Video: The End of Neoliberalism

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Tucker Carlson
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1 May 2022
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Our American Future
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Tucker Carlson discussed the end of neoliberalism on his 29 April 2022 show. The entire show is interesting.

In particular, Victor Davis Hanson at 22:40 discusses Democrats, the bi-coastal elite, and how their socialist agenda has backfired on them. Hanson also points out how they have changed the demographics: in the last 40 years, 40 million people have come into America. Hanson states:

Right now we have 50 million Americans residents that were not born in the United States, and they feel that the majority of them will be loyal to the Democratic party that invited them in. And still it's not enough.

Still they're looking at a disaster in November, so now they're saying... in good Jacobin or Bolshevik fashion, we've got to re-educate young people. Get them while they are young. Indoctrinate them... And they want to change the system. They're saying if you can't indoctrinate them, maybe we can get rid of the filibuster or get rid of the Electoral College or pack the courts or have a national voting law.

But all of this has a common denominator. And that is that they are the party of the elite now. They are the party of the wealthy, the party that despises the middle class, and they seek power for an agenda that nobody wants, and they have to have these crises to do it: January 6, or the Ukranian war, or whatever the thing is, they use these levers of influence and power. Still, I don't think it's going to be enough. I think they are looking at a landslide of rejection in November. And I think Elon Musk is a precursor, so is the C-Span implosion, so is the Disney implosion, so is the Netflix implosion, so is the Virginia election implosion. A lot of indicators, a lot of symptoms... and it's terrifying them.

Tucker asks: "Just in three sentences, do you believe that the coming midterms will discredit not just the players, but their ideas?"

Hanson: I think it is because you see it's not just political. People, as you say, they're not really interested just in the issues, it's existential. They can't find food that they can afford. They can't fill up their car. They don't feel safe when they go into a big city. They don't feel their kids are being educated, or they're being propagandized. So it's a 360, 24/7 phenomenon, it's a totalitarian effort. And you can see the pushback in social media, you can see it with grassroots school boards. It's not just political. They feel their very lives are at stake. It's not going to be sustainable if these people are in control any longer because they don't care. 

Joe Biden doesn't care about the price of gas. Elizabeth Warren doesn't care if people can't afford plywood at the lumber store. They don't care. They're revolutionaries. They're idealogues. Again, they'd rather be wrong, and they'd rather lose and be right than wrong and win. That's how ideological they are.




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