Colorado “Republican” Ken Buck is doing backflips to protect Joe Biden

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7 September 2023
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Colorado News
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Nobody’s out there working harder to protect Joe Biden than so-called “Republican” Rep. Ken Buck from Colorado. Ken is making his rounds on all of the political talkshows claiming that there’s no evidence to impeach Joe Biden. Who needs Dems to destroy the country when you have RINOs?


Appearing on the CNN show ‘The Lead’ on Wednesday, Buck explained why he isn’t backing an impeachment bid at this point. He said: “I think that we have three committees that are working very hard on uncovering evidence of Hunter Biden’s wrongdoing. “They are looking to see if there is a connection with Joe Biden...

To make matters worse, Ken Buck stooped to a shocking new low in attacking his fellow Colorado Republicans who wanted to help the January 6ers. Buck completely took the side of the DOJ in his letter excoriating those who think that the J6ers are being mistreated in prison, selectively prosecuted, and denied their Constitutional rights...

This “Republican” Ken Buck couldn’t be a bigger regime swamp rat, if he tried...