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Kevin Roche
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Healthy Skeptic
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20 June 2022
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National News
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... Fauci... stands or sits there with a sanctimonious expression on his face and this mild, reasonable tone of voice, and out spews an endless stew of mis-statements and lies. The life-long bureaucrat in action–never really accomplished anything; survives by being politically adept; and if they didn’t start as incompetents in their fields, they quickly get the knack of it....

Fauci’s major sin was being a willing participant in the terror campaign to have Americans believe that CV-19 was the end of the world unless we ceased all social and economic interaction, locked ourselves and our children in the basement indefinitely and wore six masks,...

This gentleman is the head of the infectious disease division of the National Institutes of Health, but the adequacy and accuracy of his information about the epidemiology of respiratory viruses wouldn’t fill a thimble. And he certainly didn’t know anything about those grants he was giving to labs in China to study making coronavirus more dangerous....

Dr. Fauci has been particularly fond of spreading mis-information about vaccines, including regarding the recent approval to innoculate children aged 5 and under. There is no evidence of any real risk to these children from CV-19, almost all of them have already been infected and thus have adaptive immunity and the vaccines carry some risks, particularly for young male children....

Dr. Fauci has been fundamentally incapable of explaining to Americans the normal course of a respiratory virus epidemic and the nature of adaptive immunity, probably because he does not understand it...

But his greatest value may be that he has reminded many Americans that scientists and experts are fallible human beings; very, very fallible as it turns out, full of biases, often ignorant and incompetent and increasingly driven by politics and ideology. And he epitomizes the special danger that ensues from listening to government scientists and experts.... “Think for yourself” would be a great new motto for the nation.


Fauci Finally Gets Covid: The Significance, by Jeffrey A. Tucker, Brownstone Institute, 17 June 2022:

What precisely happened in the month of February 2020, when Anthony Fauci and cohorts were plotting their pandemic response, is still a mystery. Jeremy Farrar, of the Wellcome Trust, in his book on the topic says that during these weeks, they went to burner phones, clandestine video calls, and warned family members that something terrible could happen to them. 

Their top concern was the possibility of the lab leak from Wuhan. They needed to get to the bottom of it and prepare the spin...

There we have it: the Fauci theory of how we get rid of the virus. We don’t need a vaccine. Just close things. Stay away from people. Don’t gather. Shut schools. Lock businesses and churches. All people stay away from all people....

This is very clearly crank science, one that confuses ex post data collection with causation itself and also seems to deny the workability of the human immune system. That such things would be written by a person in Fauci’s position is truly mind boggling. But the press went along, and still does after all this time....

What Fauci was imagining – and very few people picked up on it at the time – was the construction of a new social system. It was not just about this virus....

The pandemic response was not just about this one pathogen. It was about what amounts to a political, economic, social, and cultural revolution.... No one has voted for such a thing. It is something Fauci and his friends dreamed up on their own and deployed all their enormous power to enact just as a test, until it fell apart....

It should also alert us to three points of moral urgency:

  • We need to replace Fauci-style feudalism with a new theory of how to reconcile the freely functioning society with the presence of infectious disease, so that neither he nor people in his pay or sway can attempt this again.
  • We need to act to disable the unmitigated power of administrative-state bureaucrats to seize control of the machinery of government.
  • We need a new system to decentralize science away from privileged elites so that they can never again have monopoly control over what is considered to be the science much less posses the power to censor dissent....


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