Biden's Islamophobia: Muslims Are More Islamophobic!

Article author: 
Raymond Ibrahim
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PJ Media
Article date: 
5 November 2023
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Our American Future
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The White House has just announced the U.S.'s first "National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia."...

Usually defined as "unfounded fear of and hostility towards Islam," Islamophobia is reportedly responsible for a number of negative stereotypes concerning Muslims - that they are violent, hostile, and uncivilized - which causes Americans to dislike and fear Muslims.

The problem, however, is that a 2022 poll has thrown a wrench in all of these claims. As it happens, Muslims - those who know Islam more than anyone else - are more Islamophobic than non-Muslims in America. They are more, not less, prone to believing that fellow Muslims are violent, hostile, and uncivilized...

Its findings were so inescapable that ISPU - whose entire existence revolves around presenting Muslims as victims of Islamophobia in America ' had to conclude that "over time, Islamophobia has declined among other groups but has increased among Muslims."...


It's Not a 'Phobia' When They Really Are Trying to Kill You, by Raymond Ibrahim, PJ Media, 30 March 2022:

... In reality, aversion to Islam is not new or something that "just happened"; nor is it a byproduct of temporal circumstances (say, resentment towards Muslims due to the terror strikes of 9/11, etc.). Instead, it is something that all rational non-Muslims have felt from the very inception of Islam in the seventh century... it was because Islam has always treated the "infidel," the non-Muslim, the same way ISIS treats the infidel: atrociously...

The United States' first brush with Islamits very first war as a nation, soon after its independence—came by way of Muslim raids on American ships for booty and slaves in the name of Allah.

Don't fall for the Islamophobia scam! A false narrative about Muslims being under attack after the Oct. 7 atrocities has it backwards. It is Muslim groups and their leftist allies who are fueling the surge in antisemitism, by Jonathan S. Tobin, Jewish News Syndicate, 2 November 2023:

... as counter-intuitive to the facts as it may be, it actually makes a great deal of sense that an administration that has embraced the intersectional worldview of critical race theory, like Biden’s has, would attempt to flip the script from this blatant antisemitism to one about alleged Islamophobia.

To those who have embraced the woke catechism of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), the only legitimate forms of diversity or inclusion involve those races or groups designated as victims...

White House slammed for 'tone deaf' unveiling of anti-Islamophobia strategy as antisemitism surges, by By Victor Nava, New York Post, 2 November 2023.

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