Democrats Are Done With Elections

1 April 2023
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The Democrat Party today is not the party of your parents' generation. It has transmogrified into the party of the globalist elite. Those who still consider the party to be representative of progressive liberal values are subject to considerable cognitive dissonance, which can be reconciled in part by recognizing that "I didn't leave the Democrat Party; the Democrat Party left me."

In the article, Rush Limbaugh Warned Us, Elizabeth Stauffer observes that "Democrats no longer even try to win on the issues. Instead, they put their efforts into creating conditions which will maximize their chances of victory." For example, the Trump indictment, which almost certainly will backfire.

She references Rush Limbaugh's October 1, 2020 radio show, where Rush states:

They resent the whole premise behind elections. ... Therefore, they don't believe in campaigns. They don't believe in the free, open exchange of ideas...

They don't believe in giving legitimacy to anybody who is not already on their side. So if this is who they are psychologically - if they have no interest in persuading people, if they have no interest in acquiring power as a result of massive public support - then who are they?...

They don't want it to derive from persuading people that their ideas are the best - and where is all of that codified? All of that thinking, all of that behavior is codified in elections. What are elections about?...

[E]lections are the result of persuading millions of people to support you. They resent having to do that.

They can't persuade a majority of Americans to support Black Lives Matter. They can't persuade a majority of Americans to support burning down American cities and private property. They can't persuade a majority of Americans to go along with their ideas on guns and eliminating free speech. They can't persuade anybody to agree with that!

Those are things they're gonna have to force on people, and they are more than willing and eager to force that stuff on you, but they need the power to do it. So they have to go through the motions. ...

But they resent the hell out of it. And in their world, it's the one thing standing in their way: This need, this requirement to win elections. And I'm just telling you: As soon as they can figure out a way to eliminate elections, they will do it, 'cause they resent the hell out of it...

They are attempting to win elections without broad public support. That's what they're trying to do. That's just another way of phrasing what they're doing. How do you win elections without broad public support?

You have to cheat. You have to game the system. Most people who consider themselves Americans and practitioners of small-D democracy, believe in the sanctity of elections. They believe in the sanctity of campaigning and convincing a majority of Americans to support them.

That's where you get your mandate. That's where you get the power to implement your ideas. And the more people voting for you, the more power you have, the bigger mandate you got. These people resent having to get a mandate. Why should they have to get public approval? Screw these idiots. ...

That's who these people are, and they're so ticked off they're burning down your town; they're burning down your city. They resent the hell out of having to please you. They resent the hell needing your support. They hate it. They're not interested in your support. They're not interested in what you think. They're not interested in your point of view. They don't care to have to find out who you are and how to persuade you. And they resent the hell out of the fact they have to do it....

It's all about knowing who anybody is. And how do I know? I listen to them. I watch 'em. It's abundantly clear. They do not like America. It's beneath them. They do not like the democratic process. They resent it. It's beneath them. Their ideas, such as they are, are all that matter. And if you don't agree with them, too bad. You can't stop 'em. You're nobody.


There is nothing more dangerous than a government of the many controlled by the few.

- Lawrence Lessig, Harvard law professor


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