Organized Illegal Chinese imigration into America

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Chinese Problems + No Borders = American Obliteration
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Patrick Cleburne
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4 December 2023
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National News
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In September I posted THEY’RE COMING! One Billion-Plus Chinese “Economic Migrants” Now Know About The Darien Gap. This discussed a long article in the South China Morning Post which said that increasing numbers of Chinese, having heard about the Darien Gap route and the Biden Administration's No Borders policy, were deciding to illegally immigrate to America. (The Darien Gap is between Colombia and Panama, and economic ”migrants” use it as a path northward, because no one is stopping them.)...

Primarily, the South China Morning Post made clear, these are economic migrants. But of course they all claim political asylum when they cross the border.

Last month, I followed up with DAILY MAIL Confirms: Chinese Invasion Through Darien Gap Accelerating. WHERE IS GOP? This documented how well organized the Latin American portion of this trip has become...

The Daily Mail just posted Huge group of well-dressed CHINESE migrants with smart luggage wait to be processed after illegally crossing border from Mexico into California...

The point to grasp here is that enormous numbers of Chinese are affluent enough to pay the considerable costs of Darien Gap transit, and that they are intelligent enough to ameliorate the problems involved...

Muckraker, as a dissident news site, is, not unreasonably, trying to raise a little money off this tremendous scoop but they are allowing free access to the 10-minute video they have created...

Chinese Invasion Blueprint Exposed | Critical National Security Threat:



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