The Rotting Underbelly of America in 2023: You Can Smell It

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

One of our Founding Fathers said that the only way that the U.S. Constitution could prevail stemmed from an honest, loyal citizenry that contributed to the welfare of the country. Our citizenry needed to be educated, so they created schools. Our citizenry needed communication, so Ben Franklin created the Postal Service. Our country needed soldiers to protect its borders. Our country needed to care for its citizens first, middle and always.

Today, our country needs those 535 Congressional Critters in Washington DC to stand up for America. They need to be honest lawmakers who will benefit the common citizen. Today, we need a president of this country who walks with integrity, honesty and a record of excellence.

As you look across America's landscape today, do you see any of that happening? Do you see an honest, competent Joe Biden? That cadaver of a man doesn't know the day of the week unless his handlers write it on the teleprompter. Ironically, 36 percent of Americans, all liberals, think that a vacant-dementia-minded man named Joe Biden is a fantastic president. It shows you how blind-stupid they are to party politics. Do you see competence in Vice President Kamala Harris - who, by the way is the ultimate anchor baby because her parents were Jamaican and Indian from Asia (and not citizens when they conceived her on American soil), so she's really an anchor baby?

Do you think our Democrat-dominated cities are thriving regarding schools, businesses, caring for the homeless, and simply making law and order a top priority? Would you live in southside Chicago, Muslim-dominated Detroit, Michigan or New York City? How would you like to move to "Somaliland" in Minneapolis where you can hear Allah's call to prayer over loudspeakers five times daily? Same in Detroit!

Would you like to visit San Francisco to see your car's windows smashed and have everything stolen after you toured the Trolley Cars? Would you like to dodge the drug addicts and human waste as you walked along Fisherman's Wharf?

My wife and I did that last summer: it was anything but pleasant. Sickening, really. You never quite get accustomed to the flavor of drug addicts, stinking tents strewn all over the sidewalks to "house" 35,000 homeless in San Francisco's streets.

How about that aspect of honesty to maintain our society? Did you know that we've got thieves stealing $100 billion in mercantile goods annually? How do you like the mayors and governors of those major cities standing by and watching it happen, and in fact, aiding and abetting lawlessness? That's what California's Governor Newsom does: he helps criminals by making sure they are not arrested or prosecuted. Same with San Francisco's Mayor Breed! She sets the benchmark for uselessness and incompetence. She is the epitome of "Affirmative Action."

What about our once secure and defended borders? Do you like it that 8,000,000 illegal aliens jumped our borders at the invitation of Joe Biden? Is it his criminality, incompetence, indifference or just plain dementia that allows him to skip out without enforcing our borders? What happens when the hundreds of terrorists start their methodical destruction of our country at vulnerable points?

Why didn't Congress impeach DHS head Mayorkas last week? How insane and criminal is that? My own House member voted to keep him. Why haven't they impeached Joe Biden? He's broken many of our laws.

What happens if those refugee Islamic terrorists sniper-shoot truck drivers bringing food into our big cities? What happens when the truck drivers don't want to get killed, so they don't haul food into Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Atlanta, LA and beyond? Do you understand what hungry people do?

Did Joe Biden or his handlers think about that? Who will take credit for the first post 9/11 terrorist attack? Biden will be dead or have suffered a stroke, but any one of us could be killed, maybe thousands will die. For sure, some of us will die at the hands of Biden and Congresses' refusal to secure our borders. Are you excited about that happening to your kids?

Do you know what's happening in Spain or Ireland? Over the weekend in Spain, 1,000,000 citizens in 42 cities marched against massive and unending illegal immigration. In Dublin, Ireland, more riots and burning of the city! Read Douglas Murray's The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam. That book will frighten the hell out of you - because it's happening in America, too!

Last month in October, the U.S. Border Patrol set free 240,000 illegal aliens ;into America. You pay for all of them with food, hotels, medical and transport. You're paying for their kids' education and food. With Biden in for another 14 months, if you do the math, we will face over 12 to 14 million legal and illegal immigrant refugees who will undermine every aspect of our society.

Like those 1.0 million demonstrators in Spain, we need to write our senators and House members. We need to write our papers. We need to get on talk radio. We need to yell, scream and stand up for our country. We need Old Glory to fly from every house. We don't want to support Hamas slaughtering little children and mothers. We don't want $100 billion in theft. We don't need Palestinian immigrants flying Palestinian flags in our country. You're either an American or you're someone we don't want in our country… such as Rashida Tlaib or Ilhan Omar.

Don't we want to support our schools with classes that teach our kids instead of indoctrinating them? Don't we need our borders closed, PERIOD!? Don't we need to support our police and military? Don't we need to vote people into Congress that abide by our Constitution? Don't we need to deport anyone who supports terror or terrorist organizations like C.A.I.R., Islamic Brotherhood, Hamas, et al.? Don't we need our country back for our citizens…not citizens of every other stinking country in the world!?

Would you like to be around when some brilliant historian pens a book ten years from now: The Strange Death of America - Immigration, Identity, Islam. Well, would you?