to solve the problem at the border - America needs to fire Joe Biden to solve the problem at the border.

He created this catastrophe. At any point in the past three years, he could have closed the border.

When I am re-elected, I will seal the border and shut down the invasion on Day One. And we will begin the process of removing Biden's illegal aliens from our country.

Upon taking office, I will restore every strong border policy I had before - and impose tough additional measures to keep out the gang members, human traffickers, sadists and thugs.

Finally, I will leverage every tool, resource, and authority to begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history. This is just common sense.

Americans should not fall for Biden's border lies. He has betrayed your trust, and with his demolition of our borders, he has betrayed our country.

The first step to border security is voting Biden out of office this November.


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