President Trump Video Interview With Four Successful Venture Capitalists

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The All-In Podcast
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21 June 2024
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National News
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A masterful interview with President Trump:


E184: in conversation with @realDonaldTrump, live on @X

(0:00) bestie intros: big house talk!

(1:37) economy: regulation, taxes, tariffs, taming inflation, de-dollarization

(12:02) federal debt: growth, spend control, where to cut, role of energy, nuclear

(20:22) foreign policy: ukraine/russia

(25:05) foreign policy: israel/palestine

(28:13) abortion: stance on a national ban

(31:09) foreign policy: china

(32:33) covid: origins, fauci relationship, deep state, bad deals

(39:39) border: wall, immigration, h-1bs, recruiting global talent

(46:07) jfk files: full release, importance of transparency

(48:06) debate prediction

(50:15) post-interview debrief



However, President Trump got it wrong on mass immigration: Trump says he wants foreign nationals who graduate from US colleges to 'automatically' receive green cards.

Steve Bannon calls for cutting foreign student Visas, dramatically, 21 June 2024. This is in response to Trump calling for automatic Green Cards, and pathway to citizenship, for all foreign graduates of U.S. universities. "The exit visa should be clipped to the diploma."


The Swamp’s Rational Hatred for Donald Trump, by Vince Coyner, American Thinker, 29 June 2024:

... Donald Trump accomplishes things. Not only without government but usually despite government... Trump's accomplishments are what scares the Swamp rats the most...

The last time Trump was president, he said he would drain the Swamp. He didn't. The truth is, he had no idea how deep or wide the Swamp was and is. Most of us didn't. Now he does, and we do. This time, he'll be under no illusions about what he's up against and, ideally, will act accordingly. The Swamp rats know that. They see the writing on the wall. And it terrifies them.

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