The United States of Allah: It Happened in My Neighborhood, Yours Is Next

Article author: 
Kevin Downey Jr.
Article publisher: 
PJ Media
Article date: 
4 February 2024
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National News
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When I was a kid growing up in the Warrendale section of Detroit in the 1970s, the Polish presence was everywhere. Warren Avenue was "the Strip" of our turf, and it was littered with family businesses with difficult names like the Jarzembowski Funeral Home...

Many of the kids' grandparents lived in a nearby Polish enclave called Hamtramck... Most of the town spoke Polish. Every Catholic went to church...

Dearborn is a largely Middle-Eastern-dominated city across the southern and western borders of Warrendale...

In the years since my family left... Warrendale went from mostly white, Polish people, to almost soundly black, to largely Muslim, most of whom are Yemeni. Ditto Hamtramck... which was run by Poles for 100 years, is the first town in the United States to have a Muslim mayor as well as the entire city council...

The change to mostly Muslim demographics in Warrendale began sometime around 2015...

Its Demographics, Stupid

Mark Steyn presciently predicted in his 2005 book, "America Alone - The End of the World as We Know It," that unless things change,  Europe was a forgone Muslim conclusion. However, the United States could live on.  

But with Joe Biden's open border policy resulting in hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe sneaking into the nation, it is easy to see how things can change—quickly...

Between 2018 and 2021, we have seen Muslim and Arab Americans take over Michigan's 12th Congressional district, three mayoral seats, and an entire city council just in the Detroit metro area...


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