What Just Happened?

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James Howard Kunstler
Article date: 
5 December 2023
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National News
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If you haven’t discerned this yet, the Party of Chaos - Globalism’s "fifth column" in America - lost ground badly in early December... You know what a fifth column is? I will explain: it is a subversive enemy force operating inside a nation to sabotage its interests. The Party of Chaos, of course, is the party of "Joe Biden" the fictitious "president" euchered in plain sight to that position via flagrant chicanery in the 2020 Super Tuesday primary and then the free-for-all fraud-o-rama of the general election that year.

This subversive Party of Chaos (with Marxist characteristics), has worked overtime for years to mindfuck Americans into destroying their own country... 

At issue was why, after years of grandstanding on the oppression of victim groups, and censoring, silencing, cancelling, and crucifying alternate opinions, they [university presidents] gave their students and faculty a pass in recent weeks on yelling for the extermination of Jews. Wow, did that business disorder the whole Woke cosmography!...

It required considerable cognitive dissonance for American Jews, especially in higher education, to go along with the growing aggressive absurdity of Woke politics...

American Jews on campus - in the crucible of victimhood politics - now find themselves called out as "oppressors" and "colonizers" on the seesaw of social justice...


The Jewish American Dilemma - The Paradox of Jewish Liberalism, by James Howard Kunstler, 19 November 2023.

Are Jews to blame For America's Unending Mass Immigration? by Fred Elbel, 9 December 2023.

Jews, Leftists, Immigration: My Journey To Nietzsche, by Susie Green, 21 December 2023:

... There were some Jews in my position, who had been "mugged by reality", and sought refuge in conservatism. But the most crucial concept that they never questioned, which was far more profound than any adjustment in systems, was the belief in the inherent equality of all groups. They believed that the US was indeed a great country - but that lower taxes, less government, and better education for all would solve any problems of inequality.

I found it a relief that there were a few abandoning the old liberal dogmas. But they and their ilk were too afraid or unimaginative to delve any deeper. They could not, and still cannot, fathom that there are material differences in intelligence and sensibility among groups, which if not recognized, will doom any system solutions they may advocate...

But my single greatest influence arose from an accidental introduction, in the late 1980s, to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche...

Everything I saw around me confirmed what Nietzsche wrote. In the present day, Western men (the aristocratic class) are the "bad" and the poor, the violent, the "underdog" are the "good".

This worldview opened the floodgates to the immigration crisis we have today. How can we stop immigration if these people are "good" and we are "bad"? We, as the "bad", owe it to all of the "good" to invite them into our societies and support them, if necessary. How can we judge them when they are the holy and the noble?...

The belief in group equality is the most harmful and dangerous notion today. It is the basis for all policies regarding immigration, education, and Civil Rights in the US, as well as all Western societies...


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