Do Leftists Now Believe Leftism Doesn’t Work?

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In 2024 - an election year - the left is trying to undo what it created without explaining why and what they did to us and themselves as well.
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Victor Davis Hanson
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American Greatness
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10 February 2024
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Our American Future
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It is hard to destroy a naturally beautiful city like San Francisco, with ideal weather and stunning infrastructure inherited from far better earlier generations.

Yet San Francisco continues its much-publicized and self-inflicted doom loop... The city is eroding... because of what San Franciscans have done to San Francisco...

Across the bay, Oakland is in even worse shape. The city is on life support as a predictable result of progressive nihilism: do not enforce the law; do not arrest or jail criminals... create toxic racial animosity...

In all these doom-loop cities, progressive reformers in the eleventh hour are now trying to undo the very policies of those they elected, as if they are slowly waking up from a collective madness - in an election year...

Upon ascension, the Biden administration discarded, and ridiculed as illiberal, the [border] security measures it had inherited from the prior [Trump] administration - the end of catch-and-release, the demand that would-be refugees apply for entry in their home countries, the continuation of the wall, and Mexico’s responsibility to stop the transit of millions northward through its country.

Much of the sudden left-wing panic over the border is, of course, opportunistic because it is an election year and the left fears losing power for what it has done to the middle class...

The same rethinking of energy is occurring as well among the left - in an election year...

.. does the left now fear that its promotion of tribalism and guilt-ridden racial essentialism is leading to a race-obsessed, fractious society, headlong on its way to a Rwanda, former Yugoslavia, or Iraq - in an election year?...


In this election year, the left would do well to panic, as middle class Americans have awakened to the intentional damage leftists have done to their nation, their society, and their paycheck.

Yet it should be noted that the aggressive long-term strategy of the leftists / progressives / Marxists / globalists is cunningly calculated to first destroy capitalist America and its middle class, then remake it according to their socialist / Marxist utopian dream.

No matter how vigorously the left attempts to posture during this election cycle, their long-term strategy endures.

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