War On Western Culture

This is a series of articles:


Part 1: America's identity, pride in country, what's next?

Recently, a sexual predator, felon and habitual criminal, African-American Cleotha Abston-Henderson, 38, raped and killed Eliza Fletcher, a 34 year old kindergarten teacher with two small children. After grabbing her off the sidewalk during her daily jog, he left her mangled body behind an old house in Memphis, Tennessee.

As reported by the media, Memphis' murders reached over 352 in 2021. Even more tragic, if the two had reversed skin colors, Memphis would still be in flames as of this writing. But because she was white, the legal process will move forward without BLM rampaging throughout the city.

Chicago reported 50 shootings and eight deaths over the Labor Day weekend. St. Louis reported four shootings, five deaths. New York City saw 15 wounded from shootings. Detroit featured 32 shootings, four dead.

Virtually all those shootings arrived at the hands of African-Americans in our inner cities. What's wrong with this picture?

If you look back at Flint, Michigan, virtually a minority city, as well as Jackson, Mississippi, you remember contaminated water. This past week in Jackson, toilets can't flush and contaminated water systems poison residents. Jackson is minority dominated city.

In Canada, two guys stabbed ten people to death. In London, England, people fear for their lives on the streets of that once peaceful city. In Paris, you cannot walk down a street without fearing for your person being robbed. In Sydney, Australia, you just don't know what's going to happen if you walk down the streets. You could be the next victim.

What's happening to Western Culture? For one thing, it's being denounced with a litany of name-calling. It's being degraded as inferior to other cultures. It's being attacked as slavery-based, systemically racist and violent to other cultures.

But if you look out over history's horizon, Western Culture brought toilet paper in 1857. It brought toilet systems and fresh water. It brought the arts, commerce and human rights. It lifted millions out of poverty, disease and hopelessness.

Unfortunately, since 1987 at Stanford University, "Every effort to keep alive, let alone, revive, the teaching of Western Civilization, has met with sustained hostility, ridicule and violence," said writer Douglas Murray who wrote The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.

Today, powerful, monied men in high places force Critical Race Theory on our children and even into colleges and the military. If continued, CRT will destroy the foundation of America's solidarity and cohesiveness. At its foundation, it pits black people against white people for perceived racism throughout America. In other words, it pits citizens against citizens with no solutions.

But when you look out over the world, every minority in America enjoys freedom of choice, education, jobs, the arts, and more opportunities for self-expression than anyone in Africa, India, China, Bangladesh, Mexico, Indo-china and so much of the world.

If you look at Japan, where I have lived, the big R-word manifests throughout that society. A black person would not be allowed to migrate to Japan. Same with China.

In India, there are three classes. Brahmins represent the high class. Kshatriyas the middle class, Vaishyas low class, and the untouchables?Sudras. You cannot rise above the class you were born into. It's racist beyond conceptual understanding. Ironically, scholars celebrate that India stands as the most populated democracy in the world. At 1.3 billion, in reality, illiteracy dominates, and 70 percent of the lower 1 billion do not enjoy access to a toilet, shower or lavatory.

If you travel through Bangladesh, you must be ready to endure illiteracy, poverty, starvation, disease and lack of any kind of sanitation or hygiene. This country, the size of Oregon, houses 161 million people. It's on its way to 201 million by mid-century. One can only cringe at what they face as to the human misery index.

In other words, Africa at 1.4 billion, India at 1.3 billion, and China at 1.4 billion face consequences far beyond what's happening in Europe, Australia, Canada and America.

So why make Western Culture the scapegoat when the non-Western World teeters on the brink of disease and mass starvation via too many people, too much illiteracy and too little resources?

"To delegitimize the West, it appears to be necessary first to demonize the people who still make up the racial majority in the West. It is necessary to demonize white people," said Douglas Murray, historian.

Writer Robin DiAngelo wrote a book, White Fragility, that denounced all white people as racists. The logical trap is the same one favored by the witch hunters of the Middle Ages: if the woman drowns in the pond, she is innocent. If she floats, she is guilty and condemned to be burned at the stake. In DiAngelo's world, every white person on the planet is guilty of racism. She said, "White people should strive to be less white." Under her system, there is no racism in Africa. Instead, tribes simply massacre one another such as the Tutsi's and Hutsi's. The rest starve to death in refugee camps.

Wouldn't DiAngelo's system be like telling a Japanese person to be less Japanese or an African to be less black or a Mexican to be less brown?" Do you notice you can only get away with such academic balderdash in a free country created by European-Americans?

What Kind Of A Future Is Coming to America?

Can we as a society, whether black or white, stop the killings? Can we stop the murderers of white female joggers? Can we stop black on black crime that kills thousands of young blacks in our overcrowded and rundown cities like Chicago? Can we stop the black Minneapolis (affirmative action) Somali cop in 2017 who drew his pistol and point blank, shot a white woman walking up to the cruiser in her bathrobe after reporting a prowler? Can we stop pernicious homelessness now dominating most major cities in America?

While white people wait for the law to work its course after a murder, a significant number of black people riot, loot and burn to "get even." How long can our cities sustain such anarchy?

You might agree that intermingling incompatible races may be at the biological heart of America's crisis. Do we have any solutions? What happens as we continue to add millions of immigrants from incompatible cultures? Does any American possess any commonality with Somali, Congolese or Ethiopian immigrants? How do we bridge our culture with them when they don't want our culture? What happens when American culture vanishes? What happens when our country becomes like India's with 122 different languages? What happens when few people live, think or act on the same page?

Could America survive under African culture? Chinese? Indian? Islamic culture? Would any American women want to be ruled by Sharia Law?

What do I think having traveled extensively all over the globe to see racial, cultural and ethnic chaos in the past 50 years? Answer: I think we're in more trouble than anyone understands. I think we're importing more problems that we can ever solve. I think we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction. Do you see any change or solutions for our escaping the "dark future" of America? Do you think Canada or Europe, or Australia will survive?


Part 2: America's identity, racial separation, what's next?

While BLM, La Raza, Muslim Brotherhood and Antifa would like to destroy every aspect of American culture, they lack any reasonable plan for creating a livable, free and rational society.

One of BLM's leaders siphoned $10 million out of their bank account. Another one bought a $2 million house for her personal use. In reality, BLM anarchists lack any comprehension of a peaceful, civil and functioning society. How many African-Americans would opt to returning to Somalia, Sudan, Congo or Ethiopia to live in refugee camps?

If La Raza, which translates into "the race", showed any success in Mexico, why are millions streaming out of South and Central America, along with over 15 million illegally from Mexico - into this terrible United States of America?

As to Islamic society, what American woman would prefer to live under Sharia Law? What American woman would choose female genital mutilation or being honored killed by her husband or brother?

Why are Canada and Europe being invaded by the Middle East and Africa if their societies are so racist, unfair and cruel?

Quite a few people responded to Part 1 of this series. Here are their thoughts. They may coincide with your thoughts:

"Sadly, to say as great as our Constitution has been to make America what it has been, at the same time it has been the catalyst for our own destruction. That destruction being the rights and protection(s) it intends are used by the very powers who despise us to defeat us.

"All the arguments that can be made to keep America American are disparaged, and used in courts of law to grant this or that minority group protection(s) against us the evil discriminatory white people.

"The Japanese have it right! Keep Japan Japanese."

"Your, and my generations of America are hanging-on by a thread, and gasping for breath to remain alive; but this country will not survive." Be well,R.T.

"America is having a hard time with the massive influx of illegal aliens who have no intention of becoming American. Quite the contrary, they want to convert America into the same sh*thole they left. With their utter disregard for our laws, which also applies to the ruling class, we are being fragmented, not united. We will be entering a war here on our soil in our towns and cities due to the a*shole in the White House." B.M.

"An historian said, "Before a civilization dies, it loses its mind." How do we regain our minds? We have to trash our TV's, sports and game 'mentality' and return to pre-TV and books when we were a homogeneous nation in race, culture and sensible values. Thanks for your voice." L.P.

"I heard from Andrew Wilkow, "When over 'there' comes here, here becomes 'there.'"

"Years ago I read Milestones by Sayyid Qutb. He wrote of overcoming a nation without bloodshed. Then I read The Death of a Nation by Stormer and he spoke of the communist takeover. Also, Alan Bloom's book Closing the American Mind".

In his book, The War On The West by Douglas Murray, he said, "The CRT people argued that America was not merely a white-dominated society, or that America had a white-majority population, but a white-supremist society. They claimed that all white people benefited from allowing white-supremist rule."

In other words, if you are white America in 2022, you're damned one way or the other for your skin color.

In May 2020, when lifelong felon George Floyd was caught for the umpteenth time for his criminal behavior as a car jacker, woman abuser, drug dealer, shoplifter, thief, porno star and passing phony $20 bills, he died at the hands of a white police officer trying to neutralize him. At the time, fentanyl filled Floyd's body.

BLM proceeded to burn, loot and riot to the tune of $2 billion in cities around America. Not one of them saw a courtroom. Law and order lost all credibility when faced with BLM anarchists. Additionally, wildly crazy accusations followed with unarmed black people being killed as high as 10,000 a year. When in fact, in 2020, only 10 blacks were killed by police -and all of them via criminal activity.

"But as figures compiled by the Washington Post Police Shootings database confirm, in the years before the death of Floyd, more police officers were killed by armed black Americans than unarmed black Americans were killed by police," said Murray.

Ironically, weekend shootings in Chicago range from 40 to 60 with 10 to 15 deaths, all of them black on black killings, but not one single response by Black Lives Matter leaders, or CNN, NPR, PBS or Anderson Cooper.

Soon after Floyd's death, the judicial system sent police officer Chauvin, along with his minority police colleagues, to prison for 20 years to life.

In recent years, black authors published books like Antiracist Baby, How to Argue with a Racist, How to be an Antiracist. In other words, feed more fuel to the fire until the pot explodes.

There's an old saying by a Native American who said to his son, "There are two wolves competing in your mind - one is good, and the other is bad." The young boy asked,, "Which one wins?" The old chief said, "The one you feed."

If we as a nation keep feeding black power against white power, or racism against non-racism, or black supremacy versus white supremacy?there will be a point where the pot explodes.

If we negate our laws via mayors like Chicago's Lori Lightfoot and by AG's ignoring criminals, giving free bail, and no jail time - we'll receive more Eliza Fletcher killings and/or the 19-year-old kid, Ezekiel Kelly, who blasted four people to death in Memphis while he filmed it on Facebook. You might repeat that historian's words, "Before a civilization dies, it loses its mind."

If I were in power in America? I would create video instructional programs in schools that show every student what he or she faces if he or she chooses crime of any kind. We're talking hard time in a cell and what it's like in a prison yard. Let each student know what they face if they choose crime. I would pay top salaries for top law enforcement professionals across America. I'd come down on every criminal with the heavy weight of law and order. I'd put any and every criminal of any color into a cell for as long as it takes. I'd make it so nasty for criminals, that they would fear even trying to jack a car, rob a bank, steal from a convenience store, rob a train, kill someone, etc. Some have suggested public hangings for drug dealers, cop killers and murderers.

If we don't get serious about law and order in our Western Country, as the one writer said, "When over 'there' comes here, then here becomes 'there.'"

Do any of us want to replicate other third world countries in any way, shape, form or manner?


Part 3: Losing America's Identity

Losing your identity in America, confused as to where you belong, immigrants against American traditions.

One Japanese-American complained that she didn't know whether to celebrate her "American" side or her "Japanese" side. She felt confused as to her allegiance.

In the City of Dearborn, Michigan, over 300,000 Muslims know exactly what and who they celebrate: the prophet, Quran and Sharia Law. They have created their own little Baghdad right here in America. You won't see Old Glory flags being flown within their midst.

Notice that 125,000 Somalians in Minneapolis, Minnesota remain in their "Somaliland" enclave in order to maintain some sense of their African identity. They really don't fit into the predominantly Scandinavian society of Minnesota. And, there's no way that those pure white Scandinavians fit into Somali Islamic culture. So, what do they do? Most whites avoid stepping into Somaliland. Because of that harsh reality, what do the people in Washington DC hope to accomplish by importing millions upon millions of incompatible cultures, languages and unprepared immigrants into the midst of a 21st century first world country?

Not only are the immigrants confused, isolated and tolerated, but their offspring grow up angry - because they don't have a clue as to where they fit into America.

As Americans lose their identity, or it's meshed into a big bowl of multicultural mush, older Americans wonder what kind of a country will erupt from the ashes of the "old" America?

One black writer, Otegha Uwagba, wrote, Whites: On Race and Other Falsehoods. She complained that white friends don't ask her how she is. "I feel abandoned." After George Floyd's death, she said, "My mailbox was a dumping ground for white guilt."

Uwagba bitterly complained, "Everywhere white shame looms large - sucking the oxygen out of the room. Even the most penitent white people have a way of making it hard to breathe."

She said, "Americans need to retrain their minds."

How can anyone tell the Chinese to retrain their minds NOT to be Chinese, or Indians, or African or any other ethnic group? How can anyone understand their own county if they hate it?

White Privilege? White Supremacy? White Power?

Just after Eliza Fletcher in Memphis, TN suffered death at the hands of that rapist, three black kids bragged on social media that they were out to kill old white ladies. To date, their threats have been ignored by the national media. But if it were three white boys threatening to kill little old black ladies, well, you can imagine, all hell would break loose.

Is that what the media and/or the Washington DC folks want to encourage with their dumping 1,000,000 refugees onto American soil annually? And, now, with over 3,000,000 illegal refugees streaming into America in 2022 per Joe Biden's invitation, what do you think will happen in the cities and schools they overrun?

To solve it all, UCLA law professor and leading critical race theory proponent Cheryl Harris argues, "The right to private property should be suspended, with money and land seized, and redistributed along racial lines."

In other words, let "racism" move forward on a different rung of the ladder. Or, let's just change the totality of America's success as a country and turn it into another form of a racist society. In this case, people of color benefit at the expense of white people.

As we continue into this national experiment that is clearly not working, how do we "hold" America together? What happens when the baby boomer generation dies out?

At the same time, how much have we dumbed-down our educational systems? I watched a two minute video where the narrator asked simple questions of kids at a mall. The kids didn't know how many letters are in the alphabet. How many seasons in a year? She replied, "12." One was asked what language the people in Idaho spoke. She said, "Potato." How many states make up the United States? He answered, "Five?...I don't know." What continent are we on right now? He answered, "Oh, North Africa?" "What's 3X3 X 3?" The kid answered, "18?" How many pennies are in $1.00? The kid answered, "How should I know?" Another was asked, "What country did we gain our independence from?" A girl answered, "Mexico." What is a shape with four sides called? Answer, "I don't know man?I learned that in 5th grade.." Can you name three countries outside the USA? She answered, "New Mexico, Connecticut and Alabama." What is one quarter plus two dimes? He answered, "65 cents?" Can you tell me what time this clock reads? She answered, "Oh my God? I don't know."

A sobering 33% of high school graduates never read another book the rest of their lives. Another 42% of college grads never read another book after college. About 57% of new books are not read to completion. And, 70% of U.S. adults have not been in a bookstore in the last five years. Finally, 80% of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year. (from Mark Stevens)

Well dear reader, that's the future of America. I remember as a math-science teacher starting in 1973, administrators forced teachers to pass kids up to the next grade instead of holding them back. Now, we've got multiple generations of adults who are functionally illiterate.

How can we expect functionally illiterate people to maintain America with reasonable participation, voting, contributing to the work force, and simple citizenship? Did you notice on NPR last week when they said that the homeless in Los Angeles jumped from 66,000 to 69,000?

What happens when those numbers explode into the millions? Can we erase poverty with so many illiterate people? Is there any chance to abate racism with THAT many illiterate people?

Let's go back to George Floyd. When he died, Fentanyl flooded his body. That same year, 2020, 93,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses. In 2021, 107,000 Americans died of Fentanyl overdoses. China's main drug export killed all of them. Ironically, Joe Biden invited and allowed all those drug cartels to invade our country with an endless supply of those drugs.

As to gun killings in America, 702 deaths and 2,844 wounded in 2021.

Is it possible that young Americans, young immigrants and minorities are losing their minds, as well as their affinity toward America? So, what can they do and/or what are they going to do? With such mass functional illiteracy, how will they participate in America's future? Do they even want to participate?

Historian Seymour Lipset said, "Most great nations are not conquered by armies. They commit national suicide."

In his book, America Extinguished: Mass Immigration and the Disintegration of American Culture by Dr. Samuel T. Francis, he said, "Nothing is more basic to assimilation of immigrants in a foreign culture than learning its language. But many immigrants are not learning English, a strong sign they haven't assimilated and don't intend to."

Do you think we're going to survive this invasion of cultures and languages? Will our youth survive the endless drug invasion? Will we survive our mass functional illiteracy? Why don't the goofballs in Washington DC not see what's happening? Why are they allowing, and in fact, applauding Joe Biden's total disregard for our country's borders?

How does it feel to be displaced and replaced out of your own country? Answer: ask today's Europeans and/or ask Native Americans.


Part 4: Will We Survive What's Coming?

How do we expect to survive another 100 million immigrants? How will we maintain our own culture? What do you expect will happen to your children?

If you watch what's actually happening at our southern border with over 3,000,000 illegals projected to invade our country in 2022 (2/3 of that figure are already here), are you under any illusion that we will survive this invasion? How many of us natural-born citizens will be left when over 100,000,000 immigrants land on our shores in the next 27 ½ years from now, by 2050?

Right now, the official count for foreign-born residents of the United States stands at 45.2 million. Not counted in that census: somewhere between 20 and 25 million illegal alien foreign-born. That's somewhere north of 70 million foreign-born - with cultures and world views totally different from average Americans. From there, you must understand that those immigrants birth 1,000,000 of their own babies annually. Thus, by 2042, Americans will become the new minority within their own country. That's you, your children and all of us! (Source: www.PewResearchCenter.org; www.cis.org)

That's got to shake you up just a little bit! If not, you fail to understand the implications. For a demographic fact, Europeans are being displaced from their own countries. In fact, Sweden and Norway face total absorption by their immigrants.

Radical Imam: "Sweden is Ours" Days after Sweden's new pro-Islamic party gloated publicly about "taking over" Skåne County, the province that's home to the infamous city of Malmö, one of the country's most radical Islamist preachers claimed Swedish land belongs to Muslims. Days after Mikhail Yuksel, the leader of Sweden's new pro-Islamic party, gloated publicly about "taking over" Skåne County. He claimed Sweden belongs to followers of Islam."

There are 55 million Muslims slowly, and methodically taking over every country in Europe. They mean business. The greater their numbers, the greater their power. They are actually using democratic laws to work their Sharia Law into place. Douglas Murray documented it in his book: The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.

You don't think it could happen over here? If not, you might be a tad slow on the uptake. The one thing that most people don't learn from history - is the fact that they don't learn from history.

As a matter of fact, "Equal if not greater ignorance can be found in America. A poll carried out in 2020 found that two-thirds of Americans between the ages of eighteen and thirty-nine had no idea that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust during World War II." That coincides with the mall host asking simple questions like, "How many sides are there to a square?" Answer by a twenty-something kid, "How should I know?"

So here we are allowing Biden to break our immigration laws, and both houses of Congress aiding him in breaking them?and no one understands the ultimate ramifications of the end result. As long as most American aren't affected at this moment, the nation simply watches the invasion with passive nonchalance.

Did you notice what happened in Martha's Vineyard when Florida Governor DeSantis dumped 50 illegal aliens onto that multi-billionaire "sanctuary city"? Answer: within 24 hours, they rounded all of them up and shipped them over to a military base. In other words, the ultimate N.I.M.B.Y. fraudulent stance of the rich, famous, high and mighty!

Barack Obama's "wife" once said, "We all need to sacrifice - we need to give up some of our own wealth to provide for others who don't have anything." (para) When 50 illegal migrants knocked on her door, she called for a bus to ship them out."

Barack Obama said, "America is and always has been, a nation of immigrants. Throughout our history, immigrants have come to our shores in wave after wave from every corner of the globe. Everyone of has an ancestor who was born somewhere else. The basic idea of welcoming immigrants to our shores is central to our way of life. It is in our DNA." Notwithstanding, Mr. Obama called for the busses to carry 50 illegal migrants away from his sprawling 29-acre mansion and estate. Maybe his "sanctuary" policy stems from his Kenyan origins. Obama was America's first anchor baby president. Who really knows? We do know that he carries a fraudulent Social Security card number of a dead man from Connecticut?given to him by his mother who worked in that government office. The final story on Obama hasn't been told, but one day, it will be exposed by a top journalist.

In 2019, Joe Biden said, "We want an unrelenting stream of immigration. Non-stop. Non-stop. Folks like me who were Caucasian, of European descent, for the first time, we'll be an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority. Fewer than 50 percent of people in America, from then on, will be of white European stock. That's not a bad thing. That's the source of our strength." (Biden speech, Washington DC. April 26, 2019) I would suggest that his dementia was in full swing at that time because such a statement proves that he was/is totally out of his mind.

How do I know? India is a nation of minorities and over 100 languages. They cannot and do not work on the same page. That's why 70 percent of 1.3 billion Indians do not have access to a toilet and that nothing ever changes to improve that country out of its own misery.

Reframing America's History To That Of An Evil Nation

At this point, writers, newspapers and the media push the "1619 Project" as the "true" founding of America. It's a black perspective. Now, we have Critical Race Theory tearing down the very fabric of America's Constitution. If you add ANTIFA, La Raza, Sharia Law and Black Lives Matter, you've got a wholesale destruction of the foundation of America's origins, its Constitution and its laws. Worse, the very system that built the United States into a prospering, free country - capitalism - faces a very uncertain future. I personsonally, suggest, "Steady State Economics" as the only viable alternative.

In the last two years since that carjacking, drug-addict, fentanyl pusher, woman abuser, shoplifter and counterfeit-money-passer George Floyd met his self-demise, angry crowds have torn down statues of Christopher Columbus, General Robert E. Lee, General George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many more-as if they can erase history. That's interesting when you realize that 2/3 of America's youth don't know anything about the 6,000,000 Jews gassed to death in 40 death camps in Germany and Poland during WWII.

What's the big deal? Answer: as a former educator, I understand the need for historical perspective. I understand that you must know history in order to NOT repeat the bad things of history. To pretend that you can erase those bad things proves to be sheer folly.

The harsh reality we face: if we keep allowing endless refugee immigration into America, at some point, whether it's in Detroit or Minneapolis where a virulent religion prevails, we'll hear something like what's happening in Sweden?an imam will proclaim, "Michigan is America's first Islamic State and Sharia Law dominates - long live Allah."

In the end, enough American educators, governors, senators and mayors of all our cities need to honor America. Honor its extraordinary accomplishments as a country! Honor everyone and every event in order to understand and make-better for future generations. Because if we don't, we'll find our country filled with angry, illiterate and useless citizens or non-citizens that will not participate in a positive way to carry forth this republic. We will become like another India.


Part 5: Why Continue Along Our Current Path?

You cannot escape the numbers. What do you do about the cultures? How will you solve what cannot be solved once it manifests? Islam's only intention in the West.

First of all, let's repeat Joe Biden's speech from 2019. Let it sink into your mind, heart and soul. Then ask yourself, do you want "his" future manifested on your children and our country?

Joe Biden said, "We want an unrelenting stream of immigration. Non-stop. Non-stop. Folks like me who were Caucasian, of European descent, for the first time, we'll be an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority. Fewer than 50 percent of people in America, from then on, will be of white European stock. That's not a bad thing. That's the source of our strength." (Biden speech, Washington DC. April 26, 2019)

In reality, instead of immigration being our source of strength, that kind of a future will be the complete and total unraveling and/or destruction of our society. You have to wonder about Biden who has lived on the public dole his entire life as a politician - who has never worked a real job - who is 80 years old and TOTALLY out of touch with history - who carries a mindset that fails to comport with reality - how did such a sidewinder rattlesnake like Biden claim the White House?

Once he made the presidency, he's been an absolute abysmal failure on multiple fronts. He and/or his handlers possess NO comprehension of what he or they are doing. He does not understand what he's causing. He created $5.00 a gallon gas prices. He created an invasion of our southern border that has rendered us a "destination" for millions of refugees from around the world. He's inviting fentanyl and dozens of drugs across the border to be distributed to our children. Note: as reported on major networks, fentanyl kills 220 Americans every single day of the year. He's piling millions of refugees onto our welfare rolls to the tune of billions of our tax dollars for illegal migrants. He's doing NOTHING for our 540,000 homeless Americans and veterans. He's making a mockery of our laws by not enforcing them. He's leading our country into a lawless, no-man's-land with endless murders every weekend in Chicago, NYC, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, San Francisco, Denver, Houston and many more.

Somewhere along the line, there will be no escape for the American people.

At some point, there's no way for our country to handle the immigrant load. At some point, they will be living in refugee tent cities in our country. At some point, they will be marauding our cities, our schools, our children and our lives. At some point, they will recreate their own poverty and misery in our country?because there is no way we can pay for them, feed them, educate them or save them.

The recent example of Martha's Vineyard dealing with 50 refugee immigrants shows you exactly what's transpiring. The rich will not tolerate the immigrants in their midst. In my travels around the world, I discovered that there are always "rich" people in every country. They isolate and insolate from the poor people - and don't care about their misery. They shun them. Martha's Vineyard people shipped all 50 illegals out within 24 hours?saying they couldn't house them. Yet, they professed to be a "sanctuary city." What a crock!

At the same time, Biden invited over 2,000,000 illegals already this year, with another 1,000,000 waiting to cross. Again, the numbers lining up at our border will continue into the millions. That's how nasty it is out there in the third world.

But the more we import the third world people into America, the more the United States will become a third world country itself. So, what happens when all those millions who cannot speak English, are totally illiterate, possess no viable skills, and simply cannot function in this first world society - grow their numbers to a point where we cannot feed, house or work them?

With these numbers and these realities facing us, do you think our culture can survive? How? Who will maintain our Western Culture?

Again, we remain on course to add 100,000,000 immigrants to the USA by mid-century. This is what it looks like in sheer numbers. Every American should see this video because this is what's coming:

"Immigration by the numbers - off the chart" by Roy Beck, NumbersUSA.

This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, "Mind boggling!"

If we remain on this course set by Biden and Congress, those numbers will manifest. Those refugees from around the world with all their incompatible religions and cultures, along with their languages - will manifest in our Western Culture. But they won't mesh with our culture because they can't. Absolutely for certain, Islam cannot and will not mesh with Christianity, period. There's no middle ground for Muslims.

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominant. The Qur'an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." Omar Ahmed, director of Council on American Islamic Relations.

"It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet." -Hassan Al-Banna

Mary Ann Frieling said, "Between 2000 and 2010 the number of Mosques in the US doubled to 2,500. All of the money to build these Mosques has come from Saudi Arabia. Most of these Mosques are being located in areas where there are no Muslims....in the strong-hold heart of America. These are seeded areas for Muslim groups to cluster....and spread from there. Mohammed Muslimseed will spread across our great land."

"For Muslims, Islamic Law has Allah as its author. Any other legislator is illegitimate." Mohammed Hocine Benkheira, Le Point, 3/21/2016

There you have it. They spell it out for us. And we keep importing them until they simply destroy our Constitution and our Western Culture.

Part 6: War On Western Culture: Why?

"We are already destroying meritocracy," said Victor Davis Hanson. "We are reverting to tribal racial branding. We are strangling energy and food production because of green superstition.

"We are unleashing the criminal upon the weak and innocent. (Look at Chicago every weekend.)

"Destroy the bounty that produced and empowered the woke decadence, and we won't have anything?the woke included. Wokeism is, for now, an affordable irrelevaancy that rests on the wealth and lessons produced by those long dead and now much rebuked. But it won't remain affordable.

"Instead, we will learn what woke itself produces - barbarism, chaos, poverty, and civilization in reverse." - Victor Davis Hanson

What do you do with that absurd "woke" philosophy? What kind of mind devolves to such lunacy?

"I always ask: When did a diverse country/empire exist which was not extremely authoritarian? Soviet Union, Yugoslavia? Roman Empire? Diversity is not our strength, it is our imposed weakness, if not total destruction. Just imagine our DIVERSE/WOKE military involved with a war with a peer military. Our military leaders are not chosen for military competence, but for their PC." - Best, R.J. (Notice the total incompetence of pulling out of Afghanistan and leaving $90 billion in military hardware.)

We are being diversified to death and multiculturalized to death, and immigrated to death by the hands of our own Congress and this president. Reality: we don't need one single more immigrant added to our country, period. In fact, every new immigrant added is another brick of destruction that will crumble as they invade our society.

Samuel Huntington said, "for centuries civilizations have been kept apart by distance and serious geographical obstacles. However, modern technologies are eroding these obstacles and as civilizations begin to interact on a more regular basis they will find each other so repugnant they will be unable to resist trying to slaughter one another."

"Immigrants devoted to their own cultures and religions are not influenced by the secular politically correct façade that dominates academia, news-media, entertainment, education, religious and political thinking today," said James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. "They claim the right not to assimilate, and the day is coming when the question will be how can the United States regulate the defiantly unassimilated cultures, religions and mores of foreign lands? Such immigrants say their traditions trump the U.S. legal system. Balkanization of the United States has begun."

Here Is What You Don't See Happening Across the USA and Canada

Fort McMurray will have the Largest Mosque in North America upon completion.
$50 million complex. 150,000 sq.ft. The largest mosque currently is in Dearborn, Michigan (92,000 sq ft) wherein Islam has infiltrated all levels of government and society, taking over businesses and out-numbering citizens through higher birth rates. Muslim takeover has occurred in Dearborn, Michigan. This is unfolding precisely according to the Explanatory Memorandum whereinSilent Jihad is instructed. The only way to stop it is to ban all manifestations of Islam. Nations around the world are recognizing this as the only option. Trying to separate so called progressives (good Muslims) from bad Muslims is an impossible task and one in which Canadians should not be held hostage by some false moral obligation. The enormity of such a task is comparable to trying to take a silo filled with salt and sugar and then be instructed to separate the two.

We are under siege by a crafty enemy who is using self-victimization, manipulation and strategically maligning our Charter of Rights to use against us. Islam is not a religion but a dangerous set of political ideologies intending to dominate the World. The burden to protect so called progressive Muslims becomes even more complicated when you consider Taqiya - Muslims' directive to lie, as instructed in the Quran, to advance their agenda. We are losing our freedoms and democracy just as we see rapidly unfolding throughout Europe and the UK.

Muslims will never ever assimilate. For their Religion/boring/harsh/strict way of life, not any fun allowed, prevents them/forbids them from assimilating. Like no booze, no dancing / no music/no smiling/ total segregation of men and women / no any fun allowed / the more boring and miserable life you lead, the better Muslim you are. This is the mindset.

The Islamic religion-political system: a highly emotionally infectious, contagious, repugnant and debauched ethnic disease masquerading as a religion - added to a diabolical Sharia mandate. It warps minds of all adherents and forces them toward brutal, violent, cruel, vicious and insane behavior toward men, women and children. It creates suicidal maniacs and insensate intellectual morons. Humans under its spell lose their sensibilities, rational values, dignity and minds. They resort to wanton acts of murder, cruelty, perversion and barbarism. Because of mass immigration into first world countries, this insane religious disease floods into every corner of the planet - and with it a compleete destruction of women's rights, children's rights, intellectual rights, gay rights, free speech, free choice of religions, dress, free choice of spouse, killing of gays, honor killings of women and a complete loss of humanity by Islam's adherents. If not stopped by the willpower and force of first world countries, it will ravage the free world back into the Dark Ages.

Loss of culture will absolutely KILL America. We must fight to maintain it. THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE must be preserved at all costs, at all junctures, and for all future generations. It matters little what your color is - you are lucky as hell to be an American in ourr Western Culture.

"People growing up in the West today remain among the luckiest people in human history," said Douglas Murray, author of The War On The West. "But luck is not an entirely abstract thing, and nor is it a complete lottery. Societies are not simply lucky. As Branch Rickey said, "Luck is the residue of design." We in the West are lucky because men and women before us worked hard to make it so and performed feats extraordinary and mundane to see that luck was what we got."

Historians will write 30 years from now, "Why didn't the American people understand their predicament as they allowed themselves to be invaded, and once the invaders reached significant numbers to overwhelm American culture, the Americans became victims of their own stupidity."


"Immigration by the numbers - off the chart" by Roy Beck, NumbersUSA.