Illegal Immigration - Be Careful Where You Shop

Colorado's pro illegal alien groups are putting pressure on businesses to support amnesty for illegal aliens. While some merchant are deliberately making a quick buck selling to illegal aliens, most know the devastating effects on the economy and American workers illegal immigration causes.

Recently some pro illegal alien groups in the Roaring Fork Valley and Carbondale area are getting merchants to place pro illegal statements in the windows of their stores. Those of you in this area who support responsible immigration reform, (not the euphemism comprehensive immigration reform - code for amnesty for illegal aliens), should let them know that supporting illegal immigration will cost them your business. If you live outside the area but have friends of family there, pass this information on. All Coloradoans should boycott the pro illegal Sunlight Mountain Resort.

Those of you in the Glenwood Springs area need to be aware that the "Coloradans for Citizenship Now" is holding a press conference Monday to kick off the “buy-cott.” Make sure merchants and the media in this area know you don't support groups that champion illegal immigration.

If you live in Grand Junction, you might also get a list of merchants that are members of the Grand Junction chamber of Commerce. This illegal alien pandering Chamber is being pressured to twist Rep. Scott Tiptons arm to favor the latest federal open borders immigration legislation. Ask merchants to change or leave this Chamber.

This same coercion of businesses will be occurring in the Boulder-Longmont area encouraging pro illegal alien signs in the window. Same thing! No dollars to businesses that support comprehensive immigration reform. These illegal alien supporters are asking businesses to coerce Rep. Cory Gardner into voting for the federal amnesty legislation before the House. Let Rep. Gardner know how you feel. This is a statewide coordinated effort to allow illegal aliens to ingratiate themselves in the Colorado area while ignoring the larger economic devastation and loss of jobs to Americans.

Take a little time to look around your community and see who is putting profits ahead of responsible immigration reform. It is time to insist businesses join us in making sure illegal aliens are detected, detained and deported. Put your money in businesses that put American workers first.