Ninth Circuit Reopens Border, Blocks Donald Trump’s ‘Return to Mexico’ Policy

Saturday, February 29, 2020
National News
The ACLU has persuaded three judges in the far-left Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to block the hugely successful ‘Migrant Protection Protocols’ border policy, even though the policy has played a critical role in reducing the inflow of migrants.

US to send asylum-seekers to Honduras, bypassing American asylum

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies ... called the latest agreement “pretty significant.”
Los Angeles Times
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
National News

The U.S. is preparing to send asylum seekers to Honduras, even if they are not from the Central American country, and effectively end their chances of seeking asylum in the United States ...

US Signs Deal to Deport Migrants to Honduras

American Renaissance
Friday, September 27, 2019
National News
Honduras has signed a deal with the United States to accept migrants applying for asylum in the US.
Under the agreement, the US would be able to deport to Honduras asylum seekers who passed through the country on the way to the US southern border....

Canada has replaced US as goal for some migrants

From article "African migrants trapped in Mexico believe that the nation that will offer them justice and equality is now Canada -- not the US..."
Saturday, August 31, 2019
National News

Hundreds of African migrants have camped out in front of the Siglo XXI immigration facility in Tapachula, Mexico, to protest their inability to legally leave Mexico.

US, Mexico widen asylum crackdown to push back all migrants

Sentinel Colorado
Friday, August 30, 2019
National News

A Trump administration program forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico has evolved into a sweeping rejection of all forms of migrants, with both countries quietly working to keep people out of the U.S....

Justice Department gives official more authority over immigration court decisions

From article: It allows the Justice Department-appointed director -- currently, director James McHenry -- to issue a ruling-if appeals are not completed within 90 or 180 days
Monday, August 26, 2019
National News

The Justice Department is giving discretion to a top official to decide immigration cases as the administration tries to exert more influence over the nation's immigration courts.


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