Trump or Bust

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Brian C. Joondeph
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American Thinker
Article date: 
1 February 2024
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National News
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In nine months, America will be holding an election for the ages...

... If it looks like Donald Trump is running away with the election, expect a false flag event to postpone or cancel the election...Or some other excuse to invoke martial law and lockdowns for "public safety." How about those millions of migrants, military-aged males, an invading army ready to cause trouble when called upon? Or a cyber-attack...?

Another pandemic, the so-called "Disease X" could shut down the country...

Congressional districts are based on census. As the U.S. Census Bureau counts illegal immigrants in the census, this will alter the U.S. electoral map and Congressional representation of American citizens. This is one of many reasons for the open border.

The Never Trump crowd apparently wants more of this. After another four years there won't be an America to salvage. A small ruling class will lord over a massive underclass, a Hunger Games society...

The good news is that a shift is taking place, explains a Wall Street Journal editorial entitled, "From 'Never Trump' to 'Encore.'"

The November election is a clear choice as both candidates, assuming it's Trump versus Biden, served as president and have a track record. The Trump years or the past three years? No border versus a border wall? Strong economy versus inflation and an annual federal debt payment exceeding $1 trillion more than we spend on defense?...

Will those who don't like Trump's personality and style are cutting off America's future to spite Trump and MAGA voters? When the American ship sinks, the NeverTrumpers and most Democrats will sink with it, as will their families...


From 'Never Trump' to 'Encore', by J.W. Verret, Wall Street Journal, 25 January 2024:

... if Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee, I will vote for him in November.

Like many voters in 2020, I hoped Joe Biden would govern reasonably from the center. Instead, his administration has sought the furthest reaches of leftist ideology. What were once fringe progressive talking points have become national policy. Even the military has been infected with a divisive and unyielding woke doctrine. The economic landscape has been equally distressing: inflation, coupled with a ballooning national debt and deficit. Four more years of this means a bleak future for my children.

In 2019 I wanted him impeached. Now I’ve become convinced that Biden is worse...

Before, I didn't embrace the rallying cry of "Build the wall." Yet the crisis at our border compels me to acknowledge that Mr. Trump was right...

Given the coming election, the Never Trump position is naive. No third-party candidate can win and heal America. It's time to pick a side, and Mr. Trump is the only alternative to Mr. Biden’s hyperprogressive vision for America...

Joe Biden Is The Worst. President. Ever. by Jenny Beth Martin , Daily Caller, 3 February 2024: "It’s easy to see why Joe Biden plans a negative campaign against Donald Trump. He couldn’t run a positive campaign if he wanted to."

Biden: Working On Becoming The Worst President, Ever! by Frosty Wooldridge, 

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