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Biden Regime's Abolishing Migration Controls Gets Most Pushback from Voters

President Joe Biden’s abolishment of key migration controls during his first three weeks in office is receiving the most pushback from voters.

The latest Morning Consult poll — which surveyed nearly 2,000 registered voters and was conducted between February 5 and 7 with a margin of error of +/-2...

France's New Public Enemy: America's Woke Left
New York Times

... French politicians, high-profile intellectuals and journalists are warning that progressive American ideas — specifically on race, gender, post-colonialism — are undermining their society. “There’s a battle to wage against an intellectual matrix from American universities,’’ warned Mr. Macron’s education minister....

Nearly 5 Million Anchor Babies in U.S.

Nearly five million United States-born children of illegal aliens, given birthright American citizenship, now reside in the country, new estimates indicate.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), in its latest illegal alien population estimates, approximates that about 4,964,000 U...

Video: Absolute Proof

Absolute Proof video by Mike Lindell, watch on Bitchute, February 5, 2021:


16 minute video: My Pillow Guy Releases Second Election Fraud Video, Bitchute, February 8, 2021.


It appears that Rumble censored the video on February 8, 2020: Absolute Proof - Mike Lindell...

Biden Regime Will Raise Refugee Ceiling “Back Up” to 125,000 as Americans Suffer Joblessness from Chinese Virus Lockdown
Refugee Resettlement Watch

Update: Here is the Executive Order, no mention of the number yet, just laying the groundwork.  Focuses on climate refugees and getting rid of Trump’s extra vetting of refugees among a bunch of other stuff. More later as I have a better look at it....

Americans Last is their mantra!

Watch the video.  Biden...
The Transformation of Germany
American Renaissance

In 2015, 2.1 million immigrants came to Germany, most of them young men from Syria, Kosovo, Albania, Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Africa. According to official sources, by July 2020, the Federal Republic of Germany had 11.23 million foreign-passport holders: 12.5 percent of its population....

The war also left...

DREAM Act Analysis: Work Permits for Millions of Illegal Aliens, ‘Ignores Criminal Records’
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) will on Wednesday release a detailed analysis of the DREAM Act, showing that the leftist policy would undermine American workers’ economic opportunities and the safety of American families.   The document, which Breitbart News has obtained exclusively, reveals the push for a DREAM Act would grant...
The Denver Post blunders over Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

Great news! The hateful SPLC hate group still hates us, and yes, the Denver Post is on board the SPLC hate bandwagon. What else could you expect from this open borders rag?

Naturally, the Denver Post didn't even read About Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform or CAIRCO's introductory statement before publishing...

Biden’s Immigration Plans Disregard the Preservation of Our Culture

With lightning speed, the White House, presumably under the direction of Joe Biden, sent a bill to Congress claiming to “restore humanity and American values to our immigration system.” Is there any truth to such a statement? 

Here is a quiz. Which U.S. Republican president said these words verbatim at one of his...
Biden Regime DHS extends Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for nearly 7,000 Syrian Muslim nationals in the U.S. scheduled for deportation
Bare Naked Islam
... Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced it would extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for nearly 7,000 Syrian Muslim nationals in the U.S. who were scheduled for deportation.   Flag & Cross: What liberal politicians do better than anything else is “evolve” on issues, going from relatively pro-...
Caught with Their Hands in the Cookie Jar
The Democrats stole the election, and it’s critically important we keep saying it.
American Greatness

... Like the child with his hand in the cookie jar, the more guilty the Democrats are of “winning” a blatantly rigged election versus Donald Trump, the louder they must scream about their noble crusade to save “democracy” from “fascism.”

As commentator Glenn Greenwald recently told Tucker Carlson, “They’re trying to...
How State Legislatures Can Break the Power of Corrupt Big-City Machines in Presidential Elections
Epoch Times

The author has written a five-part series on election fraud and election integrity. Excerpts from this series are included below:

Don’t Be Fooled! Don’t Let Them Divert Us From Ensuring Electoral Integrity!:

... Those trying to turn the Capitol incident into an impeachment know there’s no time, or grounds...

Oligarchy in America
Crossing the Rubicon of class

This article discusses the rise of oligarchy in America and other countries. America is following a course parallel to that of ancient Rome, and we could experience a similar decline. The author includes excerpts of history, making the article worth reading in its entirety.

... The age of the democratic republic is...

'Governing Socialism' and State Power
Canada Free Press

Grossly misguided Americans have been brainwashed in schools, taught manufactured history. What they do not really realize is that socialism does not mean “power to the people,” it is “power over the people,” and “power to the state.”

Government is not a solution to our problem; government is the...

The checkmating of America
Renew America

We’re now learning why our Founders placed freedom of the press and freedom of speech—among other key rights—in the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights. For it is the chicanery, sabotage and subversive propaganda of the American media that has landed us where we are today....

... The Globalist Cabal was behind...

Trump and His Greatest Contribution to America
Unz Review

... Trump has shown Americans, without meaning to, that the institutions that serve as the nuts and bolts of our supposed democracy have all become perversions of the original institutions that made America one of the greatest and most powerful nations on earth. Unfortunately, America has reached its zenith; the election of...

Federal judge blocks Biden Regime’s 100-day moratorium on deportations
A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked President Biden’s attempt to put a moratorium on deportations for 100 days.   After Texas sued over the policy, the judge blocked Biden, via a temporary restraining order, from moving forward for 14 days,  as reported by Reuters....
Lesson Of Trump #1

... From the perspective of political psychology, the world all of us inhabit today is a vastly different one from the world of 2015.... In the before times, politics was all shades of gray, while today it is in black and white.

An obvious example is Conservative Inc. The Obama years were tough for those rackets, as...
The Revolution in Minnesota’s Schools
Center of the American Experiment
In fall 2020, a fourth-grade class in Burnsville read a book that warns students that police are “mean” to black people, but “nice” to white people...   At Eagan High School, a 9th-grade class began the 2020-21 school year by watching a YouTube video entitled “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.” In the words of...
Clarity in Trump’s Wake
The United States of America is now a classic oligarchy. The clarity that it has brought to our situation by recognizing this fact is its only virtue.
American Greatness

Angelo Codevilla's essay is worth reading in its entirety. A few excerpts are included below.

"Either the Constitution matters and must be followed . . . or it is simply a piece of parchment on display at the National Archives." — Texas v. Pennsylvania et al.   Texas v. Pennsylvania et al. did not deny setting...
America’s First Revolution Is Happening Now
Unz Review
There is a difference between a rebellion and a revolution. A rebellion is what occurred in the thirteen colonies in the late 18th century. A revolution is what occurred in Russia in 1917.   A rebellion occurred in the colonies, because the subjects of the king in the colonies were treated differently constitutionally and...
ICE Agents Ordered to Free All Illegal Aliens in Custody: ‘Release Them All’
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, tasked with enforcing federal immigration law, are being instructed to free all detainees in their custody, as President Joe Biden’s administration halts deportations.   An internal January 21 ICE memo, independently reviewed by Breitbart News and first reported by Fox News...
Fascism Comes to the U.S.
Yes, it’s a woke fascism of the Left, but it’s still fascism.
Frontpage Mag

The destruction of the freedom of speech in America today is being carried out by the Leftist establishment that dominates the political sphere, the social media giants, the establishment media, the educational system – virtually everything, really. The Left is using the Capitol riot of January 6 as its Reichstag Fire...

Biden Regime Rescinds Trump’s 'Muslim Travel Ban' as 'Inconsistent with American Values'
FrpntPage Mag

...  In early 2017, for example, Trump issued travel restrictions into the U.S. from various nations.  They are currently eight: Chad, Iran, Somalia, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.  Although North Korea and Venezuela have nothing to do with Islam, in an effort to present Trump’s policy as “Islamophobic,”...

'We need to knock down barriers': State outlines equitable vaccine distribution plan
9 News

Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) and other state leaders outlined their plan Friday to make sure that the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed equitably across the state population.

The state hammered home that the vaccine is free for everyone and is available regardless of a person's immigration status...