A important question of agency in Islam

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Vlad Tepes Blog
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6 November 2023
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Our American Future
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As some of you may know, I started a Substack to allow for some different materials and ideas to be published...

Anyway, so far the focus of the Substack has been to revive older videos I either shot myself, subtitled with the awesome team from Gates of Vienna, or just saved over the last 16 years or so that have been removed from the net and are now perhaps even more relevant and important than they were then. The problem with being too far ahead of the curve on a topic like leftism or Islam, is that the average sleeper cannot take it seriously since its effects aren’t within the 50mm focal length of the average human eye sight.

Since October 7th people seem to be a lot more willing to consider the issue of Islam than they were on October 6th though.

In 2016, ACT4Canada brought Robert Spencer to a secret location in Montreal, (yes it was already so bad in 2016 that you couldn’t have a gentle and scholarly critic of Islam speak publicly) to give a talk on the nature of Islam...

The talk and full Q&A is available at the Substack post linked here. But below is one question to Robert from that talk on the Islamic view of agency, which I personally think is one of the most critical aspects of the difference between Islamic thought and Western Judeao-Christian-Greco-Roman thought. In other words, who do muslims blame for events and why? Especially when it comes to criticism of Islam, and women on sexual matters.

Robert's answer is very important...

Question of agency in Islam to Robert Spencer, 2016:

The talk and full Q&A is available at the Substack post linked here.

Learn move at Vlad Tepes Blog.


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