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California Schools Prepare for Influx of Afghan Refugee Students, Offer ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Meals, Set Aside Rooms For Prayer During Muslim Holidays
Gateway Pundit
Christian children in California aren’t allowed to pray in schools, but Muslim refugees are given halal food and provided prayer rooms.   California schools in Sacramento are preparing for a huge influx of Afghan refugee students.   Joe Biden purposely turned Afghanistan over to the Taliban and packed evacuation planes...
Vaxx passports - a ticket to digital slavery?

[Updated September 21, 2021]

Something seems a bit odd in that most Western nations are forcing Chine virus shots upon their citizens. There is an abundance of evidence that the shots don't work as advertised. See Compelling Perspectives on Politicization of the China Virus, CAIRCO research.

So what's the...

Biden Regime wants to get into your bank account
American Thinker
We’ve long been used to the fact that banks and credit unions must report to the federal government any transactions greater than $10,000. This requirement goes back to 1970 when $10,000 was equivalent to around $70,000 today. The law is a way to track criminal activity such as bank fraud. But how would you feel if the...
Colorado to resettle more than 800 Afghan refugees
Fox 31/AP

The Biden administration began notifying governors and state refugee coordinators across the country about how many Afghan evacuees from among the first group of nearly 37,000 arrivals are slated to be resettled in their states.

Colorado leaders are preparing to resettle 865 refugees, according to projections from...

Some protest videos worldwide
Vlad Tepes Blog

Thousands Gather at California State Capitol to Protest Newsom’s School Covid Vaccine Mandate (VIDEO), Gateway Pundit, October 18, 2021.

Protests everywhere other than France for October 16, 2021, Vlad Tepes blog.

Protests in France for October 16, 2021, Vlad Tepes blog.

Anti-Vaxx mandate protests...

Colorado teachers could be imprisoned for ignoring mask mandates
American Thinker
Brian Ewert, the superintendent of Littleton (Colorado) Public Schools, recently informed his school board that they could be held criminally liable for not enforcing the mask mandate.   He did so because Colorado’s Tri-County Health says that if educators don’t enforce its mask mandate, they will be subject to a class 1...
Sustainability and Super Pandemics: The Connection
Lew Rockwell

...The “Kool-Aid” version of sustainability is defined as a way for people to use resources without the resources running out - but the actual blueprint behind it is to subvert current governments for global takeover.... Through sustainability, super pandemics become one nasty way with which to transform the world.

Biden Regime Amnesty For Illegal Alien Children Opening Up Floodgates

I have written frequently on the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, the process by which the Biden Regime is bypassing the legal requirements placed on aliens in the immigration process. In this illegal amnesty the Biden Regime is ignoring legal requirements placed on aliens in the immigration process, making up new...

Secret Muslim network travels across US to perform agonizing FGM procedure
Muslim ER doctor charged with female genital mutilation of nine girls aged just seven 'was part of secret network which traveled across US to perform agonizing
Daily Mail
A Muslim doctor on trial for allegedly performing genital mutilation on nine girls, all seven years-old, was also part of a secret network of physicians who traveled across the country performing the brutal procedure, according to federal prosecutors.   Dr. Jumana Nagarwala was cleared of female genital mutilation charges...
Conservative teacher fired for being conservative and colorblind
Behind The Black
They’re coming for you next: Beth Reams, a math teacher at a Missouri prep school was fired when first some school alumni complained about her conservative politics that she posted on her private Facebook page and then the school administration discovered that she treated all her students equally and made no effort to find out...
Nation Being Overtaken By Small, Powerful Group Of Marxists
Zero Hedge

Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), thinks evil communists are out to destroy America and your freedom. 

General Flynn explains, “Transitioning to all the noise that is bombarding the American psyche, it’s all intentional. Don’t think this is all a bunch...

Cascade of Consequences
The Burning Platform

... people believe the narrative they have been conditioned to believe, and no quantity of facts, data or rational arguments will change their minds. Arguing on twitter or facebook is not going to change the mind of those you are arguing against. Our public education indoctrination centers have taught multiple generations...

The Greatest Existential Threat to America
Black Lives Matter’s ignorant racist attacks on America’s Founding
FrontPage Mag

Our Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin - a leader who presided over the worst, most incompetent, most humilitating military defeat in the history of our nation - is black. Of course, he’s black. He was appointed by Biden to display the wonderful diversity of the most progressive president in history. He wasn’t chosen...

Biden Regime Removed Large Sections of New Border Fence Along Heavy Drug Trafficking Section of Arizona Border
Gateway Pundit

Thanks to its close proximity to Mexico, Tucson Arizona has long been a national-level distribution center for illicit drugs that have been illegally trafficked across the southern border....

Trump made securing the area a top priority and was able to construct almost 245 miles of wall along the Arizona-Mexico...

Biden Regime to Attack Filibuster in Last-Ditch Effort to Pass Voting Nationalization
The Senate is set to reconvene this week — one of their top priorities being the so called “For the People Act,” which Democrats claim fights “racism” and “suppression,” but would instead effectively nationalize elections and enable voter fraud.   Republicans previously blocked the bill by using the filibuster and...
Why Believing in Long-Term Vaccine Safety Is Simply Irrational
Whether or not to get vaccinated is a decision that must be weighed differently and individually by each American. Such decisions must remain in the core domain
American Greatness

We are told repeatedly and in ever-more-strident tones that the newly developed COVID [China virus] vaccines are “safe and effective.” We are told that the elites are starting to lose patience with us and, thus, are resorting to authoritarian measures to mandate compliance....

A Blur of Contradictions


Biden Regime declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans in speech ordering mandates on two-thirds of ALL workers
Daily Mail
The Biden Regime slammed the 80 million Americans who have yet to get a COVD vaccine shot, asking them 'what more is there to wait for' 'We've been patient but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us,' he said He ended his nearly 30 minute speech with a whispered plea: 'Get vaccinated' Biden...
The Great Replacement: 'The French are Being Expropriated from Their Country' (Video)
Eric Zemmour on the Great Replacement
RAIR Foundation

Population replacement isn’t just taking place in France but can be seen throughout the Western world.

Author, polemicist, anti-liberal philosopher, and potential 2022 presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is once again sounding the alarm over the unprecedented demographic shift taking place in France. He is even...

Biden Regime: $6.4B of Your Money to Resettle 95,000 Afghans Across U.S.

... Joe Biden’s administration is asking Congress to authorize about $6.4 billion in American taxpayer money to bring 95,000 Afghans to the United States for permanent resettlement.

In a call with reporters on Tuesday, administration officials said the White House would request Congress to...

Amnesty Alarm! The Democrat Budget Bill Is An Anti-American Trojan Horse

The Democrats aren’t satisfied with a mere $1 trillion infrastructure bill. They still want to enact a $3.5 trillion Budget bill that smuggles in an illegal-alien Amnesty. Chuck Schumer ‘s Senate approved a blueprint resolution of this Trojan Horse bill last week... . Because it’s a budget bill, that means when Nancy Pelosi...

The Ruling Class is Punishing Middle America with Flood of Afghan Evacuees
Refugee Resettlement Watch
The Ruling Class is Punishing Middle America with Flood of Afghan Evacuees   That is the conclusion of an excellent piece by Hillsdale College’s Michael Anton writing at the American Mind.  Hat tip:  TX2Guns   Just a reminder, most of the Afghan evacuees are not yet determined to be legitimate refugees, so try to...
Electing A New People - Why Biden Can’t Resist The Left On Immigration

... immigration. On that, Open Borders is the only policy he can and will pursue, even though it could mean political disaster in the 2022 midterms, and possibly the 2024 presidential contest. The Democrat-Main Stream Media Complex refuses to allow any deviation—because of its fanatical zeal to Replace the Historic American...

The Thirteen-Hundred-And-Eighty-Nine-Year War
American Thinker

During an interview regarding the recent suicide attack on Kabul airport, a former Navy SEAL quipped that no one making military decisions for the United States seems to have read a history book. Lack of knowledge, he implied, is partly why America is suffering a humiliating and unconscionable defeat in Afghanistan.

Colorado teachers sign pledge to teach Critical Race Theory even if banned in classroom
Complete Colorado

A project in the name of the late, self-proclaimed socialist college professor Howard Zinn has gathered thousands of signatures of teachers nationwide, including about 100 from Colorado, pledging to teach the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in their classrooms despite any bans by any state government or a local school...

U.S. Gives Visas to 283K from Hijacker Countries Since 9/11
The United States has awarded green cards to nearly 300,000 foreign nationals from countries where the September 11, 2001 hijackers came from since 2002.   On September 11, 2001, 19 Islamic terrorists murdered nearly 3,000 Americans in a terrorist plot that targeted New York City and Washington, D.C. Fifteen of the...