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GAO: 437,000 deportation cases backlogged, hearings delayed to 2022
Washington Examiner

The government's processing of illegal immigrants has broken down as the number of backlogged court cases has grown to a ratio of 1,456 per judge, prompting some courts to schedule deportation cases as far out as February 2022, according to a new Government Accountability Office assessment.

The audit agency...

American Teenagers Compete with Immigrants for Jobs
Studies find low-skilled migrants, both legal and illegal, disrupt labor market for U.S. youth
The number of teenagers in the U.S. with a job has been cut in half since the 1980s, and researchers who’ve studied the issue closely say it appears immigration has a lot to do with it.   Christopher L. Smith, an economist with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, found in 2012 that a 10 percent increase in the number...
News flash: Where you live is the House of War
American Thinker

Do you know this term? It is really important that you know it and really important that you understand it, too...

According to the adherents of Islam, the world is divided into two parts: the House of Submission and the House of War, Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb. The House of Submission, Dar al-Islam, exists...

Ramadan Rage 2017: The Complete List of Jihadist Attacks Around the World

The estimated 832 deaths and 912 injuries from the estimated 60 attacks that have taken place across about 19 countries during the first 12 days of this year’s holy Muslim month of Ramadan have already marked the bloodiest Ramadan in recent years for adherents of Islam.

Jihadists believe martyrdom is doubly...

Who Voted in 2016?
Analysis Shows Black Turnout Down, No Hispanic Surge
Center for Immigration Studies

A new analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies examines the demographics of those who voted in the 2016 presidential election. Newly released Census Bureau data from November 2016 show a significant decline in the black turnout rate compared to 2012, a lack of change in the Hispanic turnout rate, and no national surge...

H-1b: Why the highly coveted visa that changed my life is now reviled in America

... Employers must make a good-faith effort to recruit an American worker for a position before seeking an H-1B visa, but they don't have to document their efforts.

"The actual rules don't require companies to look for American workers and specialized skills," Hira says. "The definitions have gotten loose. Everything...
Supreme Court to Lift Ban on Travel Ban
Intolerance? The Islamic culture has declared war on the United States
Canada Free Press
In Trump’s Travel Ban Executive Order, the laws he is executing with the order are listed.  Among them is a law that gives the President the ability to prohibit persons from entering the United States if he believes they may be a danger to the national security of this country.   Article I, Section 9 of the United States...
‘Sanctuary cities’ have until end of June to comply
Washington Times/GOPUSA

Jurisdictions put on notice by the Trump Administration that they must prove compliance with federal immigration laws or risk losing some federal grants have until the month’s end to submit such documentation.

Most of the 10 jurisdictions singled out by the Justice Department are still formulating responses...

Perspective on the London Islamic terrorist attack

This article has been moved - see the highlights article A deeper perspective on the London Islamic terrorist attack.

Japan Proves Yet Again Homogeneity Is Strength

Diversity is not strength.  Whether it is terrorism, crime or lost and found, a homogeneous society is where society works for all its citizens. In Japan as usual, a prosperous and safe country is easiest built on a homogeneous society; diversity brings “Bowling Alone” and frequent  terrorism among the social ills that...

Europe: How Hungary Became a Haven for the Alt-Right
American Renaissance

In February 2017, at the state of the nation address, Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary and the leader of the far-right, anti-immigrant Fidesz party, offered his vision for the country in the coming year. “We shall let in true refugees: Germans, Dutch, French, and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists...

NYT: How Tyson Foods and its greedy demand for cheap immigrant labor 'saved' an Iowa town
Refugee Resettlement Watch

That is pretty much the gist of the New York Times story here about Storm Lake, Iowa.

The opening paragraphs give the message that I, and others before me, have been giving for years. When big global corporations like Tyson Foods discovered cheap (first illegal) immigrant labor and now legal refugees, the cultural...

Disney under Investigation for H-1B Abuse, Say Feds

The Walt Disney Company and other employers regularly utilizing the H-1B visa program are under investigation for alleged abuse, according to a Department of Homeland Security letter to Congress.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) acting director James McCament wrote in a letter to Sen....

Trump Quietly Continues Obama’s ‘Catch and Release’ at Border

President Donald J. Trump is allowing former President Barack Obama’s “catch and release” of illegal immigrants to continue deep into his administration’s term with no end in sight to the controversial open borders protocol. Border Patrol agents are once again sounding the alarm and alerting the public about the separation...

With lawsuits pending, Trump moves to cut refugee admissions
Denver Post

President Donald Trump is moving to significantly reduce the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States... The latest effort comes through Trump’s federal budget proposal, which calls for a 25 percent cut in funds for resettling refugees on American soil.

If approved by Congress, the 2018 budget...

“International grifter” [illegal alien] gets 5 years in prison for Denver credit card cloning scam
Laurentiu Urziceanu and an accomplice cloned credit cards of customers at two Denver banks using sophisticated electronic devices, cameras and computers
Denver Post

A 27-year-old Romanian with a crime record trailing through Europe and the Middle East was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday for his role in a credit card cloning scam in Denver...

Initially afraid that he would be returned to Romania upon his arrest in Chicago, Urziceanu sought political asylum ....

Study: More Than 7,400 Illegal Votes Cast in Virginia Since 2011
Election-integrity watchdog finds swing-state ballots counted for over 1,800 non-citizens
...In a report released Monday, the Public Interest Legal Foundation details how elections officials quietly removed 5,556 non-citizens from 2011 to May of this year. The organization determined that 1,852 of those who were non-citizens had voted in past elections. In fact, the foundation counted 7,474 illegal ballots cast by...
Obama Nearly Doubled Number of Juvenile Illegal Aliens Given Amnesty, Says Expert

During his last year in office, former President Obama nearly doubled the number of juvenile illegal aliens who were given legal status and a pathway to permanent residence.

Under the EB-4 visa, illegal alien juveniles living in the U.S. can become classified as ‘Special Immigrant Juveniles’ and petition to receive...

Fourth Circuit Upholds Block of Revised Travel Freeze, Jeopardizing National Security

Last Thursday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling blocking a key provision of President Donald Trump’s revised “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States” executive order (EO-2), dealing another blow to an administration repeatedly stymied by activist judges as it...

Does America Need A Northern Border Wall?

Keeping track of people legally entering and leaving the United States is a formidable task. Nevertheless, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released figures on people who overstay their visas and other legal forms of admissions. Total overstays for 2016 stood at close to 740,000 people, of which up to 630,000...

Visa Overstays: A Gap in the Nation’s Border
After decades, and billions of dollars, a major terror vulnerability still persists
FrontPage Mag

A recent headline blared: Secretary of Homeland Security head says terror situation is scarier than you know.

However, the situation at the Department of Homeland Security that the Trump administration inherited when it took office is so dire, that I refer to the DHS as the “Department of Homeland Surrender.”...

U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In
New York Times
Despite repeated efforts by President Trump to curtail refugee resettlements, the State Department this week quietly lifted the department’s restriction on the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States.   The result could be a near doubling of refugees entering the country, from about 830 people a week in the...
Insane Fourth Circuit: Muslims’ feelings trump national security
Conservative Review

Actual rights — such as life, liberty, property, and conscience — are denied by the courts. American Christians cannot run their own property in accordance with their conscience — the most sacred of all property rights. “Bake the damn cake,” they say!

Yet, these same courts have created an affirmative right to...

How Sharia Supremacism and Judicial Imperialism Threaten National Security
National Review

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal’s ruling against President Trump’s so-called travel ban empowers both radical Islam and judicial imperialism. The combination portends lasting damage to the United States.

To rehash, the executive order (EO) proclaimed temporary restrictions (the main one, for 90 days) on travel...

Australia dumb deal: If this is “extreme vetting” we are in deep trouble!
Refugee Resettlement Watch
Sometimes I wonder if the real Donald Trump was somehow swapped for a fake Donald shortly after getting in to the White House.   Is the real Donald Trump, who knew this was a “dumb deal,” being kept behind bars in the White House basement while the fake Donald runs the country?   His instincts on February first (12...