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The Republican Party Sucks
The brute fact is that the GOP today—unlike its original incarnation—has no rootedness in any specific moral conception of political life. It is an unmoored, me
American Greatness

Originally published May 14, 2021

Once upon a time, the Republican Party didn’t suck. Actually, there were lots of times it didn’t suck.

It didn’t suck when, at its founding in the late 1850s, it declared slavery an inhumane, barbaric practice, and eventually ended it. It didn’t suck when it ended...

'Biden is trying to make white people the minority in the US': Trump West Point advisory board appointee
Trump West Point advisory board appointee says government is replacing Americans with European heritage with migrants
Daily Mail UK

A decorated Army veteran appointed by Donald Trump to West Point's advisory board at the end of his presidency has suggested that Joe Biden is deliberately bringing in migrants in a bid to change the demographic balance to help Democrats....

In 2019 he claimed that George Soros was paying for foreigners to come to...

"I love those barrettes in your hair" - Biden
In the middle of a speech to military personnel Friday in Hampton, Virginia, President Joe Biden said, looking towards the family who was being honored...   Biden continuing to talk, looking towards Brittney and the rest of her children, whom he named but not clearly, to say, “I love those barrettes in your hair, man.”...
China allows couples to have three children
The good news: China's birth rate is declining. The one-child policy was a success.   The bad news: China wants to resume exploding population growth. From the article:   China has relaxed its family planning policy to allow couples to have three children after a census showed its population is rapidly ageing, state...
It’s Always a Good Time to Increase Immigration!
National Review
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, arguably the most powerful lobby in Washington, made a big splash this week in a push for vastly increased immigration.   This may seem improbable when, in April, there were about 64 million Americans of working age who were either formally unemployed... or out of the job market altogether....
Texas Governor To Pull Licenses for Facilities Housing UACs
Refugee Resettlement Watch

Is your Republican governor one of twenty governors who told Biden not to send Unaccompanied Alien Children (mostly teens) to their states? Twenty Governors to Biden: Don’t Send the Illegal Alien Children to Our States... 

If so, tell them to put their money where their mouths are and follow Governor Abbott’s lead...
Shut Down the January 6 Gulag

If you listen to Democrats and anti-Trump liberal Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney and Rep. Liz Cheney, you'd think that nothing was being done about the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Never mind the FBI's all-out hunts and raids across 44 states. Never mind the continued detention of an unknown number of pro-Trump...

Democrats Pull Hat Trick With Dishonest Voting Rights Bill
Democrats are pushing another federal takeover of elections with the so-called John Lewis Voting Right Advancement Act. This one is a power grab forcing states to get permission from the Democrat-controlled federal government before implementing election integrity measures like voter ID and other constitutional safeguards...
How American Journalism Became a Mouthpiece of the Deep State
The intelligence community uses the media to manipulate the American people and pressure elected politicians.
American Conservative

... It is 2021 and the CIA is running an op against the American people.

Leon Panetta, once director of CIA, explained bluntly that the agency influenced foreign media outlets ahead of elections in order to “change attitudes within the country.” The method was to “acquire media within a country or within a region...

GOP Rep. Palazzo: ‘We Have an Invasion at Our Southern Border’
‘We’re All Going to Be Border States if We Don’t Get a Handle on This’
During an appearance on Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) discussed his recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, which he described as “an invasion” that was overwhelming the Border Patrol.   “Just got back in from the border yesterday,” he said. “We went to El Paso, so we were right there on the...
Red Lines
American Mind

The following essay is the first in a new feature from The American Mind on the possibilities—and necessity—of rearranging our political map.

In September of 2020, I published a book entitled The Stakes. It was billed as a “current events” or election-year title. The election behind us, the candidate I...

Stop Jew-Hate: End Islamist Immigration
Filling American cities with anti-Semitic Muslim mobs.
FrontPage mag
In 2015, The Atlantic ran a cover story titled, "Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?"   In 2021, the question is whether it’s time for the Jews to leave New York and Los Angeles.   The magazine cover story mentioned Malmo. Most stories about antisemitism in Europe reference the Swedish city whose Jewish population...
Major legal setback for Biden halt to deportation orders for illegal aliens
Texas court win strikes blow against immigration policy imposed by executive fiat.
Just the News
The state of Texas won its first lawsuit Thursday against the Biden administration over the president's executive order directing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to halt for 100 days deportations of immigrants who entered the country illegally. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued, and the 100-day pause was...
Smugglers Head to the Pacific, Ferrying People From Mexico to the US
Insight Crime

A boat that capsized off California’s shores carrying some 30 people, who paid more than $15,000 each to be shuttled from Mexico to the United States, offers the latest evidence of how smuggling operations are heading out to sea.

Maritime smuggling attempts – such as one in which three people died after their...

Biden Spends as Much on Health Care for Illegal Aliens as Trump Did on Wall
Remember the cataclysmic battle in Congress in December 2018 and January 2019? The 35-day partial government shutdown?  The fight was between President Trump along with congressional Republicans who wanted to fund additional border wall, and congressional Democrats who didn’t.     President Trump asked for $5.6 billion to...
What Future Are We Leaving for Millions of Americans?
The last thing this country needs is even more low-skilled workers fighting over an ever-shrinking pool of work.
American Greatness

... Every year about 4 million American youngsters move on from high school. On average just over 80 percent of them graduate and the others, around 760,000 each and every year, just move on. Unfortunately, the economic futures of those who don’t obtain a high school diploma are rather bleak. They are made bleaker in that...

What Biden And The Environmental Left Are Really Planning For Us
Manhattan Contrarian

Can you remember as far back as the 2020 campaign for President? If you can, you will surely recall candidate Joe Biden carefully positioning himself as the moderate relative to the other candidates from his party. This principle applied particularly to issues of energy and “climate.” For example, candidate Biden repeatedly...

Let’s Talk About the Children
Tennessee Star

According to U.S. government data, 717 “unaccompanied children” had been resettled in 2021 in Tennessee by the end of March. At the rate they are arriving, that number today is well over 1,000. Among states, Tennessee is the 8th most popular destination for placement of the minors.

Ask anyone what they hated most...

Censorship: A Personal Story
They cannot debate me, so I must be attacked.
Frontpage Mag First Amendment prevents our government from infringing on free speech, yet acting president Joe Binden has proclaimed that "No amendment to the constitution is absolute." Thus, Big Tech has become the active agent of censorship. In this article, Bill...

Title Board turns down proposed initiative to abolish vote-by-mail
Colorado Politics

The Title Board met on May 19, 2021 to consider a ballot initiative making substantial changes to Colorado's election procedures, including the elimination of universal vote-by-mail.

A proposed ballot initiative to require fingerprinted identification cards for voting, abolish universal vote by mail, and prescribe...

Local Report Alleges Migrants Are Being Secretly Flown Into Tennessee In Middle Of Night. Republican Lawmakers Want Answers
Daily Caller
Migrant children are allegedly being transported in the dead of night to cities throughout the southeastern U.S., according to a report from local outlet WRCBtv.   WRCBtv has obtained video evidence of planes carrying migrant children landing at Wilson Air Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. One video shows a plane landing...
At Least 5,000 Illegal Migrants Break Into Spain in One Day

At least 5,000 migrants, a third of whom were presumed to be minors according to Spanish authorities, swam and used inflatable boats Monday to cross into Ceuta, the largest number of migrant arrivals in a single day into Spain’s enclave in northern Africa....

The figure is much higher than the total arrivals so far...

40,000 Illegal 'Got-Aways' Crossed the Border in April
PJ Media

Last month, there were more than 173,000 illegal aliens detained at our southern border. If they were unaccompanied children, they were allowed to stay in a DHS shelter for a few days until room opened in another shelter run by HHS. If they were families with children, they got even luckier. Chances are very good they were...

Biden Regime Diverts American Healthcare Cash to Help Illegal Aliens

President Joe Biden has taken $2 billion from Americans’ healthcare programs to help deliver migrant youths and children to their illegal-migrant parents throughout the United States, press reports say.

“The Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] has diverted...

Waking Up the Lions
American Thinker
The time has come to be brutally honest about our country, what is going on, and hopefully waking up America and getting them to Stand Up.    Businesses can’t find workers because the Democrats want it that way  There is little gas in the Southeast because the Democrats want it that way  There is inflation rearing its...