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Colorado is Embracing Socialism, and You’re Going to Pay for It
Maverick Observer

What do you think of when someone mentions the word “socialism?”

If you consider yourself a Democrat, you likely view socialism as equality for everyone, along with government provisions of benefits and social services.

If you’re a Republican, you likely view socialism as akin to Marxism and communism,...

The January 6 Insurrection Hoax
Reflections on our ruling oligarchy
Imprimis, Hillsdale College

Notwithstanding all the hysterical rhetoric surrounding the events of January 6, 2021, two critical things stand out. The first is that what happened was much more hoax than insurrection. In fact, in my judgment, it wasn’t an insurrection at all....

Note that phrase “our democracy”: Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and...

Video: Chinese Immigrants Speak out: Stop Cultural Revolution in America

In light of what's happening in today's America, four Chinese immigrants who love their new country -- the USA -- feel compelled to come out and share their personal stories from China. Some of them have witnessed the catastrophic Proletariat Cultural Revolution launched by Chairman Mao from 1966 to 1976. Some of them have...

Indiana University: $55K, Sent Profs To Promote Critical Race Theory at Taxpayer Expense
The Federalist

Indiana University, one of the largest and most well-funded public universities in the United States, funneled $55,000 to a left-wing education conference in exchange for exclusive marketing services and exposure, according to a public records request reviewed by The Federalist.

The July conference for educators...

Central Europe leaders say migration is not the solution to population decline
Central European leaders signed a joint declaration on Thursday saying immigration should not be the answer to the European Union's declining birth rate...   The strong anti-immigrant* stances taken by governments in central European countries such as Hungary - while popular with many domestic voters - have contrasted...
Video: Biden Says Whites Becoming Minority Is 'Source Of Our Strength'
Tucker Carlson on The Great Replacement
Information Liberation

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night played a clip of Joe Biden from 2015 hailing white people becoming a minority in America as "a source of our strength" and something "we can be most proud of."

Tucker said Biden's own words show the goal of mass immigration is "to change the racial mix of the country...

Horror Of Australia’s Tyrannical China Virus Lockdowns - updates

Australia’s leaders are making a disastrous, idiotic, and irrevocable mistake. It is a mistake in which leaders sacrifice both the soul of their democracy and the well-being of their citizens on the altar of a false god: the god of Covid-Zero....

For much of the past year, Australian state governments have...

How Can You Be Content With a Counterfactual Explanation of an Orchestrated “Pandemic”?
The official Covid narrative is a total lie
Lew Rockwell

Here is a collection of articles from Global Research documenting the Covid Deception that has been fostered on the Western World. The deception that is being forced on people is so counterfactual that it is difficult to avoid the question whether a very dark agenda is in play. Our insouciance and inaction are allowing the...

The Prospects for Soft Secession in America
Mises Institute

... A few years ago, on a panel discussion at an event in Vienna, Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe made an offhand remark I found very interesting. Paraphrasing him, he said that nationalist movements in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were largely centralizing while the nationalist movements of the twenty-first century were...

Out of Control Situation at US-Mexico Border - updates
Geller Report

What more proof does any American need? The hostile, insurrectionist Democrat party are blowing up the country....

IMAGES SURFACE: New Drone Footage Shows ‘Out of Control’ Situation at US-Mexico Border, By Hannity Staff, September 16, 2021:   “Our drone is back over the international bridge in Del Rio, TX. Per...
Obama-Appointed Judge: Sanctuary Cities Ban Wrong Because Supporters Are Hated by SPLC

The judicial outrage of the past fortnight has been U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom striking down key parts of a Florida law that would ban sanctuary cities. The law, she said, was adopted with intent to discriminate....

In a 110-page ruling issued Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom said the law — signed and...
The Manufactured Border Crisis
In nearly 30 years of covering America's corrupted immigration and entrance policies, I can tell you definitively that every "border crisis" is a manufactured crisis. Caravans of Latin American illegal immigrants don't just form out of nowhere. Throngs of Middle Eastern refugees don't just amass spontaneously...   All the world...
Michael Anton on the Founding, the failures of Conservatism, Spiritual Warfare, and more
IM - 1776

Michael Anton is an American conservative essayist, speechwriter, and former senior national security official in the Trump administration. In 2016, under the pseudonym Publius Decius Mus, he wrote The Flight 93 Election, an influential essay in support of Donald Trump’s campaign which was subsequently credited by various...

California Schools Prepare for Influx of Afghan Refugee Students, Offer ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Meals, Set Aside Rooms For Prayer During Muslim Holidays
Gateway Pundit
Christian children in California aren’t allowed to pray in schools, but Muslim refugees are given halal food and provided prayer rooms.   California schools in Sacramento are preparing for a huge influx of Afghan refugee students.   Joe Biden purposely turned Afghanistan over to the Taliban and packed evacuation planes...
Biden administration takes new steps to preserve Obama-era DACA immigration program

The Biden administration Monday morning took steps to save the Obama-era DACA program that shields hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children from deportation...

As of March 31, there were 616,030 DACA recipients, the majority of whom are from Mexico. [NOTE: Dreamers number in the...

DHS Makes New Push to End President Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Asylum Policy

The Department of Homeland Security said on Wednesday it intends to issue a new memo in the coming weeks ending the controversial “remain in Mexico” immigration program.

The department issued a memo in June ending the program implemented by former President Donald Trump, formally known as the Migrant Protection...

U.S. will no longer deport people solely because they are illegal aliens, Homeland Security Secretary Memo
Market Trading Essentials

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Thursday said immigration officers cannot detain and deport individuals from the U.S. solely on the basis that they are undocumented.

In a memo to immigration and border agency officials, Mayorkas outlined new guidelines that direct Immigration and Customs Enforcement...

Biden Regime wants to get into your bank account
American Thinker
We’ve long been used to the fact that banks and credit unions must report to the federal government any transactions greater than $10,000. This requirement goes back to 1970 when $10,000 was equivalent to around $70,000 today. The law is a way to track criminal activity such as bank fraud. But how would you feel if the...
Colorado to resettle more than 800 Afghan refugees
Fox 31/AP

The Biden administration began notifying governors and state refugee coordinators across the country about how many Afghan evacuees from among the first group of nearly 37,000 arrivals are slated to be resettled in their states.

Colorado leaders are preparing to resettle 865 refugees, according to projections from...

Biden Regime Amnesty For Illegal Alien Children Opening Up Floodgates

I have written frequently on the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, the process by which the Biden Regime is bypassing the legal requirements placed on aliens in the immigration process. In this illegal amnesty the Biden Regime is ignoring legal requirements placed on aliens in the immigration process, making up new...

Secret Muslim network travels across US to perform agonizing FGM procedure
Muslim ER doctor charged with female genital mutilation of nine girls aged just seven 'was part of secret network which traveled across US to perform agonizing
Daily Mail
A Muslim doctor on trial for allegedly performing genital mutilation on nine girls, all seven years-old, was also part of a secret network of physicians who traveled across the country performing the brutal procedure, according to federal prosecutors.   Dr. Jumana Nagarwala was cleared of female genital mutilation charges...
Conservative teacher fired for being conservative and colorblind
Behind The Black
They’re coming for you next: Beth Reams, a math teacher at a Missouri prep school was fired when first some school alumni complained about her conservative politics that she posted on her private Facebook page and then the school administration discovered that she treated all her students equally and made no effort to find out...
Nation Being Overtaken By Small, Powerful Group Of Marxists
Zero Hedge

Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), thinks evil communists are out to destroy America and your freedom. 

General Flynn explains, “Transitioning to all the noise that is bombarding the American psyche, it’s all intentional. Don’t think this is all a bunch...

Colorado teachers could be imprisoned for ignoring mask mandates
American Thinker
Brian Ewert, the superintendent of Littleton (Colorado) Public Schools, recently informed his school board that they could be held criminally liable for not enforcing the mask mandate.   He did so because Colorado’s Tri-County Health says that if educators don’t enforce its mask mandate, they will be subject to a class 1...
Sustainability and Super Pandemics: The Connection
Lew Rockwell

...The “Kool-Aid” version of sustainability is defined as a way for people to use resources without the resources running out - but the actual blueprint behind it is to subvert current governments for global takeover.... Through sustainability, super pandemics become one nasty way with which to transform the world.

Cascade of Consequences
The Burning Platform

... people believe the narrative they have been conditioned to believe, and no quantity of facts, data or rational arguments will change their minds. Arguing on twitter or facebook is not going to change the mind of those you are arguing against. Our public education indoctrination centers have taught multiple generations...

The Greatest Existential Threat to America
Black Lives Matter’s ignorant racist attacks on America’s Founding
FrontPage Mag

Our Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin - a leader who presided over the worst, most incompetent, most humilitating military defeat in the history of our nation - is black. Of course, he’s black. He was appointed by Biden to display the wonderful diversity of the most progressive president in history. He wasn’t chosen...

Biden Regime Removed Large Sections of New Border Fence Along Heavy Drug Trafficking Section of Arizona Border
Gateway Pundit

Thanks to its close proximity to Mexico, Tucson Arizona has long been a national-level distribution center for illicit drugs that have been illegally trafficked across the southern border....

Trump made securing the area a top priority and was able to construct almost 245 miles of wall along the Arizona-Mexico...

Biden Regime to Attack Filibuster in Last-Ditch Effort to Pass Voting Nationalization
The Senate is set to reconvene this week — one of their top priorities being the so called “For the People Act,” which Democrats claim fights “racism” and “suppression,” but would instead effectively nationalize elections and enable voter fraud.   Republicans previously blocked the bill by using the filibuster and preventing “...
Why Believing in Long-Term Vaccine Safety Is Simply Irrational
Whether or not to get vaccinated is a decision that must be weighed differently and individually by each American. Such decisions must remain in the core domain
American Greatness

We are told repeatedly and in ever-more-strident tones that the newly developed COVID [China virus] vaccines are “safe and effective.” We are told that the elites are starting to lose patience with us and, thus, are resorting to authoritarian measures to mandate compliance....

A Blur of Contradictions


Biden Regime declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans in speech ordering mandates on two-thirds of ALL workers
Daily Mail
The Biden Regime slammed the 80 million Americans who have yet to get a COVD vaccine shot, asking them 'what more is there to wait for' 'We've been patient but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us,' he said He ended his nearly 30 minute speech with a whispered plea: 'Get vaccinated' Biden...
The Great Replacement: 'The French are Being Expropriated from Their Country' (Video)
Eric Zemmour on the Great Replacement
RAIR Foundation

Population replacement isn’t just taking place in France but can be seen throughout the Western world.

Author, polemicist, anti-liberal philosopher, and potential 2022 presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is once again sounding the alarm over the unprecedented demographic shift taking place in France. He is even...

Biden Regime: $6.4B of Your Money to Resettle 95,000 Afghans Across U.S.

... Joe Biden’s administration is asking Congress to authorize about $6.4 billion in American taxpayer money to bring 95,000 Afghans to the United States for permanent resettlement.

In a call with reporters on Tuesday, administration officials said the White House would request Congress to...

Amnesty Alarm! The Democrat Budget Bill Is An Anti-American Trojan Horse

The Democrats aren’t satisfied with a mere $1 trillion infrastructure bill. They still want to enact a $3.5 trillion Budget bill that smuggles in an illegal-alien Amnesty. Chuck Schumer ‘s Senate approved a blueprint resolution of this Trojan Horse bill last week... . Because it’s a budget bill, that means when Nancy Pelosi...

The Ruling Class is Punishing Middle America with Flood of Afghan Evacuees
Refugee Resettlement Watch
The Ruling Class is Punishing Middle America with Flood of Afghan Evacuees   That is the conclusion of an excellent piece by Hillsdale College’s Michael Anton writing at the American Mind.  Hat tip:  TX2Guns   Just a reminder, most of the Afghan evacuees are not yet determined to be legitimate refugees, so try to...
Electing A New People - Why Biden Can’t Resist The Left On Immigration

... immigration. On that, Open Borders is the only policy he can and will pursue, even though it could mean political disaster in the 2022 midterms, and possibly the 2024 presidential contest. The Democrat-Main Stream Media Complex refuses to allow any deviation—because of its fanatical zeal to Replace the Historic American...

The Thirteen-Hundred-And-Eighty-Nine-Year War
American Thinker

During an interview regarding the recent suicide attack on Kabul airport, a former Navy SEAL quipped that no one making military decisions for the United States seems to have read a history book. Lack of knowledge, he implied, is partly why America is suffering a humiliating and unconscionable defeat in Afghanistan.

U.S. Gives Visas to 283K from Hijacker Countries Since 9/11
The United States has awarded green cards to nearly 300,000 foreign nationals from countries where the September 11, 2001 hijackers came from since 2002.   On September 11, 2001, 19 Islamic terrorists murdered nearly 3,000 Americans in a terrorist plot that targeted New York City and Washington, D.C. Fifteen of the...
Colorado teachers sign pledge to teach Critical Race Theory even if banned in classroom
Complete Colorado

A project in the name of the late, self-proclaimed socialist college professor Howard Zinn has gathered thousands of signatures of teachers nationwide, including about 100 from Colorado, pledging to teach the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in their classrooms despite any bans by any state government or a local school...

DHS's E-Verify Authorizes Thousands Of Illegal Aliens To Work In US
Zero Hedge via Judicial Watch

The government’s pricey system to verify that employees are authorized to work legally in the U.S. is somewhat of a joke that has approved thousands of illegal immigrants and hundreds of thousands of foreigners without using its own photo-matching process to confirm identities. Additionally, the system, which is operated by...

Colorado Schools Mislead the Public About Teaching Critical Race Theory
FrontPage Mag
 Administrators of the Jefferson County school district, the second largest in the state of Colorado, have publicly insisted that they are not teaching CRT in the district’s schools. But material found on the district’s website and elsewhere contradicts this narrative.   Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become a hot topic in...
Sadly, Colorado Springs' diversity grows across city
Hispanic population rapidly expanding

Most of Colorado Springs became more diverse over the last 10 years, data from the 2020 U.S. Census show, as the Hispanic population grew rapidly throughout most of the community and more Black residents moved into the growing northeastern and eastern sections of the city.

The city's growing diversity was in step...

Immigration, Not Afghanistan, Has Been Our Longest War
And A Complete, Possibly Terminal, Failure Of Democracy

You've been hearing a lot recently about how Afghanistan has been America's Longest War. No: Immigration has been our Longest War, ours and Britain's. From the Hart-Celler Immigration Act to today: 56 years. From Enoch Powell's famous speech urging immigration restriction to today: 53 years. There have been some small...

Who Is Responsible For the Darkness That Has Descended on Us?
The Treason Party
FrontPage Mag

... For five years the Democrats have focused their energies on laying the foundations of a communist economy and a one-party state. In pursuit of the latter, they have tried to abolish the electoral college, change the election laws to undermine the integrity of the voting system, give non-citizens the right to vote,...

The Hundred-Year Road To CRT - Critical Race theory
American Greatness

A brief look at the progressive agenda in education reveals that critical race theory is just the latest in a long series of attempts to deform and ultimately fracture the country. 

While critical race theory has rightfully garnered much attention of late, it is simply the latest step in advancing what is known as...

Time To Think "Lifeboat Ethics"
The World's Hellholes Are Fertile Enough To Provide Millions And TENS Of Millions Of Refugees

Those great crowds of Afghans trying to get into Kabul airport of course make a very pathetic sight. It may sound a callous thing to say, but it's probably a sight we should get used to....

According to OCHA, the U.N. humanitarian agency: “At the end of 2000, some 3.6 million Afghans were living as refugees in...

Griswold permanently adopting rules blocking Arizona-style audit in Colorado
Colorado Politics

Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold is permanently adopting the emergency rules rolled out earlier this summer to block future efforts at an Arizona-style “forensic audit” conducted by a third-party, her office announced Thursday.

The rules, first implemented in June...

The emergency rules also block...

Coloradan Explains How She Helped Ban CRT In Her Local Schools
The Federalist

Derrick Wilburn, the executive director of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, made national headlines this month for an impassioned school board meeting address prior to the district outlawing critical race theory (CRT). Behind the effort is Ivy Liu, the board director.

Liu, who served in the U.S. Navy and has...

The Emerging One-Party State
Republicans would do well to abstain from misleading talk about “bipartisanship” and refer to the Democrats as what they really are: a totalitarian threat to ou
American Greatness
The sudden dip in Joe Biden’s poll numbers in the wake of his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan compounded with his refusal to control illegal immigration, his acceptance of surging crime in our cities, and now galloping inflation seems to portend a failed presidency. Moreover, the utter abandon with which the Democratic...
Can you believe what the Biden Regime just handed to the Taliban?
General Dispatch

Can you believe what Joe just handed to the Taliban? Holy Cow… UNREAL!

Joe Biden is the greatest friend the Taliban could ever have.


Biden Admits He Abandoned 10% of Americans in Afghanistan, Breitbart, August 31, 2021.

We Are F*cking...

Aspen lab denies Candace Owens a COVID test
Colorado Politics

Conservative provocateur Candace Owens said the owner of a facility in Aspen refused to give her a COVID-19 test due to her political beliefs.

"I was banned from taking a Covid test because of my politics!" Owens said Wednesday night on Twitter, linking to redacted images of an email exchange with someone she...

Video: Colorado School Board Bans Critical Race Theory After Black Father’s Fiery Speech
The Federalist
A school board in Colorado Springs, Colorado, banned critical race theory from being taught after a black father gave a speech describing how racism would “by and large be dead” in the United States if institutions were not “keeping it on life support.”   “I am a direct descendant of the North American slave trade,” the...
LA Fire Capt. Had It: NO VACCINE – I’m done… so are many others…’ ‘We saw the tyranny coming…’
General Dispatch

LA Fire Capt. Had It: NO VACCINE – I’m done… so are many others…’ ‘We saw the tyranny coming…’

Repost of original video by LAFD Captain Cristian Granucci, 31 year veteran, on Telegram app. August 23, 2021, 12:11 a.m. Medical tyranny strikes Los Angeles City Fire Department. A gut-wrenching soliloquy and call to...

Parents protest Douglas County School District over mask mandate
7TheDenver Channel

Hundreds of parents showed up at the Douglas County School District Monday morning to protest the school board’s decision to require masks in schools. ...

The district decided on Friday to reaffirm its decision to require masks for students ages 2 to 11, along with the staff who works with these age groups despite...

14,000 National Guard Troops Protect Mexico's Southern Border
Daily Mail UK
Shocking moment little boy tries to stop Mexican security forces battering his father as caravan of 600 migrants from Haiti, Cuba and Central America heads for US       Hundreds of migrants from Haiti, Cuba and Central America clashed with security forces Saturday in southern Mexico     Two large groups departed from...
Why Joe Biden can't resign, or be removed -- or die
American Thinker

... Many silent Democrat office holders likely want Biden out, as they fear the systemic incompetence of his administration will bring them down come 2022.

But Joe can not resign or be fired. The Democrat high command will not let either happen, no matter the short term political cost.

On the surface, that...

Biden Plans to Bring 50K Afghans to U.S. Without Visas

President Joe Biden’s administration is planning to bring about 50,000 Afghans to the United States who do not have visas and who have not completed their immigration processing.

According to three officials who spoke to Bloomberg News, Biden will use the little-known “humanitarian parole” tool...

There is something fishy about the Great Reset
It’s a corporate takeover of global governance that affects our food, our data and our vaccines
Open Democracy

... The set of conspiracy theories around the Great Reset are nebulous and hard to pin down, but piecing them together gives us something like this: the Great Reset is the global elite’s plan to instate a communist world order by abolishing private property while using COVID-19 to solve overpopulation and enslaving what...

Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Chris Worrell Denied Access to Cancer Drugs for 166 Days (video)
Gateway Pundit
Chris Worrell has been held for over five months after firing pepper spray during the chaos on January 6, which he says was aimed at people who he believed to be Antifa who were targeting police.   Worrell has been denied bail since March 12 — and has been shipped around from Florida, to Oklahoma, to Virginia, and now...
Schumer: New IRS shortcut to help ​​illegal alien N.Y. workers get COVID relief
NY Daily News

Thousands of undocumented Illegal Alien New Yorkers hoping to tap into the state’s $2.1 billion COVID “Excluded Workers Fund” will face an easier path after the Internal Revenue Service developed a new process for confirming worker identification, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday...


The Left’s Campaign for Socialized Housing
Big Philanthropy has aligned with "Homes Guarantee" advocates to end private homeownership.
American Conservative

... An increasingly vocal and well-heeled segment of the progressive left, however, disagrees and is calling for dramatic changes to America’s housing sector. Last year, the Capital Research Center (CRC) published a two-part series detailing the convoluted and overlapping networks of activist groups that were using the...

Vaccine mandates contrary to CDC’s own playbook
Complete Colorado

Last week, AEG Presents: Rocky Mountains, which produces concerts at the Ogden, Gothic, and Bluebird Theaters, as well as Fiddler’s Green and Ball Arena, announced that it would be requiring proof of vaccination for all concert-goers. While most bars and restaurants are resisting doing so, that list has been growing in...

This Afghanistan vet just blew up MSNBC’s entire Biden-simping Afghanistan narrative live on air

This Afghanistan vet just blew up MSNBC’s entire Biden-simping Afghanistan narrative live on air. What a glorious takedown. Watch this.

This Afghanistan vet just blew up MSNBC’s entire Biden-simping Afghanistan narrative LIVE ON AIR.

What a glorious takedown. Watch this. pic...

1/2 Million China Virus Illegal Cases Might Infect 2 Million Americans
Canada Free Press

America drowns in illegal entries, while struggling against a new Covid variant, Delta. Last month, 250,000 illegals entered the USA without permission. The US Government  regularly breaks laws and violates agreements to allow most to remain. What’s the cost? One figure cites $400 per person per night for hotels, or $71,666...

DHS Secret Terror Watchlist With Nearly 2 MILLION People On It Exposed Online With NO PASSWORD

The Department of Homeland Security under Alejandro Mayorkas earlier this year revealed plans to declare their political opposition "suspected domestic extremists" and strip them of their rights by placing them on the No Fly List.

Every indicator suggests Mayorkas has followed through on those plans and has been...

Our Rulers Never Learn
American Renaissance

Our rulers made the same mistake in Afghanistan they have been making at home for the last 70 years: They refuse to believe that human groups are different.



Transcript: Our rulers never learn.


The Afghan Refugee Debacle - They Are Not Americans

Biden Regime has just given you a pay cut, America. Get ready for more
Producer prices rise a record 7.8% annually in July
Call it a "Biden pay cut." Americans' real wages are falling under President Joe Biden.   On Wednesday, the Labor Department announced that inflation rose by 5.4 percent over the previous year -- the fastest pace (tied with last month) since 2008.    Last Friday, it revealed that average wages only rose by 4 percent...
DHS: Americans Opposed to China Virus Lockdown Measures Are Terrorists
Information Liberation

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who recently declared "white extremists" to be America's greatest threat, is out with a new blood libel warning that all opponents of the regime are potential terrorists who could strike at any moment....

Mayorkas, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Biden himself are...
Three articles on the China Virus, Mass Psychosis, and Marxism

Here are three articles on the China Virus, Mass Psychosis, and Marxism / socialism:

COVID-19 & Mass Psychosis, by Ray DiLorenzo, Canada Free Press, August 14, 2021:

The media still reports COVID deaths in the hundreds of thousands even though the CDC reports that only 6% of the deaths are strictly...

Colorado Rally Says ‘No’ to Mandated COVID-19 Vaccines
Epoch Times
More than 250 people from all over Colorado gathered Friday outside UCHealth of the Rockies in Loveland to protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for health care workers.   The rally was the third sponsored by Nurses and Healthcare Workers United, a grassroots organization of medical workers that opposes the vaccine...
The Number of White People in the US Has Declined for the First Time in History
American Renaissance
For the first time in U.S history, the number of white people in the nation is expected to show a decline when racial breakdowns of the 2020 Census are reported this week.   The data, set to be released on August 12, will reveal just how much the ethnic and racial make up of the nation has shifted over the past decade,...
Update: Refugees from Afghanistan expected to arrive in Colorado
Local organizations prepared to welcome and help refugees
The Denver Channel

No matter how many years pass, for someone who comes to the U.S. as a refugee, the experience is unforgettable.

Hashem arrived to Colorado as a refugee from Afghanistan years ago. Now, she dedicates her time helping other refugees through her work at the North Metro Islamic Center ...

When refugees arrive in...

Video: Tucker Carlson discusses key takeaways from the US census

Census: White population declines fir first time on record; Hispanic population booms. Democrats win when we have fewer White people in the country, and that's why they are celebrating these census numbers.

"This is fabulous news. Now we need to prevent minority White rule." - Jennifer Ruben, The Washington Post...

Federal Judge Orders Biden to CONTINUE Trump’s Extremely Effective “Remain in Mexico” Policy
Gateway Pundit
On his first day in office, Joe Biden fired the opening shot in his quest to obliterate the southern border by ending the Trump-era Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program, which keeps migrants in Mexico as they await a hearing.   The move signaled to the rest of the world that the free-for-all to come to the US had...
Sadly, Colorado’s population grew at twice the national rate between 2010 and 2020. Here’s where the boom was biggest.
The populations of Broomfield and Weld counties grew by 30%, and Colorado’s Hispanic population followed growth trend across the West
Colorado Sun
Colorado’s population grew at nearly twice the rate of the rest of the nation between 2010 and 2020, putting it among the fastest-growing states, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Thursday.   While the nation’s population grew only 7.4% over that period, Colorado saw nearly 15% growth....   The state’s white population...
Where Is America Diversifying the Fastest? Small Midwestern Towns.
Columbus, Ind., hometown of Cummins and Mike Pence, embodies a new kind of immigrant melting pot far from the big city; ‘a snowball effect’
Wall Street Journal

One in seven residents in Columbus, Ind., a city of about 50,000, was born outside the United States. Public school students collectively speak more than 50 languages and dialects at home. Roughly three dozen foreign companies operate in the area.

A 45-minute drive south of Indianapolis, the manufacturing and...

Brace for Impact

My Pillow man Mike Lindell’s three-day Cyber Symposium demonstrated a couple of things about the current depraved state of our nation: You could prove pretty conclusively that the national election of 2020 was saturated with fraud; and that no one in the news business would either care or dare to report it....


AEG announces vaccine mandate for staff and concert-goers
Colorado Politics

Anschutz Entertainment Group, which books entertainment acts at venues all over Colorado and which also owns several entertainment facilities, announced Thursday it will require concert-goers and its staff to show proof of vaccinations by no later than Oct. 1....

In Colorado, AEG operates the 1st Bank Center,...

The American Southwest: Twice the people, half the water?
Progressives for Immigration Reform

Showing reservoirs, including iconic Lake Mead at Hoover Dam, shrunk to a fraction of their intended size, national news media is reporting that the American Southwest is in the worst 20-year drought in 1,200 years.

Yet, no one asked why President Biden is hellbent on increasing immigration – which has exploded the...

Latinos want Colorado’s new congressional and legislative maps to give them influence reflecting their growing numbers
Latinos make up nearly a quarter of Coloradans. Advocates say this year’s redistricting is a chance to bring their political influence up to par
The Colorado Sun

Latino leaders are worried that Colorado’s once-in-a-decade redistricting process will continue to give them the short shrift at the state Capitol and in Congress, even as their community’s share of the population grows to nearly a quarter...

Colorado’s population has boomed over the last decade, jumping to nearly 5....

This Is 1938: First, They Came for the Unvaccinated
FrontPage Mag

...  It's time for alarm bells. It's time for me to play the part of Paul Revere: "The communist tyrants and dictators are coming! The communist tyrants and dictators are coming!" They're coming first for unvaccinated Americans.

  This is 1938. I'm a Jew. I now understand just a little of what it felt like to be a...
Colorado is investigating how Mesa County’s election system passwords ended up on the internet
Colorado Sun
Colorado state officials are investigating a county election office after passwords for its voting systems were posted online, the Secretary of State announced Monday.   The breach included specific passwords from Mesa County’s voting equipment, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold said in a statement....   Officials have...
Democrat Budget Includes $107 Billion Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

The framework for a $3.5 trillion Democrat budget resolution includes plans to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens living in the United States via the filibuster-proof reconciliation process.

On Monday, Senate Democrats unveiled the budget framework, which includes a series of instructions for various...

FBI Seizes Entire Bank Account of Conservative Talk Show Host After He Attended a Trump Rally
Daily Veracity

All of the covert and clandestine surveilance, enforcement, and prosecutorial mechanisms created since 9/11 are now being turned inward toward patriotic American "enemies of the state."

From the article:

During a viral new documentary released on Tuesday, Conservative Talk Show host Nicholas J Fuentes...

Coming Soon: America’s Own Social Credit System
American Renaissance

The new domestic “War on Terror,”1 kicked off by the riot on Jan. 6, has prompted several web giants to unveil predecessors to what effectively could become a soft social credit system by the end of this decade.

China’s social credit system is a combination of government and business surveillance that gives citizens a...
France Flooded With People Fighting For Freedom (video)
General Dispatch

[August 8, 2021] Hundreds of thousands demonstrate across France against vaccine passports. The leftist mainstream media will not report the protests. 



“I WILL NOT SUBMIT”: HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS French Citizens Protest Over Vaccine Passports, Geller Report, September 7,2021.

Half of...

Abolishing Birthright Citizenship Will Defend America From The Biden Rush
Build the internal wall

Unofficial reports say the Border Patrol detained a record  210,000 illegal aliens coming via Mexico in July. Another estimated 37,000 evaded detention. The total for the fiscal year is now well past 1 million. Whether or not the Democrats ultimately succeed in getting Amnesty for these illegals, many will give birth to “...

Australia is a Penal Colony Once More
Only this time the inmates are Australians themselves.
FrontPage Mag

Australia is in a very dark place.

The army has been drafted in to force people to stay in their homes, going door-to-door to check for compliance. Police helicopters circle overhead, threatening anyone in parks or public spaces with police action and fines; there is genuine fear over being caught outside without a...

My Secret Plan to Destroy America by Dick Lamm
Listen to audio of Dick Lamm's talk: I Have a Plan to Destroy America.
View an illustrated version of Dick Lamm's talk.

Democrat and former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm gave the following speech in Washington, DC in 2003. Originally published on CAIRCO in 2014.


I have a secret plan to destroy America....

South Africa - 6 minute video - When Cops Run Out of Ammo

When lawless mobs impulsively loot, commit arson, and kill the innocent, police can often restore order only with lethal force.  But when cops run out of ammunition, what happens to social order at that point?  The current situation in South Africa provides a real-world example. 

The Frivolous and politized debates...

‘American Marxism’ Is Mark Levin’s Most Important Book Ever

... The American people are thinking: ‘What the hell is going on here?!’”

... Tens of millions at home and hundreds of millions outside our borders (such as they are) have that very question of the United States of America.

For those seriously interested in that question, Mark Levin has provided the answer...

America's 'Great Leap Forward' Into Socialism

Just seven weeks into his presidency, Joe Biden signed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill. Among the largest spending bills in history, it was passed without the vote of a single Republican....

This weekend, a bipartisan group of senators crafted a $1 trillion measure to repair and expand the nation's roads,...

Tucker Carlson: vaccine rhetoric is about politics and social control - video
Americans should never be forced to take medicine they don't want, period

Tucker Carlson Tonight host points out that vaccine rhetoric is about politics and social control.

Watch video: Tucker: Americans should never be forced to take medicine they don't want, period, Fox, July 28, 2021.

Watch the latest video at


A partial transcript follows. Tucker:...

CDC extends policy that allows aliens to be expelled over COVID concerns
USA Today

The Biden administration extended a Trump-era policy Monday that allows migrants to be expelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in holding facilities.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement that Title 42 "shall remain in effect until the CDC Director determines that the danger of further...

The Left Won’t Allow a Peaceful Separation
American Greatness

[Originally published January 21, 2019]

  ... Our Constitution has long accommodated the reality that different communities have different ways of life. They want different rules, have distinct expectations, and each would feel the imposition of the rule of its neighbors as an intrusive affront.   This is not...
Video: Good luck to the woke when the Chinese Communist Party takes over

Douglas Murray comments on the appalling degree of illiteracy and innumeracy in America, the world's foremost nation. Regarding the superficiality of wokeness, Murray says "Good luck to the woke when the Chinese Communist Party takes over."


Douglas Murray is author of The Madness of Crowds:...

The Three Horsemen of the Bidenapocalypse
American Thinker


The Immigration Debacle
It’s only going to get worse for the administration. While the major media have downplayed the size of the stream of illegal aliens crossing the border, they cannot hide forever the tens of thousands of illegal crossings each month and that the tide keeps growing geometrically...
Proposed legislative, congressional redistricting could affect Latino representation
Post Independent

​One concern over a preliminary reconfiguration of Colorado Congressional Districts is that it could diminish Latino representation in the Roaring Fork Valley, an area Latino community advocate said during a Joint Independent Colorado Redistricting Commissions open hearing on Saturday in Carbondale.

“We believe that...

Afghan Invasion of America is Underway!
Frauds, Crools & Criminals

Editor: The applicant pipeline could be as high as 100,000 and the only hang up is getting all those Muslims cleared with security screening because just one terrorist, murderer or rapist in the bunch won’t sit well with the American people!

If you are a regular reader you know that good ol’ Joe is going to bring...

Increase in U.S.-Mexico border crossings leads to more people detained, released at Aurora ICE facility

More than 4 years later Shoeb Babu has been released...

He is still emotional when talking from the Federal Immigration Detention Center in Aurora about how the non-profit Casa de Pas made a difference in his new life.

Casa de Pas provides assistance to asylum seekers, such as Babu and other migrants, especially...