Texas' invasion of a Mexican cartel island crawling with gang members and ringed with sniper nests... and it's all happening INSIDE the U.S.

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Democrats: "Making Human Trafficking Great Again"
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Todd Bensman
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Daily Mail
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6 October 2023
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National News
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...  it's just a glimpse of the hot war on America's southern border – a direct consequence of an out-of-control crisis that has resulted in nearly five million illegal migrants [illegal aliens] entering the United States since... Biden was inaugurated in 2021...

As federal Border Patrol agents have been overwhelmed by the mass migration and pulled away from the front lines to process illegal crossers, criminal Mexican gangs have gone largely unchecked and are now operating with near impunity inside America...

For decades, neither the U.S. nor Mexico claimed Fronton Island as their own and that ambiguity provided the cartels – specifically the Gulf Cartel and Cartel del Noreste (CDN) – with an opportunity.

When the cartel members are not killing each other, they use the island as a safe haven when fleeing the Mexican military or American law enforcement...

... the state conducted surveys that determined Fronton Island was, in fact, Texas territory...

And whether or not Texas or federal government want to admit it, the border with Mexico has now been militarized for the first-time against foreign criminal organizations.

And this war has just begun.


As Mark Steyn has noted, nearly five million illegal aliens have snuck into America since Biden secured office. That's equivalent to the entire population of Norway and New Zealand in less than three years. Except they aren't Kiwis or Scandinavians. These border-jumping invaders will vote for the party that gives them the most freebies - that is, the Democrat Party. 

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