illegal immigration

The border is even worse than you think

Washington Examiner
Monday, April 12, 2021
National News
Anyone paying attention to the news knows the situation on the U.S.-Mexico border is terrible. Anyone who actually visits the border discovers it is worse than that.

Video: Yemeni Muslims on FBI Terrorist Watch List Captured At Border

Marine’s Warning Ignored
RAIR Foundation USA
Tuesday, April 6, 2021
National News

Chilling Open Border Videos: CBP Agent Speaks out on Sexual Assaults, Deaths at Border

Keep in mind that open borders is a DELIBERATE policy of the Biden regime.
Red State
Sunday, April 4, 2021
National News

Video: Ted Cruz, John Cornyn Lead GOP Senate Delegation to Border

We are transporting people who pay to get here the last mile with your taxpayer dollars
Friday, March 26, 2021
National News

From the video: "We're complicit as a nation in human trafficking.... There is a trail on our side of the border with markers placed by the federal governmnet to show illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] where to go. That we are transporting people who pay to get here the last mile with your taxpayer dollars....

Biden Regime Expedites Import of Illegal Aliens by Flying Them to the Canadian Border for ‘Processing’

Sunday, March 21, 2021
National News

he flow of illegal aliens into the United States is growing so rapidly the Biden administration is preparing to fly them to the Canadian border so as to expedite “processing” them into the country, according to the Washington Post....

CBO: Democrat Amnesty Bill Would Cost over $35 Billion

Friday, March 19, 2021
National News
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released an analysis Thursday which found the Democrats’ amnesty bill would cost $35 billion over ten years.


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