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Human Smugglers Earn $1B from U.S.-Mexico Border in December 2021
Internal U.S. Customs and Border protection documents reviewed by Breitbart Texas report that human smugglers received up to $1 billion in December 2021 alone. On average, migrants claimed to have paid smugglers more than $5,000 per person – with more than 170,000 apprehended in the month.   The number is likely much...
19K Migrants Apprehended on Southwest Border in 2022

A trusted source within Customs and Border Protection tells Breitbart Texas the migrant surge in Eagle Pass is continuing into the new year with 4,000 arrests in the Del Rio Sector. During the first eight days of the new year, agents along the entire southwest border apprehended more than 19,000 migrants.

The source...

Video: The CDC withheld China virus vaccines based on race
Race has become a deciding factor in the distribution of critical health care

The CDC withheld coronavirus vaccines based on race. Several states made it explicit: Whites could go last in the Covid vaccine queue, regardless of need.

The CDC withheld coronavirus vaccines based on race.

— The Dirty Truth (Josh) (@...

There's Nothing Compassionate About an Eight-Fold Surge in Refugee Admissions
Consumer prices aren't the only things soaring under the Biden administration.   The annual cap on refugee admissions is also set to skyrocket from 15,000 -- the fiscal 2021 limit imposed last fall by the Trump administration -- to 125,000, the goal set by President Biden for the current fiscal year that started in October...
Flashback: May 2020 Assault On White House: 60 Secret Service Agents Wounded, President Trump Taken to Secure Bunker
Let's put this crazy J6 "insurrection" lunacy into perspective.
Legal Insurrection
The Democrats’ January 6 clown show was worse than even I expected. Their hysterical, pearl-clutching, lie-filled response to the events on January 6th, what Democrats are clearly hoping will be their transformative Reichstag moment, is unseemly, phony to its core, and purely and solely political.   We know this because...
Biden Regime To Send $300 Million To Taliban Controlled Afghanistan
Geller Report
White House to send more than $300 million in aid to Afghanistan despite Taliban control...   By Madeleine Hubbard, Just The News January 11, 2022 – 11:34pm   The White House announced plans Tuesday to send more than $308 million in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan as millions face starvation under the new...
The Utterly Destructive Equality Principle of Modern Liberalism
View From The Right

Here are excerpts from the insightful speech that Lawrence Auster gave at the Preserving Western Civilization conference in February, 2009.


by Lawrence Auster (1949-2013)
Preserving Western Civilization Conference
Baltimore, Maryland
February 8,...

J6 Hysteria: Media, Dems Avoiding Accountability For Rigging of 2020 Election
January 6 Hysteria Is How Media And Other Democrats Are Avoiding Accountability For Their Rigging Of The 2020 Election The 2020 presidential election was unlike any in American history.   Hundreds of laws and processes were changed in the months leading up to the election, sometimes legally and sometimes not, creating chaos,...
Mass Formation Psychosis - Crowd Psychosis
or... mass hypnosis - the madness of crowds

As many of you know, I have spent time researching and speaking about mass psychosis theory. Most of what I have learned has come from Dr. Mattias Desmet, who realized that this form of mass hypnosis, of the madness of crowds, can account for the strange phenomenon of about 20-30% of the population in the western world...

What if the largest experiment on human beings in history is a failure?
A report from an Indiana life insurance company raises serious concerns.

A seasoned stock analyst colleague texted me a link today, and when I clicked it open, I could hardly believe what I was reading.  What a headline.  “Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64”.  This headline is a nuclear truth bomb masquerading as an insurance agent’s dry manila envelope...

Video: No One Has Ever Complied Their Way Out of Totalitarianism
This Is the Hill We Need to Die On
Gateway Pundit

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is quickly becoming one of the most important voices of our time. He continues to fearlessly call out the tyranny that is ripping apart the fabric of our country.

On Sunday Kennedy released a call to action for 2022.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: I’m going to tell you these three things...

Dr. Robert Malone podcast: Federal Government is Lawless and Actively Violating Nuremberg Code
Gateway Pundit

Joe Rogan’s much-anticipated podcast interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the Inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, dropped on Friday – and sure enough, it did not disappoint.

Dr. Malone has been speaking out against the public health bureaucracy’s Covid-19 response and the experimental vaccines for months, proving...

The post that led to my termination

The following article contains a wealth of expository information on black versus White crime and police enforcement.

"This is the post that I made to Thomson Reuters’ internal social media site, called the Hub, that precipitated a barrage of hateful and racist attacks from BLM supporters within the company. When I...

Over 584,000 Foreigners Overstayed Their Visas: DHS
Epoch Times
Some 584,885 foreigners overstayed their visas in fiscal year 2020, according to a newly released report from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).   DHS released the report this week but made it appear as if it were released in September 2021 after being pressured by Republican senators for defying the law and not...
Nearly 400K Anchor Babies Born in 2021

Illegal aliens, tourists, and foreign visa workers delivered nearly 400,000 children in the United States over the last 12 months, prior analysis concludes, securing birthright American citizenship.

The analysis, published in 2018 by the Center for Immigration Studies, states that close to 400,000 “anchor babies,”...

Ballot Busting - 2021 articles

This was not just election fraud, it was a coup.

The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything - Joseph Stalin The only thing we did on Election Day was tell them how many votes they needed on Election Night. — Andy Swan (@AndySwan) November 4,...
Biden Regime Shuts Down Life-Saving Monoclonal Antibody Treatments - Doctors Outraged
American Greatness

Doctors across the country are expressing shock and outrage after the Biden regime shut off distribution of monoclonal antibodies, preventing them from treating patients infected with the Delta coronavirus with the life-saving therapeutic.

In a letter addressed to Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier...

2021: 1.9 Million Illegal Aliens Apprehended Along Southwest Border
500,000 Got-Aways?
Unofficial numbers indicate that Border Patrol agents assigned to the nine southwest border sectors apprehended approximately 1,929,000 migrants who illegally crossed between ports of entry in 2021. Official U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reports revealed that agents apprehended 1,773,674 migrants through the first...
The relentless 2021 news cycle in one chart

The relentless 2021 news cycle in one chart.

The Hidden Agenda Behind Biden Regime's Insane Gas Mileage Requirements
The point is to reduce car ownership
American Spectator

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Monday that all new cars that aren’t electric must average 55 miles per gallon by 2026. 

This amounts to a Great Leap Forward of almost 20 miles per gallon from the currently ordered 36 miles per gallon that all new cars must achieve, else their manufacturers be...

State Department Actively Impeding Rescue Efforts as Afghanistan Fades from Spotlight, Vets Say
National Review

... The Project Dynamo rescue came four months after the fall of Kabul, as winter is setting in, and as Afghanistan is on the brink of mass starvation. It also came as successful rescues of Americans and American allies have become increasingly hard to come by....

Stern has focused his most recent efforts on...

Racist NY Prioritizing Antiviral Pills for Non-White People

New York state’s Department of Health (DOH) announced recently that non-white people should be prioritized over white people for anti-viral pills in short supply.

The DOH announcement, dated December 27, said limited supply of oral antivirals will “require providers to prioritize treatment for...

RFK, Jr. Explains Why They’re Going After the Kids - Not What You Think (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit

The PREP Act provides immunity from liability for the COVID-19 vaccinators. The purpose of the law is to protect Big Pharma.

Robert F. Kennedy recently revealed why Big Pharma and Dr. Fauci are going after the children and babies. Because the vaccines that are recommended for children get liability protection....

Biden Regime’s Mass Release of Illegal Aliens to Cost Americans $6.6B Annually

Joe Biden’s mass release of illegal aliens into the United States interior is set to cost American taxpayers at least $6.6 billion annually, an analysis exclusively shared with Breitbart News reveals.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) analysis, shared with Breitbart News, dives into Biden’s...

California Is a Confederate Society with Sick Fixation on Race
California is a neo-Confederate state with a “sick fixation” on ethnicity and race, historian and professor Victor Davis Hanson said in an interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow.   California’s hemorrhaging of residents to states with more freedom and prosperity is exacerbating the state’s social...
How Marxists Captured the Universities and Will Soon Capture the Nation
International Man / Lou Rockwell

... Communist and socialist ideas are growing in popularity among the millennial and Gen Z generations. In fact, the majority of young people dislike capitalism and favor a more socialist or even a communist economic system....

Doug Casey: The youth are being corrupted, and it’s more serious than ever....


Will Zemmour Bring a Right-Wing Revolution in France?
CSPI Center

If you follow European politics even a little bit, you must have heard of Éric Zemmour, the former right-wing pundit who is running for president in France and who is now a serious contender for the second round of the election. Everyone thought the results of the April 2022 election were written in advance, with a second...

Biden's Cartels: Record Delivery of Youth, Child Migrants in 2021

... Biden and his pro-migration progressives admitted at least 40,000 coyote-delivered, work-ready young male migrants in 2021 under the excuse of saving “unaccompanied alien children.”

“What the advocacy groups are saying is that open borders is ‘For the children,’ when in fact, they’re talking about [admitting] 17-...
Biden's Southern Border Policy A Direct Assault On Our Democracy (VIDEO)
Nothing like this has ever happened in the United States
Fox / Gateway Pundit

During a recent monologue on his show, Tucker Carlson suggested that what Biden has done at the southern border is the most destructive thing any administration has done.

He noted the actual number of people crossing the southern border on a monthly basis and compared it to urban populations in America.


Texas Builds Border Wall in Sector Where 47K Migrants Apprehended Last Month

The State of Texas began construction of a State-funded border wall to secure its border with Mexico as the Biden-era migrant crisis continues to grow. During the recently ended Fiscal Year 2021, nearly 70 percent of all migrant apprehensions along the U.S. southwest border with Mexico occurred in Texas-based border sectors...

Senate Parliamentarian Nixes Amnesty in Build Back Better Bill
The Senate’s non-partisan debate referee has rejected the Democrats’ “Plan C” amnesty parole for 6.5 million migrants [illegal aliens], so sending the Democrats back to plan their next amnesty push in early 2022.   The Thursday evening rejection is possible because the Senate’s rules bar the inclusion of major policy...
Julian Assange Loses Appeal - will be extradited to U.S.
Press freedom groups have warned Assange's prosecution is a grave threat. The Biden DOJ ignored them, and today won a major victory toward permanently silencing

In a London courtroom on Friday morning, Julian Assange suffered a devastating blow to his quest for freedom. A two-judge appellate panel of the United Kingdom's High Court ruled that the U.S.'s request to extradite Assange to the U.S. to stand trial on espionage charges is legally valid...

The U.S. then offered...

Joe Rogan with Dr. Peter McCullough interview on Hydroxychloroquine
Vlad Tepes Blog

This is apparently the entire Joe Rogan with Dr. Peter McCullough interview on Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin:



Segments of the interview are also available on the Vlad Tepes blog.


Remember, all of the authoritarian, top-down mandates are "for the greater good...

House Democrats Block Bill to Finish Construction of Border Wall

House Democrats overwhelmingly voted to block consideration for H.R. 2729, also known as the Finish the Wall Act, on Tuesday. The bill, introduced by Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA), would have required the Department of Homeland Security to resume construction of border wall projects halted by the Biden administration and would...

Video: Frank Gaffney's powerful warning: China and the enemy within
FrontPage Mag

Center for Security Policy founder Frank Gaffney delivers a powerful warning about the enemy within, China's role and why this moment is the most dangerous time in our country's history. Don't miss this impacting speech, held at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2021 Restoration Weekend on Nov. 11th-14th at the Breakers...

FDA is working with USPS to stop shipments of Ivermectin
Citizen Free Press

According to this letter, the FDA is working with USPS to stop shipments of Ivermectin.

Related   With Ivermectin in Hand, Wife Dies While Husband Begs Hospital to Administer, Epoch Times, December 11, 2021.   Major Study Reveals Real Myocarditis Risk with mRNA Vaccines—Young Males Most at Risk, TrialSite News...
These People Are the 'Enemies of Humanity'
Casey Research / Lew Rockwell

... As longtime readers know, Doug Casey believes the politically correct (PC) movement is part of the accelerating collapse of Western civilization....

Chris Reilly, managing editor, Casey Daily Dispatch: Doug, longtime readers know that you think the “politically correct” movement is destroying America. In fact,...

The Most Important Climate Solution Is One Leaders Refuse to Talk About
Stabilizing our population through sensible immigration policies is a basic precondition for getting the climate crisis under control.
Real Clear Policy

President Biden and other world leaders gathered in Glasgow, Scotland last month to coordinate the global fight against climate change. Our commander-in-chief promised to lead the way by implementing policies — such as subsidizing the adoption of electric vehicles and other next-generation green technologies — to reduce U.S...

How Does Illegal Immigration Help Democrats?
By Building Future Majorities
Canada Free Press

In another essay on Biden’s designed failures, we ask, How Does Illegal Immigration Help Democrats? The big secret is that Democrats believe they cannot win unless they have outside help in the form of instant new, illegal Democrats. The following is a summary by 5 points....

1. Illegals are Overwhelmingly Democrats...
For America's future population, how much is too much?
The Hill

Here is an article on our population predicament. Yet there are some problems with the article - see footnotes.

... America currently has 333 million citizens1: triple the number from a century ago. The U.S. population is currently the world’s third-largest after China at 1.44 billion and India at 1.39 billion.

Elon Musk Might Be Right About Global Population Collapse, But for Wrong Reason

For some time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been using his ample platform to sound off about population: not the world’s continuing, disastrous human population boom, but what he foresees as an impending population collapse.

At a time when the Earth continues to add more than 80 million people annually — year in, year...

Is a Pushback Against Soft Despotism Coming in 2022?
The ruling elite are not going to surrender power without a fight.
FrontPage Mag

Over the last two years, many of us have been surprised and troubled at how eagerly millions of citizens have surrendered their freedoms to the shifting, contradictory, nakedly politicized diktats of various “experts” and government agencies. Coerced vaccinations, boosters, masks, and social distancing continue to be...

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down Mask Mandate
Geller Report

Yet another blow to the totalitarian Democrat’s power play on the CCP virus, their partners in the take down of this great but teetering country...

Pennsylvania high court throws out mask mandate for schools...

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A statewide mask mandate for Pennsylvania schoolchildren was thrown out...

The death of Europe
Mandatory vaccination spells the violent end of European liberalism

Europe is on a precipice. It has marched, blindly, towards something very much resembling tyranny. Austria will shortly criminalise those who refuse the Covid vaccine. Germany looks set to follow. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, is wondering out loud if every member state should do likewise and...

Ivermectin: Brazilian city cuts COVID hospitalizations, deaths in half, US medical authorities continue to suppress its use
American Thinker

The suppression of the use of the off-patent, hence low profit, drug ivermectin for use in preventing and treating COVID is grotesque and inhumane. Consider the case of a wife who died while hospitalized for COVID while her husband begged the hospital to administer a supply he had in hand but was refused. From the Epoch...

UN Handing Out $800 Debit Cards To Prospective Illegals In Mexico

Todd Bensman on  the Center for Immigration Studies is reporting that the United Nations  International Organization for Migration (IOM) is handing out debit cards worth $800 to migrants hoping to enter the United States illegally.  As I recall from the AmRen conference, Peter Brimelow had advocated getting out of the...

NIH Made Deal With Moderna To Share Vaccine Profits Before Pandemic
Tucker: "Why Is This Not Front Page Everywhere?"

Tucker and Glenn Beck on the NIH’s intellectual property dispute with Moderna



Fauci / NIAID Signed Private And Confidential Vaccine Agreement Weeks Before We Even Knew About The Pandemic, Geller Report, December 11, 2021.

We are the Prey!

The Real Anthony Fauci...

George Soros Funnels $4 Million to Extremist Group to Defund Police
Geller Report

... George Soros must be stopped. If President Trump or Governor Ron DeSantis take office in January 2025, they must appoint an attorney general who is serious about aggressively confronting George Soros. The way Robert Kennedy aggressively confronted the mob when he was AG in the early 1960’s....

George Soros Funnels $...
Is Wokeness Almost Over?
Extremist political cycles seem to have a natural lifespan, but it requires real political will to overcome them.
American Conservative
November’s off year elections revealed that the rollback of wokeness, if not imminent, may be nearer than many had hoped. Voters rejected decisively two of wokeness’s core policy components: Defunding the police lost badly in heavily Democratic cities from Seattle to Minneapolis to Buffalo, while Republican Glenn Youngkin’s...
Japan Places Myocarditis Warning on Vaccines - Requires Informed Consent
RAIR Foundation
Japan announces that public and private sectors can not discriminate against those who refuse the experimental mRNA gene therapy injections.   Japan is now labeling Covid “vaccines” to warn of dangerous and potentially deadly side effects such as myocarditis. In addition, the country is reaffirming its commitment to...
Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Strikes Down School Mask Mandate
Gateway Pundit
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Friday struck down a statewide mask mandate.   The state’s high court said Acting State Health Secretary Alison Beam did not have the authority to mandate students wear a mask in school.   The initial lawsuit was filed by a coalition of parents, Republican politicians and school...
Those 'feel safe' mask mandates don’t actually work
Complete Colorado

... In 1920, the American Journal of Public Health published a study asking why widespread masking had had virtually no effect on the spread of the disease.  It concludes that masks dense enough to filter out the flu made it hard to breath, forcing air around the edges.

And yet, public health officials today are still...

CO Gov. Polis: COVID Emergency Is Over and We Don't Get to Tell People What to Wear

During an interview with Colorado Public Radio on Thursday released on Friday, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) defended his refusal to reinstitute a state mask mandate by saying that the coronavirus “emergency is over” and state public health officials don’t “get to tell people what to wear.” Polis also argued that because...

Yale Epidemiologist: COVID-19 A Pandemic Of Fear Manufactured By Authorities
Zero Hedge

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of fear, manufactured by individuals who were in the nominal positions of authority as the virus began to spread across the globe last year, according to Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch.

In an appearance on Epoch TV’s “American Thought Leaders” program, Risch, an epidemiology...

Why Socialism Never Works: A Video Marathon

Why Socialism Never Works: A Video Marathon.

Capitalism has lifted millions out of poverty and is the only creator of wealth. Socialism ONLY results in economic ruin. So why do so many young people today support it? Watch this specially-curated video marathon devoted to understanding Socialism and its pitfalls.

Building and Keeping a Nation
American Renaissance
Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father and long-time prime minister (1959–1990), should be a role model for nationalists across the West. Lee was not a philosopher but a practical politician, so his insights are not theoretical but the product of three decades of leadership.   Lee was able to adapt to changing...
Density Cometh to California
The American Mind

Though many Americans already suspect that California is on its way to becoming a socialist hellhole, they probably would be surprised to hear about the Golden State’s latest affirmative step toward that end. Driven by the ideology of “diversity and inclusion,” Governor Gavin Newsom has stripped away the power of citizens...

NYC gives noncitizens and illegal aliens right to vote
Gateway Pundit
New York City lawmakers passed a bill on Thursday that would give noncitizens and illegal aliens the right to vote in municipal elections.   The new measure would give 800,000 green card holders and illegal alien “DREAMers” the right to cast a ballot.   The City Council bypassed state lawmakers and passed the measure which will...
The real agenda behind mad dash to get every child on the planet injected against a virus that won’t affect them

Bill Gates’ Gavi Vaccine Alliance in 2018 published a paper on its INFUSE program that ought to be required reading for every parent of young children.

This document is guaranteed to give pause to any parent considering taking the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci, their local public-school nurse or government-compliant...

DeSantis: 6 Proposals to Crack Down on Corporations, Left-Wing NGOs Aiding Illegal Immigration

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced six legislative proposals, with hopes to pass them into law through the legislature, that would drastically crackdown on corporations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who facilitate illegal immigration to the state.

During a press conference on...

Colorado Elementary School Backlash For Families Of Color Playground Night

An elementary school in Colorado has gone viral on social media after promoting what appears to be a racially segregated event on the school’s playground.


The Centennial Elementary School, which is part of the Denver Public School (DPS) system, has recently planned “Families of Color Playground Night[s...

The COVID PCR test is a complete fraud
Canada Free Press

... OK, here we go. Smoking gun. Jackpot....

July 16, 2020, podcast, “This Week in Virology”: Tony Fauci makes a point of saying the PCR COVID test is useless and misleading when the test is run at “35 cycles or higher.” A positive result, indicating infection, cannot be accepted or believed.

Here, in...

The political prisoners of January 6
American Thinker
Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. - President Harry S. Truman

In 2020, BLM...

Holocaust Survivor: Wake Up, We Are Losing Our Freedoms (Video)
RAIR Foundation

... In February 2022, Austria will force its citizens to take the “vaccine” or face fines or potential prison sentences for not doing so.

Nick Hope, a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor imprisoned at the Nazi concentration camp Dachau, is warning against the Austrian government’s authoritarian and totalitarian Covid...

Courts To Biden: No Mandates For You!
Late last night I broke the news to my listeners and viewers that the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court had denied the Biden administration on two specific attempts to evade justice.   The vaccine mandates the *president has issued are repeatedly being ruled unconstitutional for subsets of workers across the nation. Biden and...
Mass Formation Psychosis and the Psychology of the Pandemic - video
Off Guardian

Video: Mass Formation & the Psychology of the “Pandemic”, Off Guardian, 4 December 2021. Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ghent, sits down with Dr Chris Martensen of the Peak Prosperity podcast to talk about the psychological conditions of society which allowed the Covid narrative to...

100K Migrant 'Got-Aways' Since October, Says CBP Source
Border Patrol agents estimate more than 100,000 known migrant [illegal alien] got-aways since the fiscal year began in October. A source operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, speaking on the condition of anonymity, says the agency recorded 47,500 got-a-ways during the month of October. That is...
Pfizer smoking-gun secret document: their deadly COVID vaccine
Canada Free Press

Journalist Celia Farber just wrote an explosive article on the Pfizer secret document. You should read it. She deserves our thanks and gratitude. And here you can also read the document itself.

In short, the Pfizer document (which was never supposed to see the light of day but was disclosed as part of a FOIA suit)...

Inside the Vaccine Passport Racket

The profit-maximizing corporations that covet your "digital health" data hide behind nonprofit umbrella groups that pose as public interest do-gooders. These vaccine passport profiteers are turning millions of human beings into walking QR codes in the name of fighting COVID-19 and under the guise of bringing "normalcy" back...

Why Colorado is One of the Top Five Safest States for Illegal Aliens
Maverick Observer

... When it comes to illegal immigration, you’ve probably heard the term “Sanctuary City” or “Sanctuary State,” bandied about by both news pundits and politicians. You may have also heard that Colorado is one of 11 states classified as a Sanctuary State...

 if a state is called a Sanctuary State, it means that the...

Robert F Kennedy Jr. with Tucker Carlson - highly recommended video

In this video, Tucker Carlson interviews Robert F Kennedy Jr, on the China Virus (Covid), vaccines, and stunning loss of democracy in Western nations, November 15, 2021.

Highly recommended. Update: Youtube has censored this video. Watch on BitChute Tucker Carlson Today - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - 11/15/21:


Are China virus vaccines intentionally designed to reduce population?

Are China virus vaccines intentionally designed to reduce population? The vaccines have not been approved by the FDA via the standard controlled testing procedures, which take years. Even if not specifically designed as depopulation agents, many of the long-term effects of the mRNA shots remain unknown. Thus, the concerns...

It’s jarring to hear fascism in an Aussie accent. In the movies they always had a German accent.
Vlad Tepes blog

It’s jarring to hear fascism in an Aussie accent. In the movies they always had a German accent.

Australian Hayley Hodgson was placed in a Covid internment camp despite testing negative for the virus

She was confined to a box for 14 days,...

Lobby attempts to curb parental school choice
Colorado Politics

... proposed policy resolutions under consideration by the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) seek to undermine this responsibility of school board members, take away control from communities, parents, and students, and lower the quality and standard of educational choice within Colorado.

CASB is a...
George Soros' network of woke DA's he bankrolled in U.S. cities
Daily Mail UK
Soros donated $2million to a PAC that supported the reelection campaign of Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx Cook County's murder rate is the highest it has been since 1994 He also donated to a PACs that prop up Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón and Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner Soros is most...
Unprecedented - Western civilization at the crossroads
On the novelty of our cultural predicament.
The New Criterion

A long but excellent article.

The theme is “Western civilization at the crossroads.” Far be it from me to doubt that the West is on the precipice of something enormous....

I am forced to admit that our times are marked by so many unprecedented trends and events that making predictions seems foolhardy...

Trusting Twitter with our free speech?
Colorado Springs Gazette

On Monday, after Parag Agrawal was announced as the new head of Twitter, the social media company’s CEO concluded a mission-statement-like letter to employees with a challenge:...

"... Let’s show the world Twitter’s full potential.”

He’s right. We are watching. Globally, free-speech proponents who are...
How fear fuels the vaccine wars
Covid has been a revelation and an accelerant

... when I wake to the news that the Austrian government has interned an entire third of its national population as a danger to public health, a chill runs down my spine.

I look at the news photos of armed, masked, black-clad police stopping people in the streets to ask for their digital papers, and I read stories...

Illegal aliens from Islamic terror-plagued nations easily crossing U.S. Border
Bare Naked Islam

The nation’s main border policing agency put out a November 30 press release pointing out that in just one randomly selected time frame in just one of the Texas border’s overwhelmed sectors (Del Rio), during the third week of November, Border Patrol agents caught migrants from regions of the world bristling with Islamic...

The never-ending story - important Tucker Carlson video
Power hungry dems will only intensify lockdowns

Tucker Carlson makes some profound observations on his December 1, 2021 show. The Biden regime is using the so-called omicron variant - which appears to be mild, at most - to continue crackdown on American freedom. Watch the video on Fox: Tucker: Viruses are virtually impossible to stop, or watch it below:

Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Ivermectin
Geller Report

While mandating ineffective vaccine, the Biden administration and its media ministry of propaganda has directed no efforts into treatment of the Chinese virus.On the contrary, they have worked to keep effective treatments away from the American people....

Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital...

"The COVID-19 Vaccines DO NOT Prevent Transmission of the Disease" - Judge Doughty's Ruling Destroys Biden’s Vax Mandates
Louisiana U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty blocked a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers on Tuesday
Gateway Pundit

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Louisiana U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty blocked a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers on Tuesday.

The ruling by Judge Doughty follows Missouri US District Judge Matthew Schelp’s ruling on Monday that blocked mandates in 10 states.


8-month investigation into Colorado organization linked to Mexican cartel detailed in indictment
The DEA said 21 suspects were identified during the investigation into the organization linked to the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico.
9 News

Details of an eight-month investigation into a Colorado-based drug trafficking organization with links to a Mexican cartel have been released in a grand jury indictment.

On Wednesday, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced a 19-count indictment filed in Douglas County against 19 suspects. In addition,...

80 House Republicans Help Pass Bill to Fund Fed Vaccination Database
Tool to Enforce Orwellian Rules

Eighty House Republicans voted with Democrats on Tuesday to pass the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act, which if passed by the Senate and signed into law would fund a federal vaccination database.

According to the bill, also called  H. R. 550, the government would provide $400 million...

Germany lockdown of unvaccinated, will vote on compulsory vaccine

Angela Merkel has announced a de facto lockdown of the unvaccinated, and that Germany’s parliament will soon vote on making vaccination mandatory.

Germany’s outgoing Chancellor has announced that the country will be barring the unvaccinated from events, leisure facilities, and all non-essential...

Video: The goal of Critical Race Theory for California educators
“To create social justice activists out of our students”

24 second video: The goal of Critical Race Theory for these California educators in their own words: "To create social justice activists out of our students", December 2, 2021

The goal of Critical Race Theory for these California educators in their own words:

“To create social justice activists out of our...

Dumpster Fire Blazing on the Frontier of a Dark Age
The Burning Platform

A sobering opinion piece on the state of 2022.

If 2021 was the year of maximum corruption, political decadence, and mind-fuckery in US history, 2022 is looking like a convulsive snap-back to the harrowing rigors of reality, spiked with shocking losses, reckonings, and not a little retribution for the rogues and...

Must Watch: Dr. Peter McCullough at the Texas Covid Vaxx summit
Vlad Tepes blog - Texas Covid-19 Summit

Must Watch: Dr. Peter McCullough at the Texas Covid Vaxx summit.

This is a really outstanding presentation by Dr. McCullough. He hits a lot of balls out of the park in this one, and there are more than a couple of highly quotable lines.



  Dr. Peter McCullough is an internist,...
CBO: House 'Reconciliation' Bill Will Amnesty 6.5 Million Illegal Aliens
3 Million of them projected to obtain a path to citizenship
Center for Immigration Studies

The House of Representatives recently passed the $1.7 trillion dollar budget reconciliation bill, known as the “Build Back Better” Act. The bill passed by the slim margin of 220-213, with all House Republicans voting against it (except for one member who did not vote) and one Democrat joined in opposition.


Insignificance of Omicron Variant: Biden Regime Leaves Border Completely Open
Gateway Pundit

The “Omicron” variant of COVID arrived just in time to ruin Christmas. (Who didn’t see this coming?) The variant with “more mutations than you shake a spike protein at” was first identified in Botswana and quickly became the most prevalent variant in South Africa.

The news of the Omicron variant shook the world....

Colorado middle school students receive outrageous sex- and racism-filled survey
American Thinker
... the 9R School District in the southwest corner of the state...   As incumbent 9R Democrats denied the existence of CRT (Critical Race Theory), the thirteen-page 2021 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey was being distributed to 9R's middle school students while exposing alarmingly inappropriate topics to 10- to 14-year-olds (...
Canadian school cancels ISIS survivor Nadia Murad event - harrowing account of torture and rape by fellow Muslims: 'would be offensive to Muslims'
Bare Naked Islam

Murad was scheduled to sit down with students from the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) – the largest school Board in Canada with nearly 600 schools – to discuss her book The Last Girl: My Story Of Captivity in February 2022....

Daily Mail:  Murad’s graphic exposé detailed how she escaped the Islamic State, where...

Martin Armstrong Warns "America Is Under Attack By Marxist Globalists"
Zero Hedge

... There is massive inflation, huge defaults of debt in China, a badly broken supply chain and a hostile government against “We the People” here in America....

Armstrong contends it is not an accident that all this is happening now to the United States because Marxist globalists want to overthrow our...

Biden Regime CDC Demands Airlines Hand Over Names Of All Southern African Passengers
Zero Hedge

As we wait for President Biden to confirm the new travel restrictions that have been reported Tuesday and Wednesday (the president is expected to announce them on Thursday) Reuters reported Wednesday morning that it has seen a copy of a letter from the CDC asking airlines to turn over the names of all passengers who...

Sheriffs won’t enforce local mask orders; that responsibility belongs to health officials
Complete Colorado
While Governor Jared Polis continues to stand firm against pressure from both public health officials and some media outlets to reinstitute a statewide mask mandate, sheriffs in counties where local mandates are in effect say they won’t be enforcing them.   Mask mandates are now in place in Larimer, Boulder, Jefferson,...
Nurses Say Colorado Hospitals Are In Crisis And It’s Getting Worse
4CBS Denver

She was named nurse of the year in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, she’s been fired — and is speaking out. Stevie Silvers says UCHealth let her go, a year and a half after honoring her for “transformational leadership.”...

Because of the exemption, she’s required to get a COVID test every 72 hours. She...

Tracking Coloradans to 10 feet - $1.6 million payday for Polis friends
Denver Gazette
Colorado paid more than $630,000 last year to a group of personal and business associates of Gov. Jared Polis that had ostensibly volunteered to help the state manage its way through the COVID-19 pandemic by tracking people’s movements, records show.   Then, when that group’s work was done in late 2020, the state began...
Woke Salvation Army Asks Donors to Offer ‘Sincere Apology’ for Whiteness

Watch out who you donate to this holiday season.


The Salvation Army has followed the lead of other woke organizations in entering the establishment media-manufactured race war and is asking donors to offer a “sincere apology” for whiteness, as detailed in a resource guide “developed to guide The...

Marine to sue Wal-Mart: refused prescription for life-saving Ivermectin
Gateway Pundit
As a Marine, Bill Salier was shot at by snipers in Mogadishu during his nearly five years serving his country. With an impressive security clearance, earlier he was trusted to guard the Presidency from threats on station at Camp David. For the next 20 years he farmed 250 acres in Iowa producing corn, soybeans and pigs to feed...
Great news! NO statewide mask mandate for Colorado
Denver Channel

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said he would not be ordering another statewide mask mandate as several Denver metro area counties announced new requirements that take effect Wednesday....


Compelling Perspectives on Politicization of the China Virus

Time to stop masking the real science