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Opponents of Immigration Enforcement Flood the Courts with Baseless Lawsuits
Last week, the City of San Jose, California, filed a lawsuit against President Trump and his acting secretary of homeland security, in an attempt to stop the Trump Administration from rescinding President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty known as “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (or “DACA”).  The case joins four...
Pay attention! Your town could become St. Cloud too!
Refugee Resettlement Watch
As St. Cloud goes, so goes the nation!

…..that is if you don’t do something now to stop it where you live.

I’ve been arguing that the national media is doing a great disservice by not showing the true picture of a city and a state undergoing a dramatic demographic change thanks to forces arrayed against us—against...

Trump’s DHS Pick Aided in Bush Hurricane Katrina Response, Let 30K Illegal Aliens Take US Jobs

President Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Kirstjen Nielsen, was at the center of a plan that allowed thousands of illegal aliens to come to the United States to take coveted American blue-collar jobs from hundreds of thousands of citizens who had lost their livelihood in the historic natural...

ICE Chief: Feds Will Require Companies to Comply With Immigration Laws

Federal immigration officials will greatly expand enforcement against unscrupulous employers of illegal immigrants during 2018, says Thomas Homan, director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency ...

The renewed visits are a sharp change from official practice under President George W. Bush and...

Raids on marijuana grow houses often find Chinese ‘farmers’ inside
The Sacramento Bee
Police are arresting large numbers of Chinese nationals in raids on illegal marijuana operations in California, Colorado and other states, raising questions about who is financing these grow houses and recruiting the immigrants to tend them....
Coffman and other law enforcement officials say that marijuana growers and...
Treasonous Hawaiian Judge Does It AGAIN–Insists Constitution Prevents Trump From Blocking Immigration From Terrorstan

The latest outrage from Hawaiian Judge Derrick Kahala Watson–a third strike by this particular judge against not only Trump, but America:

Judge Temporarily Halts New Version of Trump’s Travel Ban

By Vivian Yee, NYT,  October 17, 2017

Hours before it was to take effect, a federal judge in Hawaii...

Pentagon revamps program that puts immigrant recruits on path to US citizenship
Fox News
efense Secretary Jim Mattis is revamping a program that puts foreign-born recruits on a fast-track to U.S. citizenship in exchange for military service as doctors, nurses and language experts.   Mattis made the announcement Friday in regard to the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest, or MAVNI, program, which...
Tancredo: Another Dirty Little Secret About Massive Immigration About to Be Exposed – Hopefully

Are you ever tied up in a traffic jam and start to wonder, “Where are all these people coming from?” Have you tried to go camping only to find out the campgrounds have long since been “filled up?” Have more and more acres in your area that once produced food, now only produce urban heat pads?... And in general, has the ...

Colorado [illegal alien] woman denied pardon by governor re-enters sanctuary in Fort Collins church
Ingrid Encalada Latorre was scheduled to be deported to Peru on Tuesday
Denver Post

Ingrid Encalada Latorre was scheduled to be deported to Peru on Tuesday but instead moved into a Fort Collins church to continue her fight to stay in Colorado with her two children, despite a pardon denial from Gov. John Hickenlooper and despite an expired stay of removal.

Encalada Latorre in December claimed...

Refugee resettlement putting America at risk
Foreign Policy magazine acknowledges Ann Corcoran as an expert on refugee resettlement although that wasn't its intention
Canada Free Press

Maryland’s diminutive and unassuming private citizen, Ann Corcoran, has been writing about refugee resettlement on her now-famous blog, Refugee Resettlement Watch, since 2007. Without her work it is highly doubtful we would know nearly as much about this dangerous and wildly out-of-control program...

She wrote a...

Two Million Foreigners To Get Work Permits in 2017

The number of foreign workers getting work permits for U.S. jobs will hit 2 million this year, partly because President Donald Trump’s deputies have reduced only a few of President Barack Obama’s foreign-worker programs and policies.

Roughly 2 million foreigners will get temporary work permits, dubbed “Employment...

Illegal alien accused of murdering 18-year-old student was in DACA program
Fox News

A man accused of killing a South Carolina high school student had been protected from deportation under the DACA program, U.S. officials confirmed to Fox News Thursday evening. ...

The day after Rangel-Sherrer's arrest, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a detainer order for the suspect, who...

Almost 300 Illegal Alien Criminals Released in Late 2016
Hundreds of counties across the U.S. refused to cooperate with ICE detainer requests

California’s Ventura County and Florida’s Miami-Dade County released the highest numbers of criminal illegal aliens after denying U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer requests during the first quarter of fiscal year 2017, according to data released by Judicial Watch this week.

Ventura County,...

Sanctuary Cities Allowed Criminal Alien to Remain in U.S., Murder Kansas Deputy
An illegal alien who was drunk driving has pleaded guilty to killing a Kansas deputy sheriff after causing a deadly car crash last year. Sanctuary city policies in two jurisdictions allowed the previously convicted drunk driver to remain in the U.S. leading to the murder of the deputy.   Adrian Espinosa-Flores, a 39-year-...
Why Let DREAMers Steal $750 Billion From Americans?

... How much have DACA recipients stolen? Look at one government program from which the DACA population benefitted because of the U.S Supreme Court’s disastrous (and eminently reversible)1982 Plyler v Doe decision:  free public education.

The DACA population numbers about 790,000. This represents about 5% of total...

Trump Accepts 1,250 Middle Eastern Refugees from Australia …Rapists, Pedophiles...

Middle Eastern refugees who will need major mental health treatment are being resettled across five states in the United States, under an Obama-era immigration deal that President Trump has failed to shutter.

Former President Barack Obama signed the Australian-U.S. refugee deal during his last months in office —...

Trump Finally Gets His Travel Ban Victory
National Review
Key point: The Supremes, in an 8–1 decision, vacated the lower-court rulings.   For President Trump’s so-called travel ban, October 10 was a big day after all. That did not seem a likely outcome when the Supreme Court removed the case from its docket, scrapping the oral arguments originally scheduled for Tuesday morning....
Colorado Supreme Court strikes down state law banning immigrant smuggling
State Attorney General Cynthia Coffman plans U.S. Supreme Court appeal
Denver Post

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down the state’s law banning immigrant smuggling, saying that the issue is one only for the federal government to police.

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman said in a statement that she plans to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The law, passed...

Memo shows Obama team obstructed deportation cases
Washington Examiner

A newly obtained memo shows that a top Obama legal office interfered with key immigration investigators in deportation cases, bolstering a congressional charge that the government was losing half of those legal cases on purpose, according to an immigration reform group. 

The 2013 memo from former Immigration...

Trump unveils new strict 70-point immigration enforcement plan
Calls for comprehensive rewrite of laws to stiffen border and interior, cut chain migration
Washington Post

Determined to finally solve illegal immigration, the White House submitted a 70-point enforcement plan to Congress Sunday proposing the stiffest reforms ever offered by an administration — including a massive rewrite of the law in order to eliminate loopholes illegal [alien] immigrants have exploited to gain a foothold in...

ICE Promises Raids of Homes, Businesses in Sanctuary California

The head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says the agency will begin carrying out immigration raids in local neighborhoods and workplaces after California became a sanctuary state.

“ICE will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, which will...

The Unspoken Reason California Politicians Want More Illegal Aliens
A larger noncitizen population boosts the power of the heavily Democratic state
California politicians offered many reasons last week for praising a new law making it a “sanctuary state.”   Gov. Jerry Brown, who signed the bill, said that in “uncertain times for undocumented citizens* and their families” the new law provides a “measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear every day...
Trump Effect? Immigrant Population Falls AGAIN, but American Worker Displacement UP. Something’s Got To Give.

Trump Effect? For the second consecutive month the immigrant working-age population (legal and illegal) has declined from the same month of the prior year.

There were 143,000 fewer working-age immigrants in the country in September 2017 than in September 2016 according to the Labor Department Payroll report...

DACA Amnesty Process Begins to Take Shape
Limits to Growth

On Tuesday, the Senate held a hearing about what’s to be done with the youngish illegal aliens allowed to remain and mooch off America because of Obama’s unlawful DACA program. The president says he wants an amnesty limited to actual DACA recipients.

But how likely is a limited amnesty when the bi-partisan open-...

Sen. Durbin Spills the Beans on Amnesty: Admits ‘DREAM Act’ a Ploy for Open-Ended Amnesty

Democratic leader Sen. Richard Durbin confirmed to Breitbart News that the Dream Act amnesty is open-ended and larger than his advertised number of the 780,000 people who have signed up for the DACA amnesty.

Breitbart News asked Durbin on Wednesday how many people would be included in the amnesty, which is co-...