Recognizing the limits of immigration, multiculturalism

Complete Colorado
Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Colorado News

... I finally dumped my [Denver] Post subscription last year as have many others. Just as the flagrant left-wing bias of the New York Times has made it unreadable for those who aren’t die-hard progressives, the Post has succumbed to the same failing as its quality and credibility have eroded....

The 1776 report is indeed impressive

A March 20, 2021 letter in the Asheville Citizen-Times reads:

Yes, Whites Did Build This Country

American Renaissance
Saturday, March 20, 2021
Our American Future
For most people, “white nationalist,” like “racist,” is just a slur without any real meaning. But it does have a meaning. “White nationalism” is government concern for white interests. Ultimately, it would mean building a nation for whites.

Canada's self-destructive mass immigration, hyper diversity, and demographic replacement

Video: Black Pigeon Speaks on the decline of Canada via mass immigration

Citizenship and the Nation-State

Without the natural right principles of the founding, the nation has no future but dissolution and anarchy.
American Greatness
Sunday, December 27, 2020
Our American Future

This brilliant essay is adapted and expanded from The United States in Crisis, (The Claremont Institute $12.99). Excerpts from the essay are included below.


12,924 Somali Muslims and 14,084 Syrian Muslims already in pipeline to enter US if Biden is inaugurated

Bare Naked Islam
Sunday, November 8, 2020
National News

Salivating right out in the open, the refugee contractors lobbying arm tells Voice of America in a post election story that Biden will lift Muslim ban and over 27,000 refugees from countries that hate us are actually in a pipeline ready to move to the United States....

We call things racism just to get attention

Leftists / Progressives / Democrats thrive on inflaming identity group separation and conflict - that is, on inflaming racial division in America. It's been going on for a long time.

Mass Migration is Changing America, White Population Declining

Refugee Resettlement Watch
Saturday, October 10, 2020
Our American Future
... Democrats support for mass migration is changing America by changing the people and there is no ambiguity about it.
John Binder at Breitbart tells us about a new Pew analysis of the changing electorate:

Mass immigration drives nation-destroying diversity

Time Magazine contributor David French said he sees, "The possibility of a genuine constitutional crisis…in this increasingly diverse and divided nation" ( "Is America Coming Apart?", The View, Time Magazine, September 21, 2020).


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