Jihad, by God!

Article author: 
James Howard Kunstler
Article date: 
31 October 2023
Article category: 
National News
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The fog of war has never been so dense, what with... the lawfare operations of the Democratic Party against innocent patriots. . . the homicidal depredations of the pharma-government complex . . . the Cultural Marxists’ weaponization of language against common sense and common decency... and the relentless mendacity of the sell-out Big Media. . .

It’s a wonder that anybody might venture a coherent thought... A thought such as: the Jews have a right to exist in a place called Israel...

Three weeks ago, the Middle East was on the verge of putting through the Abraham Accords that would have "normalized" relations between Israel and several states of the Arabian Peninsula... That’s all out the window...

... The pressure is on for Israel to re-think its furious response to the savage attacks of October 7. Yet, the threat to its survival has never been so stark... We have plenty of reason to worry that US towns and cities could be the next target, since no one really knows how many Jihadis have crossed into our country from Mexico under "Joe Biden’s" wide-open border policy. What a moment to be leaderless!


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