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2014 Colorado election voting guides

Here is a compilation of 2014 Colorado election voting guides that focus on the issue of mass immigration.

2014 Candidate Immigration Comparisons, NumbersUSA. Congressional voting report, FAIR. Colorado voter guide: U.S. Senate race, 9News, September 22, 2014.

CAIRCO encourages you to research candidates and...

When Immigration Expansionists Use a Word, It Means Just What They Choose It to Mean
National Review Online

Some interesting items in the Friday news dump from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services: Certain illegal aliens from Honduras and Nicaragua are having their amnesty extended, and USCIS is establishing the “Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program.”

The common element in these three developments is...

Hispanics have highest rate of on-the-job fatalities in Colorado
The Denver Post

When Pedro Carreño Arrazola fell to his death while working on a roof in Colorado Springs, he was among the first people — and maybe the first Latino — killed on the job in the state in 2014.

While on-the-job deaths in the U.S., including Colorado, declined in the past seven years for all workers, the rate among...

Feds, local law enforcement clash over immigration arrests
Federal authorities acknowledge that the new strategy is potentially more dangerous to officers and the community
Orange County Register

To Zoila Rodriguez, it felt like a kidnapping. To law-enforcement officials, it felt what has become in recent months like a typical arrest.

Unidentified authorities in unmarked cars stopped a van that Rodriguez’s husband, grandson, and others were in on their way to the Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana....

Hickenlooper responds to “Rocky Mountain Heist” with “Rocky Mountain Height”
The Denver Post

The one-hour Citizens United film that accuses the political left of highjacking Colorado makes its debate Saturday afternoon. Gov. John Hickenlooper released his funny reply, “Rocky Mountain Height” Saturday morning.

In the characteristically funny ad, a guy played by stand-up comedian and writer Adam Cayton-Holland...

Obama Quietly Begins Unilateral Immigration Reform [amnesty for illegal aliens]
White House Dossier

President Obama Friday made a downpayment on the sweeping immigration “reform” he is expected to unilaterally declare once the elections are out of the way, permitting up to around 100,000 prospective Haitian immigrants to bypass immigration law and enter the country.

The move, a typical Friday announcement designed...

Demand outpaces driver's licenses for immigrants in Colorado
[Related] Hundreds gather in July for a public workshop in Denver on the law making Colorado residents in the country illegally eligible for driver's licenses
The Los Angeles Times

For Cristina Chavez it has become a middle-of-the-night ritual. For the last two months, after a long shift of cleaning offices, the 33-year-old who is in this country illegally logs onto her computer about 1 a.m., trying for her first driver's license in America.

But each time the result is the same: no appointment...

Obama putting key priorities on hold until after midterm election
Although President Obama has promised to use "pen and phone" to work around an uncooperative Congress on key priorities, such as immigration reform ...
The Los Angeles Times

President Obama is taking time out from his much-trumpeted "year of action" to observe a period more important to his Democratic allies in Congress: the season of campaigning.

One by one, the Obama administration is setting aside key priorities, in the hope that voters won't do the same to his fellow Democrats.

Senate Judiciary Republicans to Obama: Stop Issuing Visas to Ebola-Stricken Countries Now

Republicans from the Senate Judiciary Committee are demanding that President Barack Obama immediately stop issuing visas to people from Ebola-stricken nations in West Africa.

“As members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has oversight over immigration and visa policies, we write to express our grave concerns...

The dirty endorsement may clean up politics
Chicago Tribune

The political world is all atwitter over the decision by the Denver Post, in most years a reliably Democratic newspaper, to endorse Republican Cory Gardner for the Senate seat currently held by Mark Udall.

Democrats are not happy. Former Sen. Gary Hart blasted the choice as "one of the worst endorsement decisions,...

Cory Gardner’s Town Shapes Immigration View

Andrea Hermosillo rode for hours to protest at her neighbor’s office.

The high school junior lives only a few blocks from GOP Senate candidate Cory Gardner in Yuma, a small town on Colorado’s high plains.

But this summer, Hermosillo went to the congressman’s main office, in a city closer to Denver in Gardner’s...

Colorado politics: Who’s afraid of ‘Rocky Mountain Heist?’
Michelle Malkin / Creators Syndicate

Free at last! I’m silent no more. Now, the story can be told.

Democrats here in my adopted state of Colorado did not want the new political documentary I hosted to see the light of day. They lost. This week, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an emergency injunction declaring that our movie deserved the same...

Latino vote will not be major factor in tight midterm races, Pew study say
Fox News Latino

The share of Latino eligible voters has been growing steadily, making up a record 11 percent of all people who will be able to cast a ballot in November ...

The study noted that a record 25.2 million Latinos are eligible to vote in November’s midterm elections, reflecting a rise of 3.9 million Latinos voters since...

Thousands released after immigration holds denied
MSN News

Immigration officials say local authorities across the U.S. released thousands of immigrants from jails this year despite efforts to take them into federal custody, including more than 3,000 with previous felony charges or convictions.

The numbers are the first time federal immigration authorities have publicly...

No way - you will not make Australia home - video
Australia's approach to defending its border
Government of Australia

This video is produced in English by the Australian Government to ensure transparency of translated anti-people smuggling communication material being delivered to people offshore.

Recent Summit County graduate Leon Rivas back in immigrant lockup
The Summit Daily

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has once again detained Jaime Leon Rivas.

The plan on Oct. 10 was to drive to the Aurora Detention Facility with his girlfriend, visit a relative who was facing deportation and return to Summit County, specifically to the courthouse in Breckenridge.

Leon Rivas and his...

The Staggering Immigration Poll Numbers Driving Even Democrats To Denounce Amnesty

... Paragon Insights, a little-known firm that is on the NRSC's payroll, asked respondents whether they would support a GOP Senate candidate who said “Immigration policy needs to serve the interests of the nation as a whole, not a few billionaire CEOs and immigration activists lobbying for open borders.”


Mexico prosecutor: Students not in 1st mass graves
MSN News

None of the 43 students missing since a confrontation with police in a southern city were among the 28 bodies found in the first set of mass graves outside that town, Mexico's attorney general said Tuesday.

Jesus Murillo Karam said there are still no signs of the teachers college students who disappeared Sept. 26...

Visas: The Ebola Elephant in the Room
Immigration Reform

...while CDC Director Thomas Frieden suggests that he needs to “rethink Ebola protocol” he refuses to consider travel restrictions, despite a new Washington Post-ABC News poll showing 67% of the public support such a ban.

In addition to the American public — usually leading the common sense curve — a growing number...

Don't give your ballot to thieves
Denver Post

Ballots will soon be in the mail to all Colorado voters — whether or not the voters want a mail ballot or still live in the area. One million more mail ballots will be "in the float" than in the 2012 election, creating a situation ripe for abuse.

Adding insult to injury are the "ballot harvesters" who plan door-to...

Obama Allowing Illegals to Go Home Then Get Right Back Into the US
It is usually assumed that illegal aliens will have trouble returning to the U.S. if they go back home because they lack legal status as a citizen or legal resident alien. But now Obama's DREAM Act is allowing illegals to go home and then come right back into the U.S. with no repercussions at all.   Arizona's KTAR radio...
myE-Verify Launches Social Security Number Locking Tool
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Last Monday, U.S. Customs and Immigration Services launched a new tool, called Self Lock, designed to combat illegal aliens who steal identities in order to game E-Verify ...

myE-Verify is a free, Web-based service that provides you with self-service features to participate in the E-Verify process. E-Verify is a Web-...

TSA Will Accept Illegal Aliens Driver's Privilege Card as ID to Board Aircrafts
Legislative Update: 10/14/2014

Last week, the Transportation Security Administration ("TSA") confirmed, contrary to claims made by illegal alien lobby organizations, that it will allow illegal aliens to board commercial airlines by presenting an Oregon driver's privilege card. (Politifact Oregon Oct. 7, 2014) Oregon's driving privilege cards will be...

In U.S., newly arrived [UAC] migrants and schools struggling to adapt to each other
Fox News Latino

[...] Just as the students have their hands full, so do the schools, particularly the ones in Long Island which has two of the top five counties in the country that received the most number of children in the border crisis, according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Suffolk County in New York received 1,301 students...

California will cancel Obamacare coverage for 10,000 over [lack of legal residency and] citizenship
The Los Angeles Times

California's health insurance exchange is canceling Obamacare coverage for 10,474 people who failed to prove their citizenship or legal residency in the U.S.

Covered California, the state-run insurance exchange, enrolled more than 1.2 million people during the rollout of the Affordable Care Act this year. For most...