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Texas Federal Judge Rules Obama’s DACA Program Illegal, Blocks New Illegal Alien Applicants
A federal judge in Texas has ruled that former President Obama violated federal statute when he unilaterally implemented the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that has provided quasi-amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens since 2012.   On Friday, Judge Andrew Hanen ordered President Joe...
Video: Biden: Amnesty in Budget Bill to 'Get Around' Filibuster
RAIR Foundation

... In addition to Amnesty, numerous leftist proposals are being pushed through the budget reconciliation process in the name of “infrastructure.”

During the question and answer period of the Joe Biden’s remarks on the economy Monday, the installed puppet said that amnesty for illegal aliens would be included in the...
The American Descent into Madness
America went from the freest country in the world in December 2019 to a repressive and frightening place by July 2021.
American Greatness

... In the last six months, we have seen absurdities never quite witnessed in modern America. Madness, not politics, defines it. There are three characteristics of all these upheavals. One, the events are unsustainable. They will either cease or they will destroy the nation, at least as we know it. Two, the law has largely...

Indivisible Fights to Pass Voter Fraud Law Before 2022 Midterms - Next Few Weeks Crucial (video)
RAIR Foundation

... The subversive organization Indivisible is pushing their followers to pressure the government to abolish the Filibuster by the end of the month in order to push through their voter fraud legislation H.R. 1, the “For the People Act” before the 2022 midterms.

The legislation seeks to dismantle voter integrity...
Watch video on the long march of Marxism through American institutions

This 30 minute video explains the long march of Marxism through American institutions. It explains how we got to where we are today, battling Critical Race Theory - the culmination of orchestrated attacks on American culture and Western Civilization. June 19, 2021.


The video discusses Felix Weil...

A Succinct Summation: Democrats Feel Obliged To Represent The Majority That Is-To-Be

The political situation in the US isn't all that complicated when you realize the Democrats feel obliged to represent a majority that is yet-to-be, and feel little sympathy for what and whom stands in the way of that.

Yes, it’s like my Finance professor’s point that drove Open Borders economist Bryan Caplan...

Almost a Million Illegal Aliens Have Apprehended at the Border Since January
American Renaissance
From January to May, 711,784 migrants [illegal aliens] were encountered by Customs and Border Protection at the southern border – five times the amount during the same period in 2020 – and the Biden administration is on track to encounter 1 million by the end of July.   CBP’s latest data, released in June, show that there...
Video: Muslim Anti-Semitism
Bare Naked Islam

Muslim Anti-Semitism: Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all about Israel and the Zionists, it’s about Jews and the inherent Muslim hatred for them. Nobody tells it better than BNI favorite, Pat Condell.



The Epic Battle that Liberated Christian Spain from Islam, by Raymond...
Tucker: U.S. Military Secretly Flying Illegal Aliens Throughout Our Country, Ordered Troops to Stay Silent
Information Liberation
The Pentagon is using Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas to secretly fly illegal aliens throughout the country.   Daily Caller Video: Tucker Carlson.   From The Daily Caller, "Tucker Carlson Reports DHS Is Secretly Using A Military Air Base To Move Illegal Migrants To Unknown Locations":   The Department of...
Red State Democrat Joe Manchin Throws Support Behind Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in Democrat Budget

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is reportedly throwing his support behind a Democrat budget that includes providing amnesty to millions of illegal aliens living in the United States.

For months, House and Senate Democrats have plotted to slip amnesty for illegal aliens into a filibuster-proof budget...

Polis calls on Congress to act on immigration reform, local advocates call reform 'overdue'
Wednesday, Polis called for path to citizenship
7 News

On Wednesday, Gov. Jared Polis shared his letter to U.S. Congressional leadership calling for immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship...

"As our country and the state of Colorado works to build back stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that our nation provides a pathway to earn...

Garland lets immigration judges put off deportation cases
Associated Press

Attorney General Merrick Garland has tossed out a Trump administration policy that barred immigration judges from temporarily shelving some deportation cases...

DACA recipients lose permission to work amid application backlog

[...] It's been a turbulent few years for beneficiaries of DACA, after the Trump administration tried ending DACA in 2017. That move faced immediate legal challenges and was eventually blocked by the Supreme Court last year.

Roughly 13,000 renewal cases have remained pending for longer than four months, according...

The End of America? UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 - the Great Reset
Canada Free Press


Why is our culture and patriotism being attacked by our very own?...

Why did COVID-19 arrive when it did…immediately after the failed Trump impeachment, just in time for the 2020 election as the excuse to allow dubious changes to election law? 

Why is an unproven, non-FDA approved vaccine...

The Julian Assange Media Blackout Must End

Stunning revelations have emerged overseas about the reckless and duplicitous methods used by US law enforcement against Julian Assange. But in the US, the story has been subject to an almost total media blackout.

A couple weeks back, the US government’s attempt to prosecute Julian Assange for publishing classified...

General Raymond Takes the Space Force to War Against Racism
Another disloyal general puts critical race theory ahead of national security.
FrontPage Mag
 The Space Force was created at the end of 2019. Six months later it declared war on “racism”.   “Racism is an enemy," Gen. John Raymond and Chief Master Sgt. Roger Towberman declared, disabusing anyone who might have thought the military enemy was Communist China, Iran, Russia, or any of the other antagonists that the...
Sharia in the U.S. Judicial System?
FrontPage Mag
 The U.S. Senate’s recent confirmation of Zahid Quraishi as America’s first Muslim federal judge to a lifetime position on the District Court of New Jersey raises some concerning questions.   ...  those who understand the reality of Sharia – and the fact that Islam is not a race -- understand that this matter is more...
Astroturf: AP Amnesty Story Only Quotes Paid Zuckerberg Shills

The Associated Press fell victim* to Mark Zuckerberg’s empire of astroturf groups on July 13th when the news service posted an immigration-related article that helpfully quoted a seeming diversity of people.

But a careful inspection shows that nearly all of the quotes came from paid activists in...

The Fightback Against Critical Race Theory
American parents have had enough of this divisive ideology being imposed on their kids.
Lew Rockwell

Across the US, parents are protesting against the implementation of new school lessons informed by critical race theory (CRT). Videos of parents passionately speaking up in opposition at school-board meetings have gone viral. At a recent meeting, the school board in Loudoun County, Virginia, heard a range of criticisms. ‘...

Why Trump Supporters Are Pissed Off And Don't Trust Anything
Zero Hedge

As the ruling class went to absurd lengths to try and dismantle Donald Trump, pissed off supporters watched in horror as a captured media peddled lie after lie - typically based on anonymous leaks from deep state bureaucrats, and as  powerful agents within America's intelligence apparatus falsified evidence and collaborated...

GETTR: really a free speech forum?

Gettr is a new social media platform created by Jason Miller, a former senior advisor to President Trump. It was launched on July 4, 2021. It has featuress similar to Twitter. Users can write posts on the platform of up to 777 characters in length, upload images, and upload and edit videos that are up to three minutes long...

Video: Biden regime no longer pro-choice re: experimental medications
Fox News via Vlad Tepes blog

This is an important video: Biden regime is no longer pro-choice in terms of taking experimental medications.

Direct link:



President Ronald Reagan famously said, “the nine most terrifying words in the English language...

Biden Regime bars ICE from detaining pregnant or nursing women

Citing a commitment to making the U.S. immigration system more "humane," the Biden administration announced Friday that it barred Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from detaining pregnant or nursing women, absent "exceptional circumstances."

"Given the unique needs of this population, we will not...

Going Postal: How the Left Will Use Vote by Mail to Federalize Elections
In the lead up to 2020, big philanthropy and progressive Democrats teamed up to make mail-in ballots the new normal.
American Conservative

... Vote by mail is the future of American democracy, with all the accompanying opportunities for ballot harvesting, mail fraud, and deceit—at least if the left has its way. This was evident in the failed For the People Act (H.R. 1/S. 1), the Democrat’s vision for federalizing U.S. elections into a top-down nightmare that...

Colorado: America’s Leftist Laboratory
American Thinker

In just a few brief years, Colorado has been transformed from a symbol of independence and self-determination into the liberal Left’s laboratory for social experimentation. Its citizens have become caged lab rats made to endure unrelenting torturous socialist/Marxist research procedures that are subsequently exported to and...