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Biden Calls For Nation-Busting Amnesty In Final Debate

Saturday, October 31, 2020
National News

... Joe Biden also made a critical error when he claimed that he never supported a fracking ban, when we have it on video that he did. 

Spain to build highest border wall in the world to keep out Muslim invaders from Africa

Where is America's border wall?
Bare Naked Islam
Wednesday, August 26, 2020
National News

After a Lull, the Number of Illegal Aliens Trying to Enter the U.S. Has Soared

The number of illegal aliens arrested at the southwestern border has more than doubled since the spring
New York Times
Saturday, August 8, 2020
National News

... “Despite the dangers posed by Covid-19, illegal immigration — it continues,” Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, said on Thursday.

DHS: Trump’s Border Controls Keep 88.1K Illegal Aliens Out of U.S. During Coronavirus Crisis

Friday, July 24, 2020
National News
President Trump’s border controls have kept at least 88,100 illegal aliens from entering the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border since late March, newly released figures reveal.

Lauren Boebert: ‘My Hard Line Is Secure the Border’

Monday, July 13, 2020
Colorado News
Conservative business owner Lauren Boebert, who ousted Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district, says the first step to reforming immigration is securing the United States-Mexico border.

Where's the wall? Border apprehensions jump for second straight month

Thursday, July 9, 2020
National News
The apprehension of [illegal alien] migrants illegally crossing the Mexican border into the United States jumped from May to June by 41 percent. This represents the second consecutive month of increases.

Video: Tucker Carlson delivers historic challenge to GOP

Wake up America! This is a hugely important monologue - highly recommended viewing
American Thinker
Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Our American Future

Tucker Carlson now has the highest ratings of any program in cable news history, adding extra weight to his historic program last night, in which he laid out the peril ahead if Biden wins and a clear strategy for the clueless GOP to follow in order to prevent that from happening.

Border Wall Extends 216 Miles, Adding 1 Mile a Day

Thursday, June 25, 2020
National News

President Donald Trump and his agency deputies are showing off the border wall as it extends 216 miles along the U.S.-Mexico border.


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