Balkanizing America to a Point of Destruction of Our Country

Balkanization is the fragmentation of a larger region or state into smaller regions or states, which may be hostile to, or uncooperative with, one another. It is usually caused by differences in ethnicity, culture, religion, and some other factors such as past grievances. The term is pejorative; when sponsored or encouraged by a sovereign third party, it has been used as an accusation against such third-party nations.

If you look around at America in 2023, you're seeing this nation becoming so Balkanized via mass legal and illegal immigration - that there will come a point where we cannot secure our own liberties, freedoms or a safe and civil society.

If you look closely at the mass slaughter of 1,400 Jewish people in their own country on October 7, 2023 - you saw Muslims carrying out the mandates of their Qur'an. It tells its followers to, "Convert or kill all non-believers." If allowed, Muslims of the world would eradicate all Jewish people - they would exterminate them. Whether it is Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran or any other Islamic country - they want to kill all Jews.

Here in America, everyone enjoys the practice of their own religion thanks to U.S. Constitution. But the fact is, we've imported 4,000,000 to as high as 6,000,000 Muslim followers who do not subscribe to our Constitution. Did you notice the thousands of kids and adults who demonstrated in favor of Hamas killing those Jews on October 7, 2023? That's in our own country.

What happens when we import more and more disparate religious groups who do not subscribe to our values or the sacred laws that allow everyone to follow their own religion? What happens when we import enough political/religious Qur'an followers that they drive our civil society into anarchy and religious zealotry? What happens when those incompatible religions create their own enclaves in our cities to a point where they refuse to become Americans?

Guess what? That's already happening in New York City, Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and many more cities.

What about the latest and largest Hindu temple at 87,000 square feet in Robbinsville, New Jersey? Do you realize that Hindu's have three classes of humans? There's the top of that caste, the Brahmins, who are privileged. Next, come the middle class, Kshatriyas. At the bottom, the untouchables, the Shudras. They can never change or climb out of their class. It's brutal, and, it's in America, big time! Everything in that religion stands against everything in America's culture, laws and way of life.

What about importing more Kurds, Shi'ites, or Sunnis - all Muslims? They cut each other throats for the sheer hatred of the other tribe. They separate themselves in Iraq because they hate each other. How many do you think we can continue importing into America? How long will we survive their angry, violent, tribal rituals?

There are some Washington D.C. bureaucrats who want to import Ukrainian refugees. There are millions of them. Others in that 535 collection of 'geniuses' want to import Palestinian refugees from Gaza. What's the problem? Those Palestinian refugees are Muslims who want to eradicate all Jewish people. What happens when they go after American Jews like what happened in Detroit last week when a Muslim stabbed to death the last Jewish leader in the last synagogue in Detroit?

Are you ready for that kind of a future for our country? What do you think those 8,000,000 illegal aliens that Biden invited into our country in the past 33 months are going to do when they achieve voting power? Is anyone thinking about what we're bringing down on ourselves? Is anyone thinking about our cultural costs, our language costs, our way of life?

Has any country in history ever survived such an invasion of immigrants? Not one single country.

If you, or your senators, or your house members don't stop this invasion, we're going to look like Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, France, Sweden and worse. France is on the verge of civil war as you read this column. They've imported over 5,000,000 Muslims who do not and will not identify as "French." Sweden has already lost its society. They will not recover their country.

Do you think I'm kidding? Read Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum. He wrote it 30 years ago.

Social, political and economic forces are pulling America apart and driving her toward a bloody war that may fracture the nation into different countries, dividing along ethnic lines. Riots, gangs, militias, exploding crime rates, mass immigration, rising unemployment, falling wages - these are the factors that will fuel the fires of war.

Then, you have to ask yourself, "Will my family and I survive the projected 100 million more immigrants added to America within the next 25 years?"


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