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AG Sessions Set to Block Millions in Funding to Sanctuaries
Sanctuary cities of Denver to lose $426,590, Boulder to lose $49,602
Center for Immigration Studies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions moved one step closer this week to fulfilling the Trump administration promise of blocking millions in funding to sanctuary jurisdictions. The Center for Immigration Studies has a new map displaying the sanctuary jurisdictions most likely to lose access to certain DOJ grants, based on the...

Sanctuary City Denver Freed An Illegal Alien Homicide Suspect Over ICE Objections
Daily Caller

An unfolding scandal in Denver has both the District Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s Office struggling to explain why an illegal alien, Ricardo Daniel Lopez-Vera, who was sought by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for placement in deportation proceedings, was allowed to go free last week on a mere $1000...

Somali cop kills pajama-clad white woman in occupied Minneapolis
Another terribly sad consequence of forced multiculturalism and refugee resettlement


Recent news stories report that a diversity-hire Somali cop shot an unarmed pajama-clad Australian woman in Minneapolis. It is likely that the national leftist mainstream media will obfuscate pertinent facts about the shooting, including: 

The cop apparently was a diversity affirmative action hire...
Impeach Judges For Interfering With Immigration Enforcement - Abolish the EOIR!
Once again, our imperial judiciary is claiming the right to make immigration policy.

Once again, our imperial judiciary is claiming the right to make immigration policy. The Supreme Court subverted President Donald Trump’s authority on immigration earlier this week by preserving a lower court ruling that exempted grandparents and other relatives from Trump’s travel ban . [Supreme Court says grandparents,...

DACA: Seven Facts About Obama’s Amnesty Decree
President Barack Obama handed many problems over to President Donald Trump, including Obama’s Oval Office amnesty, the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”    The fast-growing amnesty is very unpopular in the GOP’s base and is being used by Democrats as a club to bash Trump. It likely cannot withstand a promised...
Europe: Plot to replace Europeans with refugees exposed
U.N. document reveals 2000 plan to push massive migration
World Net Daily

Millions of migrants mostly from Africa and the Middle East have swarmed Europe in the last three years – the result of what has been explained by world leaders as a war-driven “refugee” crisis.

Yet, a United Nations document, prepared in the year 2000 and rediscovered by WND, reveals the U.N. was already promoting...
The Zeroth Amendment
Issue of the Century
Taki's Magazine

A little-known survey revealed the single most decisive reason Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton: White Democrats have drifted into ideological extremism over not regulating immigration...

I’ve been pointing out for the past few years that American elites are mindlessly floating toward an unspoken belief in the...

The SPLC Was NEVER A "Civil Rights Stalwart" - it Was ALWAYS A "Dangerous Joke"

Some Respectable Right people have finally noticed the horrors committed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, basically because it has begun attacking mainstream Christian groups for “homophobia,” “transphobia” etc. etc. But this is invariably accompanied by pious claptrap about how the SPLC used to be OK. Nonsense. It was...

The Southern Poverty Lie - Oops, "Law" - Center Faces Its Worst-Ever PR Crisis

The “Southern Poverty Lie Center”—that’s what late, lamented VDARE.com friend and talk-radio host Terry (“the Prisoner of South-Central”) Anderson called it. Officially—and to the journalists—it’s the Southern Poverty Law Center, founded and led by Morris Seligman Dees, Jr. But, in perhaps the SPLC’s worst-ever public...

Denver council considering more action to block federal immigration enforcement
Proposal would codify several practices already in place
Denver Post

Two Denver City Council members introduced a plan Wednesday morning to formalize the city’s policies on immigration enforcement ...

The proposal would:

• Instruct the Denver Sheriff Department to stop sending release notifications to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents when they have detainers for...

No Justification for Importing More Low-skilled Labor, Study Claims

There is no justification for importing more low-skilled foreign laborers, a new study shows, despite efforts by the Republican establishment to do just that.

Every year, 66,000 foreign guest workers are brought to the United States on the H-2B to take seasonal jobs in blue-collar industries. Due to pressure from...

ICE chief readies national sanctuary city crackdown
Fox News

Empowered by a president who has "taken the handcuffs off of law enforcement," the nation's chief immigration official revealed Tuesday that deportation targets have surged and that he's planning to deploy more agents and resources to "sanctuary cities" to arrest illegal criminals.

Thomas D. Homan, acting director of...

ICE arrests Ricardo Lopez-Vera
Fox 31 KDVR

 Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Ricardo Lopez-Vera was in custody Tuesday evening.

He’s the man who had an ICE detainer placed on him but was released from the Denver jail. Lopez-Vera was accused of killing another inmate in the jail but the Denver District Attorney’s office declined charges in the case....

Police: Teen ordered to leave U.S. gave birth in Greenville restaurant, put baby in trash
Fox Carolina

The Greenville Police Department said two women are facing charges after a newborn died on July 12.

Officers said they were called to La Parrilla restaurant on Market Point Drive in regards to a newborn in cardiac arrest. Police said the mother, 18-year-old Estela Ruiz-Gomez, gave birth to the baby in the bathroom...

Why Does the High Teen Birth Rate Among Hispanics Go Unnoticed?
American Renaissance

Those who live in occupied America, aka California, notice immigration’s social consequences such as high teen birth rates among Hispanic immigrants.

Black teens have a higher birth rate than do white teens according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control. The report, “Births: Final Data for...

Jobs Americans Don’t Get to Do
Interactive Maps Show Local Impact of H-1B Guest Workers
Center for Immigration Studies
A new analysis of the H-2B visa program data by the Center for Immigration Studies shows the locations where jobs have been offered to guest workers, pay rates, and numbers of unemployed and available U.S. workers, with a particular focus on the less educated U.S. workers.  These jobs are supposed to be for seasonal or...
Report: Trump Crafting Plan To Slash LEGAL Immigration In Half, May Send DREAMers Packing
D.C. Clothesline

President Trump is reportedly working with aides Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon and GOP Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue to draw up a plan which would cut the number of legal immigrants allowed into the US by half.

From Politico, “Trump Crafting Plan to Slash Legal Immigration”:

Donald Trump and his...

What Constitutes a Rational Immigration Policy?
Church and State

... When people discuss the dangers of ISIS infiltrating the refugee program, this is a short-term lens and one that focuses on stopping terror as the key challenge. The response is to then propose more extreme vetting. But this does not solve a more fundamental problem, namely the fact that many people who might not be...

Retired Border Patrol Agent: Things Are Looking Up, Enforcement-Wise

Mostly heartened by Federale’s blog entry here today [Sabotage Confirmed, Deep State Operatives In ICE Fighting Trump–The Good News Is ICE Says No Illegals “Exempt From Arrest Or Removal”], I emailed the link to Kermit Liebel, a retired immigration-enforcement agent I know who lives near Helena, Montana...


US News study: US seventh most popular country according to migrants
Refugee Resettlement Watch

I guess US News and World Report is expecting to make us feel bad that in the eyes of migrants, the US ranks only seventh on their wish lists of places to get to as they leave their failed countries.

Here is what they say about their study:   More than 21,000 people from all regions of the world participated in...
Supreme Court is giving permission for the refugee ceiling to be surpassed for first time
Refugee Resettlement Watch
Here is what we know:   ~The President sets the CEILING for refugee admissions each year (the ceiling is a cap!).   Supremes have re-written refugee law!   ~President Obama set the ceiling for FY17 at 110,000 in his final months in office (he never set a ceiling that high in his previous 7 years).   ~Donald...
Sabotage Confirmed, Deep State Operatives In ICE Fighting Trump–The Good News Is ICE Says No Illegals “Exempt From Arrest Or Removal”
The radical left and Cultural Marxists have obtained the February U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement And Removal Operations (ERO) memorandum that repealed the whole of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.  It is a radical document that ends what this writer identified as non-feasance in the...
June Jobs—American Worker Displacement Returns To Record High, Although Influx May Be Ebbing

In the months after Donald Trump’s election, immigrant displacement of American workers and growth of the foreign-born workforce (including illegals) seemed to be reversing so consistently that we were surprised when April’s job data suddenly undid all the gains. We wondered if it was statistical noise. The June jobs data,...

Colorado voters are canceling their registrations after Trump request for data
Funny Thing–Voters Deregister As Trump Fraud Poll Looms

Here’s a funny thing: Colorado Voters Are Canceling Their Registrations After Trump Request For Voter Data, by Sam Levine, Huffington Post, July 8 2017:

Denver election officials told Denver7 and The Colorado Independent at least 180 people had withdrawn their voter registration since July 3. Compared to the eight...

Video: Progressive: Limit immigration for the environment's sake
Video interview with Prof. Phil Cafaro
Fox News

Video interview with Progressive Professor Phil Cafaro, Colorado State University, who points out the environmental consequences of immigration driven population growth in America.

Progressive: Limit immigration for the environments sake. One progressive professor rejects common liberal thinking and argues...