No Borders? No America

Article author: 
Justin Smith
Article publisher: 
The Burning Platform
Article date: 
27 February 2024
Article category: 
Our American Future
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Americans had better act soon, with or without Congress and with or without the Border Patrol to stop the current flood of illegal invaders across our Southern Border, because the Biden regime has no intention of ever stopping the invasion. To wait and ponder the crisis in the hopes that Donald Trump can stop it, if he wins the presidency, only ensures that millions more will cross, in addition to the twenty-seven million that have already entered the country, during Biden’s presidency - those which were detained at the border and the got-aways; and, intentionally or not, it makes America unsafe and sets in motion the Great Replacement, the replacement of white people and the virtues and principles of freedom and liberty with people of color who are already prone and predisposed to accepting big government controls, e.g. Marxism and Maoism, and the idea that all things come from government rather than individual initiative and independence. To do nothing and remain apathetic or complacent ensures the destruction of traditional America...

One should recall that a 2018 study by both Yale and MIT suggested 22 million to possibly 40 million illegal aliens were already residing in America...

Under Joe Biden, the U.S. borders simply no longer exist...

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party violate the Constitution and U.S. law - yes, even our existing laws on immigration and border security - with impunity, no qualms or pangs of conscience whatsoever...

Biden’s Open Border Policy has been a massive success towards ultimately achieving the Democratic Party’s goals of changing the face of America and fundamentally transforming Her away from Her founding...

These illegal aliens are also overwhelming the capabilities of America’s schools, hospitals, law enforcement and other general services provided at various levels of government. I see that as an extremely serious matter that is certainly facilitating the destruction of our economy...

Don’t let the enemies - from within - end America in so despicable a manner...


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