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Democrats Rounding Up Political Dissidents

Democrats Rounding Up Political Dissidents - Tucker Carlson:



Tucker Carlson exposes the totalitarian Biden regime, American Thinker, 30 June 2022:

Since its inauguration, the Biden administration has displayed its absolute contempt for freedom and democracy.


Democrats Have Become A Serious Threat To The Republic
For the left, ‘democracy’ is no longer just a euphemism for ‘policies I want,’ it’s a belief in a system that exists outside the Constitution.
The Federalist

Those who seek to destroy or delegitimize the Supreme Court for upholding the Constitution are no better than those who desire to overturn or delegitimize presidential elections. In fact, they probably pose a greater long-term threat to American “democracy.”

Now, if you believe the above contention is hyperbole,...

Coloradans Must Not Let Democrats Decide Our Republican Primary

Many Coloradans may not realize this, but this Tuesday will be a seismic turning point for our beautiful state. Primary voters will either head us down a path towards prosperity, or down a road to relentless government overreach in the state known for being the new frontier.  

In just three and a half years, Jared...

This Crisis is Manufactured
Vlad Tepes Blog

Tucker Carlson: This Crisis is Manufacture. We’re finally getting to see what the progressive Democrat utopia looks like:

NY Supreme Court Strikes Down NYC Voting Rights for Foreign Nationals

The New York Supreme Court has struck down a New York City law, passed by Democrats late last year, that sought to give municipal voting rights to nearly a million foreign nationals.

As Breitbart News has chronicled, Democrats on the 51-member New York City Council approved a plan last month that allows more than 800,...

Biden Regime’s ‘Shadow Amnesty’ Play
Patriot Post

The Biden administration is packing the immigration courts to further his nefarious open-borders agenda.

There has been an illegal immigration crisis at the southern border ever since Joe Biden took office — a crisis that we have repeatedly noted is intentional. Biden’s de facto open-borders policy is part of a larger...

Supreme Court Confirms Federalism: Constitution's Solution for Abortion

The Supreme Court’s decision in the Dobbs case is both smaller and larger than it might first appear.

Smaller Than It Seems

It’s smaller in the sense that in and of itself the decision bans precisely zero abortions...

Yet despite all the hyperventilating from Democrats, the left-wing media, and outrage-...

Thousands Of African Migrants Storm Spanish Exclave of Melilla
Zero Hedge

Eighteen African migrants are dead and 76 injured after a mass storming of the Spanish exclave of Melilla in North Africa.

A Spanish government spokesperson said about 2,000 migrants attempted to cross, and 133 managed to breach the border of the Spanish territory, according to Associated Press. Those who made it...

Great Replacement of Euro-Canadians
Council of European Canadians

A recent National Post article has reported that ‘[m]illions of Canadians believe in white replacement theory’ – according to a new Abacus poll....

Of those who believe in the White replacement theory, 49% had right-wing political views; 41% were centrists; and 21% had left-wing views....

But one cannot deny...

Hope for Europe - but only with greatly reduced immigration
Interactive chart of population projections
The Overpopulation Project

TOP [The Overpopulation Project] provides population projections under nine different fertility and migration scenarios (and their varied combinations) for every country in the EU out to 2100, in order to illuminate policy choices and their demographic consequences.

Project and compare European countries’ population...

Five Reasons to Impeach Joe Biden
American Thinker

Note: While this article presents five reasons to impeach Biden, we will do well to remember that America's dementiate in-chief is but the figurehead of a larger malignant administrative regime. Excerpts from the article follow:

American has a two-tiered justice system. If you are liberal and vote Democratic, you...

Biden Regime Is Hiding Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections
The Federalist

resident Biden really does not want the public to know about his federal takeover of election administration. Dozens of members of Congress have repeatedly asked for details, to no avail. Good government groups, members of the media, and private citizens have filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act. Not a single...

Great Replacement Update: Biden Released 40% - Almost 100K Illegals Caught At Border In May
Biden has released more than 1 million illegal aliens since he took office

May wasn’t just another record-breaking month for illegal-alien “encounters” at the border, which reached almost 240,000. It was another chance for Traitor Joe Biden and his Cuban-Jewish Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, to release another nearly 100,000 illegal-aliens to continue colonizing a city or town...

Supreme Court Rejects Bail Hearings For Detained Illegal Aliens
Geller Report

Following the law, following the Constitution is so rare under the Biden regime, that when a ruling comes down on the side of the law it is …… shocking. ...

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled non-citizens can be detained indefinitely under federal immigration law without bond hearings and that federal judges lack...

Creeping Sharia: UK Theater Chain Pulls Movie After Muslims Protest
Geller Report

Anywhere Western law and Islamic law, mores and traditions conflict, it is always Western law that must give way.... 

Cineworld pulls £12m film on Prophet Muhammad’s daughter after hundreds of Muslim protesters picketed movie theatres and branded it ‘blasphemous’ over Islamic history ‘inaccuracies’ (Daily Mail)......

Healthy Skeptic

... Fauci... stands or sits there with a sanctimonious expression on his face and this mild, reasonable tone of voice, and out spews an endless stew of mis-statements and lies. The life-long bureaucrat in action–never really accomplished anything; survives by being politically adept; and if they didn’t start as incompetents...

Push for High-Density Housing Rooted in Racial and Environmental Agendas
Epoch Times

Observation: As move government-controlled high-density housing is brought into the suburbs, not only will density increase, but demographics will change. Suburbs, formerly strongholds of conservativism, will be increasingly populated with those who receive government handouts and support, who in turn vote for Democrat...

Texas’s Gov. Abbott blocks and breaks that gargantuan incoming caravan
American Thinker

Joe Biden is letting one of the largest illegal migrant caravans in history move into the U.S., with no effort to stop it.

Texas's governor, Greg Abbott, isn't. 

According to a very interesting report by Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies, the record-sized 15,000-strong caravan has run into...

Ukraine Corruption: L. Todd Wood interview on Tucker Carlson - recommended

View the interview on directly Bitchute: Ukraine Corruption: L. Todd Wood interview on Tucker Carlson, June 9, 2022.


As befits Carlson's status as a very rare media skeptic of the U.S. role in the Ukraine war, on June 9, Tucker invited L. Todd Wood in for a one hour interview on Tucker Carlson Today....

Federal official warns of Colorado River water supply cuts

The Colorado River’s reservoirs have diminished to the point that significant cuts to the water supplied to the seven states that rely on it will be necessary next year, a federal official warned Tuesday.

Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Camille Calimlim Touton told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee...

Video: Wood, Mercola: It’s Crucial To Understand What We’re Up Against
Lew Rockwell

My interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola is the most comprehensive coverage of the problems we face with Technocracy, Transhumanism and scientism. If you want to get up to speed in a few short hours, listen to both videos, read the article and download the transcript of the interview with Mercola. ⁃ TN Editor...


Judge strikes down Biden Regime deportation limits
A judge has reversed Washington’s limits on immigration enforcement, arguing they violate federal law

...  The ruling was a response to a lawsuit filed by the states of Texas and Louisiana, which sued the Biden administration last April for its alleged refusal to enforce immigration law. At issue was a policy change announced two months before that required the ICE to prioritize the arrest and deportation of only illegals...

Good news: China's population could start falling!

China's population is set to get smaller for the first time since the great famine struck 60 years ago...

China accounts for more than one-sixth of the world's population, yet after four extraordinary decades in which the country’s population has swelled from 660 million to 1.4 billion, its population is on track to...

Meet Ray Epps, Part 2: Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web Of Unindicted Operators At The Heart Of January 6

This article is a lengthy albeit highly informative expose. The entire article is worth reading. Note that the article includes a number of videos. A few excerpts are included below:

Six weeks ago, Revolver News published a blockbuster investigative report on Ray Epps — a man who, more than any other individual,...

The Democrat January 6 Show Trial

The J6 Inquisition Is An Obvious Soviet-Style Show Trial, by Tristan Justice, The Federalist, 10 June 2022:

The hearing, however, possessed all the signature hallmarks of the infamous Moscow Trials nearly 100 years ago, in which opponents to Joseph Stalin’s regime were hauled before the public and charged with...

What's bedeviling America
We face an alliance of convenience among the far-left progressives, Deweyites, socialists, Marxists, doctrinaire communists, totalitarians
American Thinker

Bruce Deitrick Price: The big problem for all of us is to grasp the entirety of your work. So my first question is, what is the broad concern that ties together all this research?

Linda Goudsmit: The most important thing is to realize that globalism is at war with the nation-state. I am talking about globalism as an...

What the January 6 Committee Hearings Won’t Cover
American Greatness

A sham congressional committee working with a corrupt Justice Department boosted by a dishonest national media can only be expected to create political propaganda....

Their bottom-line task is to convince the public that Trump led a “coordinated, multi-step effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election,” according...

The Subordinate Citizen
American Greatness

... Contrast the tens of thousands of foreign nationals now mustering to cross illegally into the United States again this summer. They follow the already 2 million who have entered the country unlawfully since Joe Biden became president. 

Does any foreign national worry about being tested for COVID-19, much less fear...

DeSantis: Soros-backed Latino Media Network will disinform
New York Post

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is warning Miami residents that Spanish language radio stations bought by a George Soros-backed group plan to spread “disinformation” over their airwaves.

DeSantis released several radio spots in Spanish to alert residents to the “purchase of Hispanic radio stations meant to disinform the...

Soros Spent Over $40 Million To Install Pro-Crime District Attorneys
Blockbuster Report: Unleashed Violent Criminals Endangering Communities
Geller Report

Blockbuster report reveals how the left put pro-Black Lives Matter district attorneys and state attorneys in power across the country to let criminals off the hook and endanger communities in the name of "racial justice"...

The U.S. currently has 75 George Soros-backed prosecutors overseeing half of America’s 50 most...
Tucker Carlson on lack of election integrity

Tucker Carlson discusses the multiple ways by which the Democrat party stole the 2020 election, and why American's do not have confidence in their electoral system.


A Dozen Food Processing Plants Destroyed - add another to the list!

Food Processing Plants Burning Down All Over the World, as Europe, Australia Prepare for Fuel Rationing, Canada Free Press, 8 June 2022:

Food processing plants and distribution centers are now burning to a crisp in rapid succession, a peculiar trend that has been growing since 2021.

Just in the last weeks the...

Minneapolis Becomes First Large City to Broadcast Islamic Call to Prayer Over Loudspeakers
FrontPage Mag

... The adhan, prayed in Arabic, repeats “Allahu akbar” six times, “I testify that there is no god but Allah” three times, and “I testify that Muhammad is Allah’s prophet” twice. Dr. Gavin Ashenden, former chaplain to the British queen, who resigned his position in protest against a Qur’an reading in a Scottish church,...

Immigrants Travel To Schools With Warning: Socialism Is Deadly
Daily Caller

Immigrants who have fled socialist countries are travelling to schools across the U.S. for free under a new program to teach students about the dangers of socialism.

The Dissident Project launched Monday with speakers set to “travel to high schools across the U.S. to speak to students about authoritarian socialism” at...

Naomi Wolf: We're Now in the Last Stage of a Tyrannical Takeover
Epoch Times

According to Naomi Wolf, a former adviser to the Clinton administration, there are 10 steps every tyrannical government has followed. We are now at step 10, and once it locks into place, there will be no going back. Find out how you can help keep that from happening.

Story at-a-glance

There are 10 steps that...
Colorado needs nuclear to meet ambitious energy goals
Complete Colorado

Colorado has set the ambitious goal of achieving 100% carbon-free electricity generation by 2040, while simultaneously encouraging the electrification of the state’s transportation, home-heating, and manufacturing sectors to drive down emissions even further.

To have a realistic shot of meeting these goals, the state...

Another Government Fiasco: 2020 Census Rigged?
Trending Politics

Once again Americans have to determine why another governmental agency, this time the Census Bureau, could make significant errors that disproportionality benefit democratic majority states.

Unlike more temporal activities conducted by governmental agencies, the Census is only completed once every 10 years, and as you...

Which Doomer Are You? A New Political Map

Dave Pollard has been clanging to doom bell for a while. He made a 'new political map' in 2015—back when I would have called him crazy—but now I’m crazy too. When the world goes mad, only a madman stays the same.I have modified Pollard’s map above. Nothing wrong with the old design, this is just how I understood it.


Democrats to Vote on 6 Gun Controls That Wouldn't Have Prevented Uvalde Attack

Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee will hold a vote on a gun control package Thursday which includes six gun control measures that would not have prevented the Uvalde attack.

The package is titled the “Protecting Our Kids Act.”

Punchbowl News reports that the package contains eight gun controls. Six of...

Immigration to the United States and World-Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Center for Immigration Studies

Originally published in 2008, this article is particularly relevant today because of Biden regime / Democrat party conflicting agendas. These are specifically:

1. Open borders, which incidentally violates Biden's oath of office to enforce America's laws, including immigration laws.

2. The Green New Deal agenda...

Foreign-Born Population Hit Record 47 Million in April 2022
Driven largely by illegal immigration
Center for Immigration Studies

An analysis of the Census Bureau’s monthly Current Population Survey (CPS) shows that the total foreign-born population (legal and illegal) in the U.S. hit 47 million in April of 2022 — a record high in American history. The foreign-born population includes all persons who are not U.S. citizens at birth. The size and growth...

The Origins of the New Right - And its Future
A true America First platform is the only way forward
American Mind

The conservative movement has reached a definitive turning point in 2022. We can clearly see the emergence of a new right forming before our very eyes. The political process which ignited anew with onset of the Trump era is maturing... The old Republican Party, which despite winning some electoral victories, has been on life...

They’re Replacing You, Black America
Taki's Magazine

Liberals are screwing over African Americans again, sublimely confident that whatever they do, Democrats will never get less than 90% of the black vote....

... Hispanics have begun to show a slight — very slight — willingness to vote for Republicans, coinciding with the Democratic Party’s enthusiastic embrace of Black...

The European Union Was Designed to Stifle Democracy

Review of Ever Closer Union? Europe in the West by Perry Anderson (Verso, 2021).

Today, the structures of European capitalism and the transatlantic alliance should be under scrutiny like never before. After more than a decade of intense economic and political crisis, Western European powers and their US sponsor are...

Biden Regime Pays to Bus In Thousands of Migrants Daily

U.S. border officials are quietly bussing a vast flood of wage-cutting, rent-spiking migrants into Americans’ towns and cities, despite the court-ordered preservation of the Title 42 barrier.

“It’s like 8,000 to 9,000 a day now,” and there are more on the way, migration monitor Todd Bensman told Breitbart News.

Green Energy is 4 to 6 Times More Expensive
Epoch Times

... Biden keeps claiming that wind and solar energy are going to save money for consumers. But more government subsidies to “renewable energy” is a key feature of the White House anti-inflation strategy recently announced by Biden.

He probably got that idea from John Kerry, the administration’s climate czar, who...

Monkeypox: "Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me"
Unz Review

“I can’t believe it’s monkey-pox season already and I haven’t even taken my Ukrainian decorations down.” Robin Monotti 

Bill Gates prediction that the world would face an unexpected smallpox outbreak is miraculously unfolding. Should we be surprised?

I know I’m not. Here’s the money-quote that was delivered...

Half-Million Migrants Cross Border in Ten Weeks

More than a half-million migrants illegally crossed the southwest border with Mexico during a 10-week period ending on May 15. The record-setting mass migration crisis is overwhelming Border Patrol and NGO resources as they deal with the chaotic level of border crossings.

Between April 1 and May 15 approximately 513,...

Liberalism, Progressivism, Leftism

... I think that there are three basic, interrelated and mutually reinforcing ideological systems at work in the Western world today. These are liberalism, progressivism and leftism.

By liberalism, I mean the cluster of moral and political ideas emphasising individual rights and self-determination. The liberal...

Who is attending the globalist Davos summit?
From The Trenches World Report

Have you heard about the Great Reset agenda? How about Build Back Better? Of course, in order to build back America into a utopian globalist socialist entity, traditional America first has to be dismantled. We are witnessing multifaceted attempts to fundamentally transform America, orchestrated by Davos elites and...

More Illegal Aliens Crossed Border in April than any Month in Modern History
American Greatness

In the month of April, at least 234,088 illegal aliens crossed the border into the United States, smashing all previous records for the highest monthly total of illegal border crossings in modern history.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, the over 234,000 figure comes from successful interceptions by border...

Population, Petroleum, and Systemic Collapse
Council of European Canadians

Oil is everything. That is to say, everything in the modern world is dependent on oil and other hydrocarbons. From these we get fuel, fertilizer, pesticides, lubricants,  plastic, paint, synthetic fabrics, asphalt, pharmaceuticals, and many other things.... When oil goes, our entire industrial society will go with it. There...

Everything Everywhere All at Once
Sovereign Nations


What is your concern this week?

Is it affordable housing for you and for you family?

Is it the ability to fill your gas tank this week so you can go to work?

Is it the concern over finding baby formula for your newborn?

Is it the Marxist indoctrination being pushed at your children’s...

Threat to national sovereignty at May WHO World Health Assembly!!

The World Health Organization is attempting a 'power grab' - quietly setting up a single globalized response to all future 'health emergencies'...

... the deep state predators in the U.S. and Western governments have decided the world needs a centralized pandemic response controlled and...

Crime, Jared Polis, Labor Shortage: Why Colorado’s Senate May Go Red

The state has been under total Democratic control for four years, but a tumultuous two years with law enforcement, workforce development and the pandemic has some predicting that Republicans could regain control in November....

Wednesday, May 11, marked the 120th and final day of Colorado’s 2022 legislative session,...

Time running out to stop Biden's plot to undermine U.S. sovereignty

The fact that the European Union has the Digital Services Act and the U.K. has proposed an Online Safety Bill are among the latest evidence that it was not mere coincidence that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently decided to create a Disinformation Governance Board.

This is all tied in together, along...

Eight Stages Of Liberty
November 8, 2022, will determine whether America begins the return to abundance or continues on its present course toward bondage.
Canada Free Press

A Scottish historian and judge in the early 19th century, Alexander Fraser Tytler, has been credited with the development of The Eight Stages of Democracy....

According to whoever developed the theory, the average age of the world’s democracies is around 200 years. After roughly 200 years, nations collapse due to...

Imagine the Unimaginable
American Greatness

When revolutionaries undermine the system, earn the antipathy of the people, face looming disaster at the polls, it is then they prove most dangerous—as we’ll see over the next few months....

Americans are now entering uncharted, revolutionary territory. They may witness things over the next five months that once...

Biden Regime's border bloodbath: The deadly crisis exposed
Blaze TV

Corruption, greed, and death. This is what the Left’s border policy is REALLY about, not the humanitarian effort they claim it is.

On tonight's episode of "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck exposes the groups benefitting from the border chaos under the Biden administration. A leftist money supply flows to NGOs on the border that...

New Video Exonerates Defendants Accused of Breaking Into US Capitol
Geller Report

The Beltway Report:

In the video, Capitol police are seen opening up the upper west terrace doors of the Capitol building. No one is forcing their way in. There is no violence going on outside the building, at least none that can be seen that Democrats could say encouraged officers to open the doors. It just...

We Must Prevent Bill Gates from Preventing the Next Pandemic

For days now, I’ve been fighting my way through Bill Gates’s disturbing new book on How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, and I’ve found myself wondering about one question above all:

How are we to explain Gates, exactly?...

A commenter points me to Jeffrey Tucker, who, as it turns out, has done critical work...

Alaska’s Special Election Is A Template For How The Left Wants To Rig The Vote

Despite bloated voter rolls and zero safeguards on absentee ballot signatures, Alaska is about to conduct an all mail-in statewide primary....

Next month, Alaskans will vote in a special primary election for the state’s single congressional seat, left vacant by the death of Republican Rep. Don Young in March...

Illegal Aliens Receiving ‘Pallets of Baby Formula’
Americans face a worsening baby formula shortage

Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) says that while Americans face a worsening baby formula shortage, “They are sending pallets–pallets! of baby formula to the border.”

Who is “they?” Well, the Biden administration, of course.

You don’t think Joe Biden would put Americans at the head of the baby formula line, do you?...

Why Funding Ukraine Is Just Dead Wrong

Quietly, thoughtlessly, and ominously, America is sleepwalking towards a nuclear war.

Two weeks ago, the Biden Administration asked Congress for $33 billion to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia. But in a divided Washington, the Uniparty has united in agreement that $33 billion is not enough. On Monday,...

The Great Betrayal of American Democracy
The American people will have their chance to hold Joe Biden and his party accountable in November.
American Greatness

The Biden Administration is aiding and abetting an invasion of the United States. 

Let’s review the facts. As a candidate, Biden precipitated the crisis with several campaign promises: 

Amnesty and citizenship  Halting construction of the southern border wall  Suspending deportations Abandoning successful asylum...
If We MUST Take Refugees, Why Not Insist On Cultural Affinity?

... So there I was on Thursday night to hear a Hungarian scholar, Kristóf György Veres, give us his country's perspective on immigration into the West. As a Hungarophile from way back, I was particularly interested in what Dr. Veres had to say.

He did not disappoint. Speaking in excellent English, he took us through...

From Animal Farm to 1984
America has Achieved the Orwellian State

The consequences of the mass delusional psychosis I write about in my book United States of Fear imperil our freedoms, our safety, and our existence as a nation. George Orwell wrote about the consequences of a totalitarian state in his two famous novels Animal Farm and 1984. They served as allegories for the evil visited on...

Great Replacement: EU Children Propaganda Brochure Features Hijabi Girl
RAIR Foundation

Migrants are being used by the left-wing elites to dilute host cultures, ensure more votes, and seize power.

On April 14, 2021, the official European Union Commission released a propaganda pamphlet aimed at children 12-15 years old. The booklet, which consists of pictures with Islamic girls in sharia covering, is...

Stop Waiting for the New World Order to Arrive. It’s Already Here!
America Out Loud

... If someone truly believes that the United States is the most horrendous and racist nation in human history – as we have been teaching our children for two generations – then it is perfectly logical to also believe that celebrating our nation is celebrating racism, sexism, genocide, slavery, and all of the other things...

Biden Regime's 'Ministry of Truth' To Police Internet Speech
Geller Report

This is straight out of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugs [Atlas Shrugged] where the government annuls the rights of American citizens, and freedom is steadily eroded.... it goes against every precept of our first amendment.

The left cannot permit the free exchange of ideas because their failed ideas cannot stand up to scrutiny...

Fox News Is Headed For Disaster
Dinesh D'Souza just exposed the treachery of the corporate media "conservatives"

Fox News has been on a collision course with its own audience since the stolen 2020 election — and you can almost feel the impact coming....

Guess what: GOP voters have not forgotten about Fox News calling Arizona early — and prominent conservatives are no longer interested in ignoring Fox’s treachery.

Case in...

Election Integrity Dead: Killed in Court
Gatestone Institute
Many election operatives know that elections are won or lost because of process.... [A] war is taking place around elections that has nothing to do with voting machines... In 2020, an unprecedented burst of mail ballots swamped election offices because of the fright of COVID. All over the country, judges struck down or...
The Death of Free Speech
Taki's Magazine

... America has become despotic and authoritarian. If you could transport fascists from a century ago to this age, they would assume that fascism had carried the day in the great ideological wars of the 20th century. Everything in American life is now controlled by a partnership between capital and the state....


Progressive Marxist Education of Your Children

Constitutional scholar Mark Levin hosts the third largest nationally syndicated radio program in America on the SiriusXM Patriot Channel and over 300 stations across the country. His show on Thursday, 28 April 2022 was particularly informative, covering the long march of Marxism through our government education system,...

Decoding the leak from the U.S. Supreme Court
American Thinker

These are desperate times for the Democrats in Washington, the poll and the mood of the nation suggest that they will receive an emphatic shellacking during the mid-terms in November.

The Democrats just have around six months to act. Desperate times demand desperate measures, so the Democrats are resorting to sneaky...

Immigrants Swamped Job Growth, Inflation Drowned Wage Gains
What The Regime Media Didn’t Tell You About March Employment Report

... The economy added back 431,000 jobs in March according to the Payroll Survey, as the unemployment rate dropped by a more-than-expected two-tenths of one percent, to 3.6%. The country is now just one percentage point above the historic low (3.5%) seen in February 2020 at the peak of the Trump boom. Equally important, the...

De Facto Amnesty Means Republicans Must Endorse Mass Deportation

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar made a startling point this week. “We have in the range of 40 million illegal aliens in our country,” he said. “Using trains, buses and planes the US could deport 115,000 illegal aliens every week.” The provenance of his 40 million figure is unclear, but the larger truth is very clear. We have well...

Video: The End of Neoliberalism
Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson discussed the end of neoliberalism on his 29 April 2022 show. The entire show is interesting.

In particular, Victor Davis Hanson at 22:40 discusses Democrats, the bi-coastal elite, and how their socialist agenda has backfired on them. Hanson also points out how they have changed the demographics: in the...

Our Immigration System Isn’t Broken, Democrats Are

It’s religious dogma to the left: our immigration system is broken and the only fix is more... ;but without amnesty, they aren’t interested in any of it. Which goes to show you that, in fact, the immigration system is not broken, Democrats are.

Our immigration system worked just fine (not perfectly, mind you, but fine...

Biden Regime Punishes UPS Verifying Employees Aren't Illegal Aliens

The Biden Regime has gone out of its way to punish United Parcel Service (UPS) for daring to ask an alien admitted for lawful permanent residence (LPR) for their green card. This is not about fixing some injustice, this is not about illegal immigration related employment discrimination, but about making it easier for illegal...

'Unvaxxed' Canadians Banned From Travel For the Next 3 Years
RAIR Foundation

Canada’s communist and WEF-trained Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, added a provision to the state’s budget that funds the denial of the right of exit to all Canadians who do not take the mRNA gene therapy shots. The right of exit can be the last barometer of a democracy. Typically, the freedom that democracies provide means...

The Independent State Legislature doctrine
How to Drive the Left Nutty
Flash Report

Want to see the left wing media and its leftist followers completely bat guano crazy?

Just mention the “independent state legislature” doctrine that is gaining traction around the country.....

Simply stated, the independent state legislature doctrine says that the various state legislatures throughout the...

Video: Dr. Robert Malone: Closing the Curtain on COVID Theater
General Dispatch / Whatfinger

Dr. Robert Malone: Closing the Curtain on COVID Theater.

"There is no justification for mandating vaccines for children, full stop," said Dr. Robert Malone, M.D.



Lab accident is 'most likely but least probed' COVID origin, State Dept. memo says, US Right to Know, 28 March 2022.


Ramadan: A Time to Celebrate Murder, Bloodshed, and Slavery
The Islamic holy month has more to offer than fasting.
FrontPage Mag

During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast, pray, engage in acts of piety and charity, and reminisce over warfare and bloodshed in the name of Islam.

Virtually every Ramadan features various Islamic authorities, personages, and/or institutes reminding Muslims to take pride in and celebrate various historic...

Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland: 30% Are Foreign Born Or Have One Foreign Parent

A recent report from Deutsche Welle should have people in the land of Goethe and Schiller and Bach and Beethoven wondering whether they live in Germany....

The number of either foreign born or those with at least one foreign parent has surpassed 27 percent, the website reported:...

The number of either foreign...

ICE Outsmarts Sanctuary Cities in Colorado
Liberty Nation

Federal authorities seem to have found a way around progressive attempts to shield dangerous illegal immigrants from deportation. Over the past five years, an increasing number of cities – and at least one state – declared sanctuary status, meaning they will not allow local law enforcement to work with federal immigration...

Freedom Skies! No More Face Muzzles!
TSA Announces It Will Not Enforce Biden Mask Mandate in Airports After Trump-Appointed Judge Strikes Down
Freedom skies!

Note: This is a time to rejoice. Yet Americans must not allow the 2022 election to be hijacked by more pandemic hysteria. State legislators must not allow drop boxes, enhanced mail-in voting, and ballot harvesting as was done in the fraudulent 2020 election under the guise of Covid hysteria.



'The New World Order is Upon Us, Greatest Danger of our Life' - video
RAIR Foundation

For the past several weeks, Thierry Baudet, founder and leader of the Dutch party Forum for Democracy (FvD), made English-language YouTube shows about the most critical topics threatening our world. The conservative leader takes on Globalists New World Order in his fourth episode, "What's Wrong With The West?". He addresses...

Ten Steps to Totalitarianism
American Thinker

Does anybody still think totalitarianism can't happen here?  Ask yourself how many of these steps we've already galloped past. 

(1) Destruction of Religion

Any belief in a higher power is threatening to the State... America's founding was a product of the Enlightenment's understanding that natural rights and...

Reasons people say they’re leaving Colorado
Fox 31

... 10 reasons people might move out of Colorado

We had several emails, messages, and Facebook comments about why people have moved out of Colorado or why they say they want to.

Here are some of the responses from our viewers:

“Sadly, I grew up in Colorado and it is a beautiful state. But it has gotten...

By end of first term, 20% of all Americans will be here illegally
It's time for a showdown: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick
General Dispatch

We start with at least 30 million illegals here before Biden. Then his math gets into details – since we catch 1 out of 3 – 7 million are coming in per year. Biden is letting in 30 million in his first term. That means we will have 60 million here in 3 more years.

It's time for a showdown: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick...

Get a Deep State Government Job, Do What You Want
Flash Report

...  Using the term “Deep State” will set a liberal’s hair on fire and cause them not to listen. The question is whether federal employees act in a manner of their choosing as opposed to following the wishes of the President and the presidential appointees... There are and it happens frequently.

I previously wrote...

What the Left Has Given Us in 14 Months
The Nihilism of the Left
American Greatness

... The last 14 months have offered one of the rare occasions in recent American history when the hard Left has operated all the levers of federal government.... And the result is a disaster that is uniting Americans in their revulsion of elitists whose crazy ideas are tearing apart the fabric of the country....


The Great Sovereignty Reclamation Movement
A proud nationhood is one that fights to secure its customs, folkways, and traditions.
American Spectator

... A look around the world at this present juncture suggests an emerging consensus: We the people, through our own internal deliberations and our own political processes, should decide the fate of our own nation-states. Recent or ongoing examples in Hungary, France, Ukraine, and Israel are all instructive. For political...

Importing Voters Through Illegal Immigration

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey just signed into law House Bill 2492, which requires all people opting to vote only in federal elections in that state to provide proof of United States citizenship and state residency. HB 2492's amendments to Arizona's existing election law are brief, unremarkable, and reasonable, but they close a...

The Progressive Crime Syndicate
Understanding the Progressive Mind II.
Front Page Mag

In a previous article, I explained that “progressivism is a criminal mentality.” By progressivism, I mean every political philosophy that regards itself as “revolutionary,” or “transformative,” that describes itself as socialist, communist, fascist or jihadist – or that believes “the moral arc of the universe that bends...

Biden Releases 756K Illegal Aliens into America Since Taking Office
Population the Size of Denver

... Joe Biden’s administration has released more than 750,000 border crossers and illegal aliens, a foreign population larger than the population of Boston, Massachusetts, into the United States since taking office in January 2021, a court brief confirms.

The brief, dated April 14 and filed in the Supreme Court by...

The Party's Over
Taki's Magazine

... The West is suffering from inflation at the moment, so people are noticing that their money buys less than it did in the recent past.... 

It has been over forty years since the West has seen this sort of inflation. That assumes the official numbers are accurate, which is unlikely. In the United States, official...

What Do The Globalists Actually Want?
And What is the Great Reset?

... Think of the crash of 2008 as Stage 1 of the Reset agenda; the globalists were getting cocky and were ready to unveil their plans to the public....

What do the globalists REALLY WANT? Here are the details, so far as I can prove or support with evidence, of what the “Great Reset” actually is and what programs they...

Biden Is Breaking At Least Two Laws By Refusing To Secure The Border And Deport Illegals

If the illegal-alien invasion across our border with Mexico should teach us anything, it’s a long-forgotten truth. Legalize and/or subsidize something, and you’ll get more of it....

Writing for the Center for Immigration Studies, Andrew Arthur explained today that everyone seems to have forgotten a little something...