Denver is Collapsing Under the Weight of the Migrant Crisis

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Hot Air
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29 January 2024
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Colorado News
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As Congress and the White House continue to grapple over a completely unnecessary and disastrous "deal" over the border, the Biden border crisis continues unabated...

NBC News is reporting that the situation in Denver has become increasingly dire... with a population a little over 700,000, but it has become one of the most popular destinations for migrants [illegal alien invaders] leaving the southern border. They’ve taken in almost 40.000 migrants in the past year, the equivalent of more than 5% of their population. They have run out of places to house them all and will soon begin limiting how long migrants can stay for free in designated shelters. Even worse, the migrants have overrun the city’s hospitals and medical clinics. They are running out of money, medical supplies, and the workers they need to tend to an army of new, non-paying [illegal alien] patients...

Denver has been trying to maintain its status as a liberal, sanctuary city, but far too many migrants have opted to take them up on their offer. They have been offering free room and board to all of the migrants, most of whom have arrived from Texas, but now the cupboards are nearly bare...

This needs to end immediately and it could be over tomorrow if Joe Biden would take responsibility for enforcing the nation’s immigration laws...


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