Tucker with Tulsi Gabbard: What We Must Confront

29 March 2024

Tucker Carlson interviews Tulsi Gabbard on who's puppeteering Biden, and corruption in Congress. Gabbard eloquently and articulately describes what we must confront if we wish to preserve our freedom and our nation.

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Key excerpts:

00:25:17 On why Tulsi Gabbard left the Democrat party:

"It was in the fall of 2022... It was increasingly over time a couple of things. Obviously the radical change that the Democratic party leadership went through. It really, truly became a woke, warmongering party of the elites. But also it was a recognition that I had done all could to try to change the party from within. I tried as vice-chair of the DNC, I tried as a candidate running for President in 2020 in the Democratic primary. And the thing that I was talking about: bringing the party back to its roots, bringing the party back to being a party of the people, the party of freedom, the party of peace and security, not only fell on deaf ears, I was booed by the party elites for having the audacity to push for these kinds of things."

00:28:24 On Gabbard challenging the elites:

"I had the audacity to go against them - to challenge the elite of the Democratic party: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama. And it's the people who surround them in the military industrial complex, in the media industrial complex - and it's not limited to the Democratic party, of course... They are all part of this permanent Washington elite who cannot allow for those who challenge them to go unscathed, because their whole existence is based around that. It's based on power and where they get their power from."

00:40:08 How her perceptions changed over the last five years:

"... It became more and more clear to me how many people, especially in the Democratic party, in Washington specifically, how little they think of the Constitution. And I think the last five especially years are pretty pivotal because you look at what happened with Covid for example, as a starting point of how people both at the federal level. the state level, county level, and a lot of places were given a little bit of power - they took advantage of that, and continued to use that power in a way that just didn't make sense... The politically motivated decisions that were being made in the midst of what they were calling 'the greatest health epidemic of our time' I think exposed pretty deeply to a lot of people that it was all just about power, and how little they were concerned about things like freedom and civil liberties and the ability for us to make our own choices for ourselves. And then it just continued to escalate more and more with the Biden Harris administration."

00:50:00 Continuing on what changed over the last five years:

"Where there has been a change, it comes from a much deeper appreciation of our Constitution and the role that our leaders must have in truly upholding the Constitution... To see how those in power so brazenly abused their power and weaponized our law enforcement, our national security - all of these different tools that are at their disposal, increasingly pushing us toward the place where our country is being lead by a tyrannical government. It's a very real danger."

00:51:28 On the Constitution and politicians having to restrain their own power:

"And that's exactly where the leaders of today's Democratic party are... that's where actually going and looking again at our founding documents: The Declaration of Independence, looking at the Federalist Papers, where we are reminded over and over and over again about how our nation's founders continued to say, it's 'We The People.' That our government does not exist without the consent of the governed. And this is the message that I am carrying everywhere is that we are not happy with the direction our country is headed. And I think most people are not happy with it. This changes only when we take action... Our founders specifically built the country on the foundation of We The People taking ownership and responsibility for the kind of leadership that we want and the kind of future that we want."

00:56:35 On the Democrat party:

"If you are a person who cares about freedom, who cares about our country, who cares about being able to make your own decisions as parents about what kind of education you want for your child, if you care about having a safe community for your child to live in, if you care about having a secure country with borders, the Democratic party is not the answer. It is not the answer. They are in fact the problem."

01:01:25 On natural rights:

"This God complex that so many of our politicians have is at the heart of the problem. They are so eager to put themselves in a position of power - they believe they have the power to say what is true and what is not true... It would be laughable if the consequences weren't so dangerous... They are self-appointing themselves to be in that position of authority, and have a lot of tools at their disposal to try to enforce that. And that is the heart of the danger that faces our country right now. This is something that transcends party affiliation, it transcends how you may like or dislike certain candidates. This is a fact, and this is a reality that we have to confront ourselves with if we care about peace, if we care about freedom, if we care about security, if we care about our country and our future, the choice is very clear in this [2024] election and what we must do in leaving the Democratic party behind."


00:00:00 Intro
00:09:20 Why Tusli Gabbard left the Democrat Party
00:26:31 Hillary Clinton's baseless accusations against Gabbard
00:30:26 Who's truly running the government right now?
00:32:28 Congress and financial corruption
00:40:03 Tulsi Gabbard's change in perspective
00:57:07 Donald Trump's VP

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