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20 Governors Send Letter To Biden Regime Rejecting Plan To House Illegals In Their States: ‘Unacceptable and Unsustainable’
Gateway Pundit

... Recently, twenty governors sent a letter to Biden saying, thanks but no thanks....

CNS News reports...


‘Our Nation Is In Deep Peril’: More Than 120 Retired Flag Officers Sign Open Letter Warning Of Biden’s ‘Tyrannical’ Policies, Daily Caller, May 11, 2021:

... Over 120 retired flag...

Big Media-Backing Special Interests, Lobbyists Flood Ken Buck’s Campaign Coffers as He Pushes Bill to Benefit Them
House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee ranking member Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) is continuing to co-sponsor and promote a bill with Rep. David Cicilline that would allow big media companies to form a cartel to pressure companies for more censorship and special favors by creating a special antitrust carve-out for them.   Buck is...
French President Emmanuel Macron in panic mode as latest poll reveals 73% believe France is headed towards civil war against its Muslim population!
The leading anti-Islamization/anti-Muslim migration candidate, Marine Le Pen, has a good chance of defeating Macron in the presidential election in 2022.
Bare Naked Islam


Twenty retired French generals call for ‘military rule’ if President Macron cannot halt society’s ‘disintegration caused by Muslim extremists’, Bare Naked Islam, April 27, 2021.

French police find 78% of “unaccompanied Muslim migrant children” are actually adults – in their 20’s, 30’s,...

Biden Regime Gives ‘De Facto Amnesty’ to Illegal Aliens Ordered Deported

... Last year, Trump issued a proposed rule change to prevent the issuance of work permits to illegal aliens who have been ordered deported from the United States by a federal immigration judge.

Now, the Biden administration has announced that they are reversing the proposed rule change, ensuring that the federal...

Are Americans Becoming Sovietized?
American Greatness

... Here are 10 symptoms of Sovietism. Ask yourself whether we are headed down this same road to perdition.

  1) There was no escape from ideological indoctrination—anywhere....   2) The Soviets fused their press with the government....   3) The Soviet surveillance state enlisted apparatchiks and lackeys to...
Biden Regime Cancels Pentagon Funding for Border Wall Construction Ordered by President Trump
Gateway Pundit

The Biden administration announced Friday it is cancelling Defense Department funding of the border wall ordered by President Trump. This is the latest move by Biden to stop wall construction short of that planned by Trump to secure the border with Mexico. Biden ordered a halt to review border wall construction upon taking...

The Inevitable End of a Ruling Elite
American Greatness

This article presents an interesting perspective on the internal war being waged against the American Republic. It  seems equally applicable to what is transpiring in all Western nations. Excerpts follow:

In war, there is a military strategy called the "Golden Bridge." It is used when fighting a determined and...
The Democrat Party is Now America’s Extremist Party
American Thinker
Millions of Americans know. Daily, others are coming to grips with the reality. But fear pervades the nation, so many people stay quiet... hoping destruction isn’t visited upon them.    ... Here’s the ugly fact that must be confronted: The Democratic Party is now an extremist organ waging a fierce cold civil war to seize...
Video: Today’s leftist language is identical to Lenin’s 100 years ago
Vlad Tepes

The following episode of the David Knight Show was posted on the April 20, 2021 Vlad Tepes blog: Today’s leftist language is identical to Lenin’s 100 years ago

This video is available on Bitchute and is included below. It's worth watching. 

America First Patriot Nick Fuentes Put On No-Fly List
This is overt political persecution. America is not a free country.

Updated May 1, 2021

America First host Nick Fuentes can no longer fly on an airplane. He announced Tuesday that he couldn’t check into his flight because the authorities didn’t clear him to fly.

So I’m on my way to a press conference to discuss how I’ve been banned from nearly all social media and tech...

Great news! U.S. Projected to Have Slowest Population Growth in Recent Times
General Dispatch
Not since the Great Depression has the United States recorded such a low growth rate as currently indicated by the Census Bureau.
  According to information provided by the Census Bureau, the total population of the United States increased 331,449,281 in the year 2020, the second slowest in history, in reference to...
Count of Illegal Alien Population Excluded from U.S. Census Data
An estimation of the number of illegal aliens living in the United States is excluded from early data released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau thanks to executive orders from President Joe Biden.   Census Bureau officials released population totals this week, revealing that the U.S. population stands at about 331,449,...
Green is the new Red
The intent of the Green New Deal is not to "save the planet," but rather to use climate alarmism as an excuse to destroy America's capitalist economy
Canada Free Press

There is a huge difference between concern for the environment - that is, for our sustaining ecosystems - and use of a purported environmental threat to destroy Western capitalism. Excerpts from the article follow:

... Christiana Figueres served as Executive Secretary of the UNs Framework Convention on Climate...

Why Do Feds Keep Suppressing News Of Suspected Muslim Terrorists Crossing The Southern Border?

Project Veritas recently released a video based on content leaked from within Border Patrol, reporting that Al-Bokari, a suspected Yemeni Arab terrorist known to be in Mexico, had not been detained and deported by the Mexican authorities, and that the U.S. Border Patrol had caught him crossing the border...

But the...

About Critical Race Theory

The key to understanding Critical Race Theory is its destructive agenda: criticize, dismantle, and destroy.

Those who disagree with Critical Race Theory (CRT) are labeled with "unconscious bias," "white fragility," or as "white supremacists."

The invective "You're not a racist, are you?" sounds strikingly...

Hate Speech and the New Tyranny over the Mind
Center for the American Way of Life - The Claremont Institute

In America, a powerful movement intent on outlawing “hate speech” continues to expand in institutional power and moral vigor with each passing year. Most Americans do not fully grasp what banning “hate speech” entails, or the political and intellectual stakes involved. Should “hate speech” be banned, America will no longer...

ICE Officers Instructed to Censor Arrest Reports Per New Biden Regime Policy

An ICE Enforcement and Removal officer revealed to Breitbart Texas a recent email disseminating instructions to censor reports when listing particular facts involving the incarceration of criminal aliens.

The email tells officers to redact information prior to submission to Immigration Courts or...

Biden Regime Bans Phrase Illegal Alien, Once Again Ignoring the Law

On Monday, President Biden’s acting directors of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) distributed memoranda that once again show how out of touch the Administration is. In the middle of the worst border crisis in decades, with rampant abuse of the asylum system...

Woke Dems, Enviros Scoff at Original Earth Day Concern: Population Growth

CAIRCO note: Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) in 1970 as a day of education on environmental issues. Earth Day embraced an understanding of the root cause of our environmental issues: population growth, which in America is driven by mass immigration. Earth Day will occur on April 22, 2021.


Syrians Are Stripped of Refugee Protection in Denmark: Now You Are Telling Us to Go
Denmark, which has some of the West’s toughest immigration policies, has determined that parts of Syria are safe and revoked refugees’ residency status
Wall Street Journal

... But since Denmark cut off formal diplomatic relations with Syria near the start of the civil war a decade ago, it is unable to deport Syrians. Instead it is placing those who no longer have legal status in removal camps, a policy that aid groups say is aimed at pressuring Syrians to voluntarily to return to Syria...

Russia demands 1 Million Illegal Migrants Leave the Country
Illegal aliens are mostly from Muslim countries
RAIR Foundation

Russia has told migrants from post-Soviet states living there illegally to leave the country by June 15, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported Friday....

According to Interior Ministry data, more than 332,000 illegal migrants from Uzbekistan currently reside in Russia, along with 247,000 from Tajikistan,...

UK Race Report: Britain Destroyed Itself With Unnecessary Diversity

Last week saw the publication in Britain of a report from something called the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities... What does it say? [Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report (PDF)]...

I don't live in Britain any more, and I feel sad and angry when I'm reminded of how a country I remember with...

The Roadmap for the 'Great Reset'
American Thinker
As far back as 1996, Mikhail Gorbachev laid bare the agenda driving climate alarmism: “The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order.” He was underscoring the importance of advancing Marxist objectives by creating an emergency to convince people they must surrender...
Arizona AG sues Biden regime over immigration policies that harm the environment
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is suing the Biden administration over its immigration policies, citing questions over whether recent decisions comply with environmental regulations.   Brnovich alleged that the administration has not complied with its obligations under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA),...
Recognizing the limits of immigration, multiculturalism
Complete Colorado

... I finally dumped my [Denver] Post subscription last year as have many others. Just as the flagrant left-wing bias of the New York Times has made it unreadable for those who aren’t die-hard progressives, the Post has succumbed to the same failing as its quality and credibility have eroded....

The Denver Gazette...