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The Point of Impeachment
Tolerating Obama’s lawlessness invites a destructive new era of dictatorial presidency
National Review Online

In writing Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment, I had a purpose: Explain that the capacity of Congress to oust a lawless president is central to the Framers’ design of our governing system. Because executive power is awesome, and intended to be that way, certain abuses of it can be...

Denver Post Poll on drivers licenses for illegal aliens
The Denver Post

Are legislative Republicans right to block funding for Colorado's program that provides driver's licenses to immigrants in the country illegally?

Total Votes = 5596

YES  3891 Votes, or  69.53 %   NO   1705 Votes, or  30.46 %   [As of 3:50 PM, 1-26-15]  


Border Patrol Agents Rip McCaul Border Bill
Limits to Growth

It’s disappointing that the key issue of immigration enforcement that sent more Republicans to Washington last November is being blown off first thing. On Tuesday I noted disapproval from a trusted authority: America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Slams Feeble Border Security Bill. In his press release, Senator Sessions criticized...

Migrant ID-theft charges dismissed after raids halted
AZ Central

Prosecutors have started dismissing identity-theft cases in light of a judge's preliminary injunction that bars Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and others from enforcing state laws that make it a felony to use a stolen identity to obtain employment.

But legal hurdles...

House GOP leaders cancel vote on border security bill amid blizzard of complaints
Fox News

House Republican leaders on Monday sidelined a controversial border security bill amid widespread disagreement among GOP lawmakers, making it the latest piece of legislation caught in an internal battle in the caucus ...

However, the bill, passed last week in the House Homeland Security Committee, faced opposition...

German Anti-Islamisation Marches: What the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know

LEIPZIG, Germany – Wednesday night saw a flare of violence and an accompanying police operation on a scale without precedent in recent German history. A group opposing militant Islam in Europe has called a demonstration, the city is deafened by political slogans played over loudspeakers, property is vandalised, and...

Police pull over N.J. man in HOV lane — and find two kidnapped victims in back seat: officials
Port Authority cops pulled over Luis Moreno Jr. Friday because he appeared to be alone as he entered a carpool lane...
New York Daily News

A New Jersey man was busted for kidnapping after cops pulled him over for apparently driving solo in the carpool lane — and discovered his terrified victims in the back seat, officials said Saturday. Port Authority cops pulled over Luis Moreno Jr. because he appeared to be alone in his silver 2002 Toyota Sequoia as he...

Immigration attorney explains executive action
Th Post Independent

Even before details are made public on new programs created by President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration, Colorado attorneys have moved to protect immigrants

.The programs, which expand provisional waivers and halt deportation risk for some children and parents, are still pending implementation,...

Border Patrol agents say GOP’s border security bill is weak ‘window dressing’
The Washington Times

Border Patrol agents’ labor union announced their opposition Friday to the House GOP’s new border security bill, calling it “window dressing” that doesn’t add any new agents or updated their firepower to get the job done in sealing off the U.S.-Mexico border ...

The legislation, written by House Homeland Security...

GOP caps hot political week with illegal alien driver's license vote
Denver Post

In a week of partisan battles, Republican lawmakers voted again Friday to foil a Democratic effort to restore money for a program that provides driver's licenses to immigrants in the country illegally.

The Joint Budget Committee voted for the second time this week not to allow the Division of Motor Vehicles to use $...

Jeb Bush emails foreshadow a likely immigration battle with GOP
[Email title]"RE: Tom Tancredo calls Miami a Third World Country"
The Los Angeles Times

The onslaught by email began when Florida's Republican governor came out in support of a measure to issue driver's licenses to immigrants in the country illegally.

“Are you the governor of the people or the governor of the illegals?” an angry resident wrote to Jeb Bush.

Within three weeks of its...

Senator Who Calls STEM Shortage a Hoax Appointed To Head Immigration

The Senate's two top Republican critics of temporary worker immigration, specifically the H-1B and L-1 visas, now hold the two most important immigration posts in the Senate. They are Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who heads the Senate's Judiciary Committee, and his committee underling, Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who was...

Why the GOP leadership wants to give up fighting executive amnesty

The House GOP leadership already wants to abandon a funding bill it passed only about a week ago that aimed to block President Obama’s de facto amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. According to Politico:

...Top Republicans are exploring ways of escaping their political jam on immigration,...

Surprise! Magnets used to plant drugs under [innocent motorists] cars from Mexico
MSN News

Drug smugglers are turning "trusted travelers" into unwitting mules by placing containers with powerful magnets under their cars in Mexico and then recovering the illegal cargo far from the view of border authorities in the United States.

One motorist spotted the containers while pumping gas after crossing into...

Cocaine, heroin, meth seized in drug raid
9 News

A large drug raid across the Denver metro area Thursday morning resulted in 32 arrests, seized drugs and firearms ...

Gerhardt said the meth was coming in from northern Mexico. Sources say at least one of those arrested was in the leadership of the gang ...

In a press release, DEA Special Agent in Charge...

Andrew McCarthy: Feckless GOP Prepares to Surrender on Amnesty


Here we go again.

Last month’s “CRomnibus” debacle underscored a divide between the conservative base that gave Republicans a resounding victory in the midterm elections and GOP leadership on Capitol Hill: The base wants Obama’s lawlessness stopped; leadership wants to show that Republicans can “govern” by...

Family fights to get husband, father returned to Aurora after deportation
Fox 31

An Aurora family is looking for a way to bring back and husband and father who was just deported to Mexico by immigration officials.

Jose Luis lived in Aurora with his wife and four children ...

The Immigrant Rights Coalition says he was a law-abiding man who broke just one law: Entering the United States...

Colorado GOP leaders reject funds for noncitizen driver's license law
The Denver Post

Colorado Republican lawmakers rejected Wednesday a request to shore up the state's already starved-for-cash driver's license program for those living in the country illegally.

GOP members on the legislature's Joint Budget Committee took advantage of momentary majority and voted against a plan to extend a...

Immigrant driver's licenses funding debate postponed
Denver Post

Colorado Republican lawmakers on Wednesday rejected a request to shore up the state's cash-starved driver's license program for those living in the country illegally.

GOP members on the legislature's Joint Budget Committee took advantage of a momentary majority and voted against a plan to extend a supplemental...

U.S., Cuba clash over immigration at start of historic talks
MSN News

The United States and Cuba clashed over immigration policy on Wednesday at the first session of high-level talks seeking to restore diplomatic ties between the Cold War adversaries.

Despite Havana's objections, the Americans vowed to continue granting Cuban immigrants special status that allows nearly every Cuban...

Libyan refugee arrested after failing to appear in court on Boulder case
Boulder Daily Camera

Libyan refugee Iman al-Obeidi was arrested in a Boulder courtroom Wednesday after failing to appear for a hearing earlier in the morning.

Al-Obeidi, 32, who is living in Boulder under the name Eman Ali, was scheduled for a status conference at 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, but failed to appear by 9 a.m.

Deputies at...

House GOP launches secure-borders bill
Fox News

House Republicans are officially launching their immigration reform effort Wednesday, with a border security bill aimed at keeping unlawful immigrants from entering the United States ...

Authored by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul, R-Texas, the legislation is scheduled Wednesday for a...

If The GOP Leadership Believes Obama’s Amnesty Is Unconstitutional, Why Can’t They Even CONSIDER Impeaching Him?

The GOP House Leadership finally passed some immigration legislation that would be useful if it were actually designed to be implemented. Unfortunately, it’s simply a show for the rubes—the party Establishment has no intention of serious opposition to President Obama’s unilateral Amnesty/Immigration Surge.

But they...

Qatari Man Once Held As Enemy Combatant Released From Colorado’s Supermax Prison

A Qatari man declared an enemy combatant by the Bush administration following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and imprisoned over links to al-Qaida has returned home to the Gulf nation after quietly being released by U.S. authorities.

Ali al-Marri was arrested in December 2001 while attending graduate school in central...

For first time, [U.S.] helicopter fires on suspected smuggling boat
LA Times

For the first time, a suspected smuggling boat off Southern California has been fired on by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection aircraft, officials said ...

The panga was spotted by a Coast Guard C-130 aircraft while on patrol about 24 miles off the La Jolla coast.

Within minutes, the panga boat was being...