Video: Tucker Carlson: The left has run this country into the ground

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Deconstructing Joe Biden’s Democracy vs Autocracy Election Speech
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Tucker Carlson
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3 November 2022
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National News
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson deconstructs Joe Biden's November 2 election speech. Tucker Carlson: The left has run this country into the ground:

Democrats failed. Conclusively. No group in American history has done a worse job running this country than the neoliberals currently in charge.

They'e vicious, they're intolerant, and they are utterly corrupt. But above all, they are incompetent.

In less than two years - and it is not an overstatement to say - they have run their country into the ground, wrecking our economy, desecrating our military, and opening the borders of the United States to more than 5 million lawbreakers.

The destruction they have brought is so profound it's hard to describe. So of course there will be consequences for that. In a country with democratic elections, how could this party stay in power?

Video: Biden Says We Won’t Know the Results of the Midterm Election Until Days After Polls Close November 8th, The Last Refuge, 2 November 2022:

It would appear that national democrats are setting the stage for fraudulent ballot collection again.

During his insufferable remarks today about Democracy -vs- Autocracy {Direct Rumble Link Here}, a speech fraught with cognitive dissonance, Joe Biden proactively warns Americans that the results from the midterm election will not be known until days after the election takes place.


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Video: Leaving the Democratic Party - The Tulsi Gabbard Show, 12 October 2022:

I believe in a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Unfortunately, today’s Democratic Party does not. Instead, it stands for a government of, by, and for the powerful elite. If you can no longer stomach the direction that so-called woke Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country, I invite you to join me.