White Identity Politics Won in Virginia

Article author: 
Robert Hampton
Article publisher: 
Unz Review
Article date: 
5 November 2021
Article category: 
National News
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Moderate Republican Glenn Youngkin surprisingly won the Virginia gubernatorial race this week. The state, once a battleground, has become a solid blue state in recent years....

It was due to white identity politics. This may surprise some readers.... That’s because the decisive issue in the race was “Critical Race Theory” (CRT), which is really just a euphemism for anti-white racism....

A quarter of voters said CRT was their top issue heading into the race; 72% said it was an important factor to them. Of those who said it was their top issue, 70% voted for Youngkin. The Republican candidate pledged to eradicate it as Governor...

He further added in that stump speech that CRT “teaches children to see everything through a lens of race and then to divide them into buckets and have children [who] are called privileged and others [who] are victims.”...

... now anti-white racism is mainstream and campaigning against it is winning elections....

Whatever happens, the real message is clear: White identity politics is the only path for victory....


Tucker Carlson discusses 2021 election wins in this interesting program, November 3, 2021:


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